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Sunday September 30, 2001

Raven's Ravings (from Little Ol Me:))

This evening we are in for a couple of special treats first I am happy to bring a new to me fiction site :

Second I want to announce our special guest rambler for the evening LA Tucker who just completed a wonderful new tale

The Light Fantastic

This can be found posted at the Academy of Bards

This story is also reviewed by Judith BardNutcase at

So I introduce you to a wonderful new author...LA Tucker...

I've been invited to ramble, which I tend to do anyway ...

This was probably a very BAD time for Raven to write and ask for my thoughts, feelings, ramblings, recipes for meatloaf. I just finished my very first story, ever, last night, The Light Fantastic, and I'm feeling a little melancholy and lost. But at the same time, I'm proud it's done, I sort of like the way it ended, and most of all, I am taking the time now, and will do so in the future, I'm sure, to ruminate on a few things now that the story (thank god) is out of my fingertips and onto a computer screen near you.

I will bore you with the details of how I read, and read and read tons of Uber and X & G stories, all with a niggling feeling that I'd like to give that a try, too. I've never written anything before, no short stories, no papers for a lit class, I wrote numerous Micro/Macrobiology term papers, but believe you me, there's not much sex in them. I'd remember, and that was 10 years ago. But my scattered thoughts about writing any type of fiction had never bore fruit before. I used to try and think of a good Uber scenario while drying my dishes, while walking my dog, while listening to my boss on the phone instead of doodling. Nothing of any consequence ever came to me. Then one day, one of my favorite musicals, 'Oklahoma' was playing on my TV set, and I was sitting in my orange lazyboy chair singing along and picking my toes. I started recalling my class plays when I was in high school ...

I thought some more that night while walking my dog, came in, and I opened my 'Composer' program in Netscape. I typed letters that formed words, those words became paragraphs, and suddenly, I was spending the hours I needed to rest, typing at my computer in the wee hours of the night. I can't tell you how many times I made a pot of coffee at 1 AM. I wrote for weeks, yes, verging on months before I even got the nerve to show it to my best friend, via email. I sent her the first few chapters. I chewed on my nails, and wrote even more, convinced that whatever negative she had to say about it wouldn't make one whit of difference to me, I was writing this thing for myself, and it would never see the light of day. Instead of writing me back, she called me (she's living in Germany) and was ... enthusiastic! She laughed and laughed, told me she loved it, and generally made me feel like a million bucks. She encouraged me to post it. Nope. Nada. Hell, I even tried to find a beta reader for my story for months, desperate for feedback, and got no takers.

Finally, after months of caffeine overdosing at home and at the job, I typed Steph at Merwolf a hesitant and question filled email about maybe, kinda, could I send it to her, and maybe she'd be good enough to put it out there, so maybe a few folks could read it. She was immediately helpful, positive and supportive. Whatever nervousness I had about putting it out there was instantly allayed by her always kind words of encouragement. She's probably seen a number of scared crapless first time writers like myself, but you'd never know it in her attitude. A nicer person couldn't have been created for the work she does, and I thank her, publicly, here for it.

Well, that all started last April. I can't say I've developed any kind of writer's habits, any fast and workable strategies. I wrote, first and foremost, to entertain myself, to make me laugh, to make me smile, to help get some of the clutter out of my head. I never tried to force it. If a sentence made me wince, I took it out. I didn't aim for the unpredictable, but it sure seems to have come out that way. I'm glad I began the whole process, I'm proud of myself for being brave and putting it out there.

But most of all, I'm grateful. I can't believe the number of email responses I've gotten about my little story, and I've tried, faithfully, to respond to each and every person with a personal reply, because I feel that if you've taken the time to read my chapters, and then even taken the larger step of writing to me and telling me how you feel about it, then you deserve my attention. I've not done any of you a favor by putting my brain's meanderings on the net, but many of you have given me the greatest gift by 'Feeding the Bard'. Even the shortest note: Like the story! When's the next update? to the long dissertations on plot points and curves gave me the boost to just keep right on writing. For a first time writer like me, this was tremendously important, and I imagine it's just as vital to the most seasoned of writers. So my unending thanks to all of you who wrote me, and kept my somewhat curdled creative juices flowing.

(Ew. That's quite the visual, huh? )

Reading. Writing. One feeds the other. Feedback nourishes them both.

And you, yeah, I mean YOU. You have a little story idea festering around in the back of your brain, don't you, just dying to come out and play? Get typing!

Free advice: go slow on the caffeine.

L. Anne Tucker LA Tucker)

Now On With Tonight's Fiction.....

  • Phoenix Rising By Janet Lynne posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Dark Elf Pt 1 By Jordan Falconer posted on Wordscapes (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Acacia pt 2 Acacia is a violently psychotic, man hating, stuck in the sixties go-go girl, who also happens to be a werecat/vampire. It follows the Akuji sisters' efforts to protect a young woman who, as a child, may have witnessed her parent's murder, and is now being stalked by the killer. By Scribe posted WordScapes(Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Littermates pts 2 By Scribe posted Wordscapes(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Kitten, a special child, sees her beloved father die in a mysterious and terrifying manner. Her mother, an ambitious woman, remarries, and Kitten's life becomes a living hell. Her psyche shatters, and she becomes a multiple personality to survive. When it seems that she has escaped, her very nature brings about a horrific incident that both frees her imprisons her, physically and emotionally. How she once again finds freedom through the intervention of a creature of the night paves the way for a planned series of books.

  • The Rosewood Crest By The Tenth Muses posted Wordscapes(Beyond Uber Alt)
    When the Royal Trilani Crest is stolen, Branwyn must track and recapture it before her people's powers are stolen as well. In order to do so, she must enlist the aid of a magic wielder; a woman who is both fierce and friendly. Despite their obvious differences, Branwyn accepts the woman as a temporary partner. She forms a tentative friendship with the magician but at the end of the adventure, will Kelian decide to remain partners?

  • Home By DS Bauden posted On DS Bauden Home(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Raven Recommends!!!

Saturday September 29, 2001

Raven's Ravings (from Little Ol Me:))

Goood Evening!
First I want to let you know that we have not forgotten you all but it's been a bit busy with Singer's new puppy and Celine busy at work.. and they apoligize for the missing updates..

Well I have added a few new sites that house more great original fiction .. and remember to check out our fiction sites to visit some of the wonderful sites maintain all the stories we are honored to announce!!

Remember support the sites.. and support the authors.. a few words of thanks go a long way!!!!!!!

  • Reece's Faith By Vertigo posted Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends :) HOT!

Thursday September 27, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Hello all. It's been a wild week for us here at BU. We've moved our account, and let me tell you that I hate change! :) We have tons of room to grow, so you'll be seeing some new additions when we get them going. Are you excited?!? I sure am. With all the packing and moving, we've been a little behind, so I will endeavor to catch us up over the next two days.
I can't find a flag anywhere. We we're out of the country when the tragic events took place here in the US, so by the time we were able to get home, no flags! I have managed to get two t-shirts and some bumper stickers, but no flag. I guess I'll have to wait a few days before I try and find one.
We have a new addition to the family. "A" and I were out shopping...minding our own business, when the car started driving it's self. We ended up at the local humane society. We decided that something was forcing us, so we went inside. Then, we felt an invisible hand pushing us into the puppy adoption area. It was a scary thing. Then we saw her. Well, I saw her. We spent the next two hours trying to explain to ourselves that 6 dogs is enough. But alas, we were no match for the little girl who cuddled and fell asleep in my arms. We are sure that she was the valedictorian of her "get them to take you home" class. She worked us so well, it was frightening. So, now we have 7 dogs. (sigh) We are still trying to come up with a suitable name. So far, we have Kam and Seven. We need to come up with something by tomorrow, 'cause that's when we go back and get her. Anyone who has a cool name, feel free to send it to me.
So....on with the updates!

What's New:

Tuesday September 25, 2001

Random Ramblings (by Celine)

First, let me hang my head in shame and apologize for not doing an update last night. I was tired. And I feel asleep. And I've found, via extensive research (to be published soon in all popular medical journals), it's really difficult to type when I'm asleep, let alone find any stories to post.

So nothing was posted. It's all my fault. I can't even blame Tango the Wonder Kitty. But... um... oh! I can blame a certain member of this list because I'm doing a work project for this certain member of this list and it's gettin' due here and it's kept me busy. Yeah. So it's all her fault. Not mine. Yeah.

Anyway, I'm also very tired on this fine evening, so I'm kinda gonna have to put off the update until tomorrow. Our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven sent me about 12,300 things to add into said update, and I don't have them ready yet.

Site going bye-bye news:

Inyx' site will be closing down in two weeks, so save the stories while you can:

I'm sure I'm not the only one sorry to see this site go.

Sunday September 23, 2001

Raven's Raving (from Raven :))

** For those of you in other countries that would like to donate to the Red Cross you can find more detailed donation information here

  • Red Cross Donation Information

    *****Well today I am happy to introduce our guest rambler for today : Roo
    You can find her story Home Fires at

  • Home Fires
    Her current work is Xena related but as is our goal to support all authors although we only annouce here Uber we are thrilled to have her as our guest rambler so.. for your rambling pleasure .. Roo

    HI! I was skeptical. No. I was cautious as hell when Raven approached me about possibly adding my voice to the Ramble On column, which, after having read a few entries on the BeyondUber site, I think would be more appropriately named "Babble On, Xena." but that's just a lack of sleep talking. I have to confess I love the free form element of the column, which suits my pre-menopausal attitude right down to the ground.

    My handle is Roo. I am 40-ish, single, with no children.that I know of. I work as layout coordinator for a newspaper, enjoy photography, films and horseback riding among other things. I live in The South, on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi where we no longer marry our immediate cousins. I can't remember the last relative who possessed a third eye or a forked tongue. On a more personal side, I have been engaged four times. Steve. Rico. Kenny. Loren. If I could play mad scientist, I would take elements and character traits from each of these gentlemen and put them into one. I would have my ideal mate - whom I would then ignore and frustrate by turns. I'm conservative. A virgin at 41.hence, the frustration.theirs, and mine. I am not your typical ex-nun. I'm still trying to figure out if that's a good thing. I love and value my dog, "Trinket" more than I ever had any man, except perhaps my father. I adore my mother more than I did my father, which should come as no surprise to anyone out there who's ever been the daughter of a man married more to the SEA than to his wife and home. A good man, my father, Emile, but Navy with a capital "N". I hail from your classic Catholic family -- large, gregarious, over-achieving. Any creative interest her children ever exhibited was nurtured by my mother, God bless her. It was she who encouraged me to write -- she who bought me notebooks and pencils, she who actually READ those first horrible stories I penned...she who purchased a typerwriter for me when I was only 10, because, as she said: "Better tools make a better writer." Thirty years and two thousand stories, articles, essays and screenplays later, I ain't half bad. Thank you, Mom.

    While we're on the subject, I have been writing for almost 34 years, but I have less than a half dozen Xena stories to my credit. I came late to the party, what can I say? The first alt story I have ever written, "Home Fires", was the product of a dare. Apparently, I had been bellyaching about the lack of originality and the proliferance of cliché's in alt fan fiction and I was dared in no uncertain terms to 'put up or shut up!' Like the well-medicated girl that I am, I took the challenge, but I hadn't a clue what I was going to write. This was a little while ago, and, forgive me, I didn't believe in subtext, at least not where Xena and Gabrielle were concerned. I have since seen the light, but two and a half years ago I was groping in the dark for a storyline, for characters. But try as I might, I couldn't convince myself that Xena and Gabrielle were lovers. In all good conscience, I couldn't 'contrive' a plot where they were anything but close, intimate friends. Luckily, I recalled Mel and Janice - turning my head sideways, I could see them as a couple. So, with nothing more than a vague character sketch of each principle character and a setting (Australia), I sat down at my computer and began to pound at the keyboard.

    Now, you wouldn't know this unless you knew me intimately, as a writer that is, but I am a slave to discipline, and after 30 plus years of writing, I knew what worked for me. Outlines worked for me.the structure, the form. Endless reams of dialogue notes, and pages of character biographies worked for me. I knew where and when they were born, the names of their parents, when they might have lost their virginity, childhood illnesses. I was a fiend when it came to detail. Writing by the seat of my pants was not my style. Until "Home Fires". Almost from Page One, it took on a life of its own. I had not one word of dialogue planned, no plot, no synopsis, no goal. I had the names of Melinda Pappas and Dr. Janice Covington and the character sketches I had formed and fleshed out after one 44 minute episode three years earlier. It should have been tantamount to performing delicate brain surgery from instructions on the back of a matchbook. The patient should have expired 10 minutes into the procedure. But miracles of miracles, this neophyte orderly-cum-brain surgeon pulled it off, performed well above her capabilities, and the patient not only survived, but thrived. Now, "Home Fires" is by no means great art, or even great writing, but it's better than it has any right to be. Long about Chapter 4, I couldn't kill the characters if I wanted to! And I had no inclinations to end their lives. They lived and breathed and walked.and talked.to me. To this day, I am convinced that I was simply the instrument for recording their story. For the first time in a three decade career as a writer, instead of writing toward a pre-ordained conclusion, I wrote until the story was told, and no further.

    Okay, so it took me ten chapters to get to the sex. Foreplay is a good thing!


    And I would love feedback :) ROO :))



    • Vermont Teddy Bears The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is donating Angel Bears, Police Bears and Firefighter Bears to all the families and children of the courageous firefighters, police officers, and rescue workers who lost their lives saving others.

      We would like each of the 500 bears to come with personal messages from all of you all over the country. There is no charge for this service. All messages will be printed and will accompany the bears. We invite you to share your love and strength -- and let them know that we will never, ever forget our heroes.

    Now on with the fiction

    • Provenance By Cruise posted on ForevaXena(Beyond Uber Alt)
      A prequel to Rayne/Lark story Indiscretions

    • Binding Tie By Maderlin Bidmeadposted Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
      For those of you wondering, this is the same story as before, but now that she's had free time she could finish it in the way she wanted. There are an additional 15 new chapters to add so here is the new part ten! Chapter 14 is very slightly altered and so reposted in this part as well. Chapter 15 is ALL NEW!

    Saturday September 22, 2001

    Raven's Raving (from Raven :))

    Hi There!

    Sorry about the late posting but I was out trying to be social yesterday and was out late.. so I was too tired to post.

    But I have scoured the sites and found you all I could for today and I plan on posting any new treats tonight!!

    Just a moment to say thank you all for your support of our site and again you all amaze me and we have had over 427,000 hit since late May and over 713 of you have chosen to join our mailing list. So our plot to take over Uber and the planet are progressing well ;).

    Thanks to all of you and we hope you keep visiting! We are working on more plotting and planning and hope to unveil more in the coming weeks additions and more fun stuff for the site soooo stay tuned!!!!!!!

    R - Now on with the FICTION!!!!!!

    • Second Guessing Part 2 By Bekah Kennedy posted on Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)
      A college student and a bar tender fall in love deep in the Bible Belt. One must struggle against all she's ever known in order to keep from losing her love. Will she be able to overcome the guilt and fear that her family and the Southern Baptist Church have instilled in her?


    Friday September 21, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    I just finished listening to President Bush address the nation and the world. I'm feeling very patriotic this evening, so please bear with me.
    Our country is entering a period of great change, and I have to wonder if any of us will ever be the same again? The wonderful thing is that the United States of America will not be going this road alone. For the first time in history, a foreign minister was in attendance as our leader spoke to congress. For the first time in a long time, there are no party lines. We are all simply Americans standing together to support the ideas of our country. We are all simply the human race united in the fight against terrorism. I, for one am proud this night.
    I have a favor to ask. None of us have remained untouched through all of this. No matter who we are, where we live, or what religion we place our faith in, our country and our world need our prayers. The President and his advisors need our prayers and support. Daily! I ask that each of us remember our world leaders every day until this war is over. Pray that they have strength of heart, wisdom of mind, and courage of conviction.
    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

    What's New:

    • Honor Bound parts 1-10 By Radclyffe posted Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***sequel to Above All, Honor. Recommended!!

    Thursday September 20, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life,
    And I had to start again with just my children and my wife,
    I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today,
    'Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away.

    I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free,
    And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me,
    And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today,
    'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land
    God Bless the U.S.A.

    From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee,
    Across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea.
    From Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A.,
    There's pride in every American heart and it's time we stand and say.

    I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free,
    And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me,
    And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today,
    'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land
    God Bless the U.S.A.

    I'm home. However, I returned to a home that is vastly different from the one I left behind.
    I learned of the horrible attack about 2 hours after it had happened and I was stunned. There is no way that this could happen. We all know that America is untouchable. Isn't it? Thousands of people could not be gone because of some madman's obsession. Could they?
    We, like the rest of the world, spent much of our time in front of a tv. Watching heart-wrenching scenes erupt from New York City, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. We, like the rest of the world, heard tales of horror and heroes. Of sadism and sacrifice.
    Who can say why these things happen? I certainly can't. I only know that what we will all feel in the coming days, weeks, and months will run the gamut of human emotions. Shock, anguish, fear, and anger. We want revenge, but we NEED justice. We want to know that someday, none of this will have been in vain. We want to be deserving of the lives that were willingly given for us.
    We have always been told to run away from danger. There are those who ran to face it. There are those who took a vote in an airplane, and decided that there is indeed a greater good. These are the heroes we need to show to our children.
    I want to apologize in advance for any reposts or omissions in this update. We ended up driving 16 hours to get home, and my mind hasn't quite caught up with me yet.
    We are living in history, my friends. We are watching as the world stands on the edge of change. Let us never forget the cost. Our hearts go out to all of those who have lost a friend, a partner, a loved one. Thank you, Singer.

    What's New:

    • Fanatic part 1 By Teagen2 posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Gemini parts 1&2 By Teagen2 posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed story

    • Reece's Faith parts 58-61 By Vertigo posted Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • It's Only a Game Show part 3 By S Eliot posted Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Under the Gun part 8 By Lori L Lake posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Tempting Trouble part 14 By Snap posted Academy of bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • The Journey part 11 conclusion By Janet Lynne posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story

    • Fragments part 4 By Grit posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Forgotten Whispers part 1 By Jennis posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story*** This is a work in progress. A beautiful blonde awakes on a plane with no memory and is carrying over 7 million dollars. AJ Delgado is the Private Detective that she hires to help her solve her mystery. Together they explore world of high rollers, the diamond trade and their growing feelings to each other. Raven recommends.

    • One of Those Days By Xenalicious posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Ok, so it's a plot-what-plot piece!!!

    • The Light Fantastic parts 20&21 By LA Tucker posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Windsong Legacy episodes 2-4 By Blitzgal posted Windsong Legacy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Dreams part 12 By ROCShadow posted ROCshadow's corner (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    Sunday September 16, 2001

    Raven's Raving (by Raven):

    Good Evening Folks, I hope that each and everyone of you are holding up well this weekend and spending time with loved ones.

    I apologize for the non-post yesterday but one of the webmasters found they had lost a friend and requested a day of remembrance. I thought it only right to do so.

    I again want to thank those that have posted and shared their thought and with tomorrow being Sunday I encourage you to share your feelings on the list we have. As of Monday I will be closing the list up and getting back to daily updates only.

    If you will allow me a moment to express some of my feelings...

    I just wanted to mention to you all that I have had several heart warming experiences in my dealing with people as of late which only encourages me further to believing that we are strong and can make a difference.

    I firmly believe you the reader of this and everyone you know can make a difference any small gesture from the wearing of a ribbon or donating funds or supplies to agencies or in just doing what you can for another helps us all.

    Please I encourage you to take a moment each day to go out of your way to make a difference this does not have to be a grandiose gesture but simply helping a neighbor or stranger encouraging others ..makes a difference. Be part of the chain of hope every link counts!

    The weapons of evil in this world are indifference, anger and fear. Indifference keep us from acting even to our own betterment, Anger can be misdirected and burns hate in our heart, and fear traps us in it's clutches.

    Our protection and the weapons of good are hope, love and commitment. Hope that tomorrow will bring us to a better place, Love of our fellow man that can brings our hearts and minds together to work together, and commitment to keep our strength and determination to end all evil. Remember these each day and dig down deep to find ways to make each day better not only for yourself but for others.

    I appreciate your allowing me to rant a bit and now will present you with a lighter fair.. some fiction to enjoy!

    Thank you !! Raven :)

    Friday September 14, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    Hey all. I want to thank everyone who has posted to the Beyond Uber list since we opened up the list. The depth of caring people have shown has warmed my heart in the face of such tragedy. I also want to thank Raven for her postings since Tuesday, and for the idea of opening up the list.

    Lynka has posted a tribute page - "A Day Of Grief":

    I wrote a bit on my thoughts about the whole thing... On with the postings... since, after all, life goes on. The best revenge against what has happened is to show it won't dampen our spirit... it won't stop who we are.

    What's New:

    Wednesday September 12, 2001

    Raven Ravings (by Raven):

    I first want to thank those who posted yesterday for sharing your thoughts and prayers with us all.

    Secondly I wanted you all to know that Singer is still out on her cruise and is well and will be thrilled to come home. She told me security is tight but they are continuing on as planned.

    With that I too believe that as difficult as it is to get up and do what needs to be done even simple daily tasks, I personally believe this is vital and a true act of defiance to those who's intent was to throw us into a world of chaos and terror.

    I have heard from many lists those encouraging each of us to wear Red, White and Blue to show solidarity. I encourage you as well to show your pride in this country and in remembrance to those who have lost their lives.

    I hope you understand my intent to continue with the postings and want you to know that this is in no way meant as a disrespect but I feel this is one of the only ways that I can honor those who have lost their lives unknowingly in the name of America and Freedom.

    Our prayers continue to be with you all and again if you know of any way we can help or are in need of help please feel free to contact me. Bless you all!

    Taking a moment:
    I just want to say to you all that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and any loved ones today in the midst of this tragedy. I personally don't know of anyone in NY or DC but recently had traveled to Washington and was able to visit this great city and can only imagine what people are going through.

    I am appalled and saddened at today's events but take solace in the great courage and spirit of all of us Americans who will stand together to mourn and recover from this tragedy. Only time will tell as to what this event will bring to the world but we know that today has forever changed how we may live in this world and I only pray that in some grand way this will bring us all to a better place eventually.

    If there is anything anyone needs out there please contact me and we will do what we can to help.

    Remember to take a moment and tell those ones you love that you care, everyday is important.

    God Bless, our thoughts and prayers are with all those who need them.


    Thursday September 6, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    Lookie what I found sitting in my email box -- Mavis Applewater sent me her very own ramblings! Okay, so it was after I asked her, so it wasn't, like, a total surprise. But she was kind enough to say yes, and that is very spiffy. And so are her ramblings.

    You can find her enlightening stories at the Merpup Academy (http://www.merwolf.com/academy), she has a cool mailing list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/yomavis) where she posts her stories (among other things), and you can email her at yomavis@email.com. Go ahead, she doesn't bite... at least via email. I think. ;)

    Anyway, I'm very proud to bring you a bard public service announcement...

    Mavis' Mind

    Yo and welcome to Mavis' mind, a confusing all be it naughty place at times. Celine in her infinite wisdom or insanity has invited me to do tonights random ramblings. At first I had no clue as to what I should say. Then it came to my attention from my egroup that most of my 200 some odd members along with most of the feedback, I have received since becoming a bard, that well I've been referred to as evil, by . . . everyone. I thought that perhaps I should take this opportunity to rectify this misunderstanding. I am not evil. I am simply an innocent bartender from Boston, who likes to write simple stories about two consenting adult women who usually end up naked together. Granted in Finding My Way, I did give one of the lead characters food poisoning just when it looked like the main characters were going to finally knock boots. And of course in Just One Of Those Things, the uber X/G did forget to lock the office door . . . so of course they were interrupted. Okay so all of my series tend to leave you with a cliff hanger between installments. Now I ask you does that make me evil? Okay I also toss things in the disclaimer section, that have no business being there just to catch the reader off guard. And my weekly PWP's are posted while my devoted egroup readers are at work and perhaps the stories leave them a little hot and bothered. Not my fault I tell you. I certainly don't encourage anyone to read stories about a mail carrier and a librarian while they should be working. I certainly hope this clears up any misunderstandings regarding my sweet, innocent nature. Now having said that . . . oops I just realize that I haven't posted the mail carrier story on any of the xenaverse websites. I guess you'll have to wait to see just what it is that she is delivering. Thanks Celine, I'm happy to finally clear this matter up. I hope you find a very helpful sales gal soon!


    What's New:

    Sunday September 9, 2001

    Raven Ravings (by Raven):

    Tonight you will again be treated to DS Bauden's twisted ramblings.. enjoy and please email and tell her how crazy she is!! dsbauden@att.net

    I highly recommend her stories and you can find them at DS Bauden Stories

    Well hello again kiddies! Raven has so graciously asked me back for another night of... *drum roll please* Di's Ramblings. Lucky you. ;)

    So what should we talk about tonight? World peace? Why NOT to give your dog peanut butter? (although it's quite amusing to watch them try to get it off the roof of their mouths.) God, I'm mean.

    So let's just wing it. Let me see if I can fill you in on some of my week.

    Oh yes, how could I forget? I'm having my backyard redone. Fences, patio, hot tub... you know... the usual ;) So these guys are working on putting up the fence and have created quite a pile of lumber. Well the lumber had been sitting there over a week or so and I guess they were going to haul it away finally (how nice of them). Well, the biggest guy working there starts moving these big pieces of wood when all of a sudden a field mouse jumps out and tries to scurry away as to not be stepped upon by large boots. Mind you, I was watching all of this from my study window upstairs completely out of view... so the big guy (easily 6'2" and about 250 lbs.) sees this mouse and FREAKS OUT! He screamed like a little girl! His arms were flailing around and he ran back to his buddies pointing and shrieking towards the little rodent. Oh My God! I was laughing so damn hard, and I know he'll be so happy to know I'm telling thousands of people this over the internet. ;)

    Speaking of mice... my little sister (you know, the one fond of clothes dryers?) hates mice with a passion.(she could NEVER watch Xena) well when we were younger my parents would leave on vacation and they'd leave us the house to mind for about a month in the fall. Well, we lived on quite the wooded area and mice would sometimes find their way inside our house. Well, as soon as I'd get to work, I'd get this FRANTIC call from her letting me know that there was a mouse in the house and I NEEDED to get it when I got home. Sheesh, not something to look forward to when I got home. She'd set the traps and I'd get the empty them. Oh, the job of the big sister.

    Hmm... big sisters... like I mentioned I have a "few" of them. So I'm gonna ask a question. Why was it necessary to kick us out of the family room when their boyfriends were over? Didn't they know we watched them make out from the outside windows? Horny people are really stupid sometimes I guess. ;) Well, we eventually would get them back... like this one time (LOL) my sister thought she was all alone in the house (NOT) and started to do her laundry. Well she had stripped down to her bra and undies and was in the laundry room looking into the washing machine. (I guess there was something interesting staring back at her *shrugs*) Anyway, do you remember the punching balloons we used to have that had an elastic rubber string on them and blew up huge so you could walk around annoying everyone with it as you banged it against your fist? Yeah that's the one. Well I also figured it out that if you let out the air while squeezing it, it made a REALLY LOUD screeching noise. Kinda like a balloon when you pull apart the mouth piece as the air rushes out, but WAY louder. I think you guys know where this is heading... so she was staring into the abyss of the machine when I snuck up on her and let loose the SCREEEEECH of the punching ball. She screamed so loud and went head first into the washing machine... leaving her underwear clad ass facing up! Oh my god she was SOOO not happy with me. But I thought it was damn funny.

    I liked having lots of sisters, except when they'd hide my homework and then make a treasure map for me to use so I could find it. Those were not happy mornings for me. Mornings equaled having to get out of bed plus going to school. I was not fond of that equation AT ALL when I was in high school.

    And speaking of grandparents (Well I know we weren't, but I needed a good segue) how many of you have or had grandparents out there that were depression couples? Now I mean that they were married around the depression time (1930's) not that they were depressed all the time. Just so we're clear ;). Anyway, the thing about depression people is that they'll always have that fear of going back to that time. So if they find a product that they like, they'll usually buy it in HUGE bulk so they'll never feel like they'll run out of it before the recession kicks in again. When you were a kid, they paid attention to the little things that made you happy. Like soda pop. They figured out you LOVVVVED orange soda so they bought about 25 cases of it and amazingly enough they still serve it to you today. They just don't understand that soda does expire and poisoning you with it does NOT show their love for you. It just warrants a trip to the emergency room! You see them and they say "Oh Honey, you look so happy, you're practically glowing!" and you wanna say "No Gramma, it's just the damn pop, it's become radioactive!" So the moral of this story is: Beware of grandparents offering soda before you've had a chance to check the expiration date. You've been warned.

    Well boys and girls, my story time is over. Aww dry your eyes, maybe I'll be asked back again one day. *elbows Raven* (oops sorry darlin) *picks Raven up off the ground* Again thank you so much I've really had a lot of fun reminiscing with all of you. "I'm so glad we've had this time together... Just to have a laugh or sing a song... Seems we just get started and before you know it... Comes the time we have to say, so long..." *tugs on earring* ahhh... you gotta love Carol Burnett. *sniff*

    Anyway, here are today's wonderful updates. Please make sure you send feedback to the wonderful bards out there. I've said this time and time again and will continue to do so for a long time... Feedback is the Ruler of All Bards. Just send a little note to say thank you. Usually they make it really simple buy adding a hyperlink to their names. So just click... and thank. It's just that easy! They'll be happy you did... and so will you. :)

    Be good... or be good at it...

    • Moonstruck By S Berry posted Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
      A sweet, funny, love story about chasing the one who wishes you'd go away, and the power of dreams.

    • 2099 Part 6 By Janice posted on Heartbrkn's Place(Beyond Uber Alt)

    Saturday September 8, 2001

    Raven Ravings (by Raven):

    Tonight's Guest Rambler a delight you folks are in for a treat it's...... DS Bauden I highly recommend her stories and you can find them at DS Bauden Stories

    Hi guys and gals it's DS Bauden here. You all, however, can call me Di. :) Raven has graciously asked me to add to their ramblings here at the Beyond Uber Site and being a writer, how could I possibly turn down such an offer? Free space to ramble? You bet your ass... oops can I say ass, Raven? *coughs* I mean, I would love to fill in some space with mindless ramblings. It's 2 am who's gonna listen to me at this hour anyway, right? Riiiiiiight.

    So, I guess I should introduce myself a bit. I am a bard in the Xenaverse, no really, I am! Ask Raven! Well I know she can't be trusted, but don't tell her that! *clears throat* So as I was saying, I've been writing on the web for about three years now. I started out writing Xena Fan Fic and then it went into some original fiction. It's truly been the most fulfilling thing I've done in my life. I can't even begin to tell you, well I could, but then I'd have no secrets of my own, so...

    I've been fortunate enough to have been chosen by a few different publishers to have my work published. Man, when I got that first email that said,"Yes, we'd love to work with your story!". I cried like a baby. My partner was sleeping next to me as I was hacking away and once I read it, I screamed so loud that I nearly scared the hell out of her. It was truly a day I'll never forget. Anyway, by the end of the year, you should see my name in three books. My two novels: Nurturing Souls and A Sacrifice for Friendship, and At First Blush, which is a compilation of short stories from 21 wonderful authors. Proceeds from my novels will go to the ALS Foundation for Lou Gehrig's Disease in my mom's name. I lost her to that illness three years ago and hopefully, some extra money towards that research will help someone someday, so buy as many as possible! :) Proceeds for At First Blush will go to Doctors without Borders which is a great charity which you can learn more about at Jane Doe Press' website: http://www.janedoepress.com.

    I am currently working on a story called Home. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for me to write. So much of myself has been put into one of the lead characters, Kelly Cavanaugh. I've posted the first nine chapters to my website: http://dsbauden.home.att.net/index.html so please check it out!

    I just wrote my first PWP! OH MY GOD! What fun was that?! I'd never written a purely sexual story before, but let me tell you, it won't be my last. That was F-U-N. :) It's called Ready for Take Off, and boy was I. Ahem... sorry... anyway, it's been posted to my Yahoo list so give it a read and let me know if I should write more of them! :)

    So now that I've finished rambling about myself, what shall we talk about? Hmm... oh yeah... Don't you hate it when you've just bathed your dog and you see him outside rolling in something that you KNOW isn't going to smell like the shampoo you've just washed off of him? God that makes me crazy. And why is it that when someone takes a bite of something that tastes so horrible that they instantly want to share it with you? Why would you possibly want to look like the face they were making just a few seconds ago? Or why was it so important for your classmates to step on your brand new white Keds with their muddy shoes? Now that was just mean! Wait, that was for my therapy group... sorry!

    I have to tell you a funny story... when I was a kid I used to play hide and seek. Now, I ask you... if you saw your little sister climb into the clothes dryer, would you not be forced, just on principle, to close the door and turn it on? THAT'S WHAT I SAID! Well my mom didn't think it was so funny. I guess it was my sister screaming and banging around inside of it and hitting the side of the dryer with her foot until she finally kicked the door open that made her think that. ALTHOUGH she yelled at my sister for putting her dryer at risk of being broken. Ahhh... justice. You gotta love being seventh of eight kids. Yes my parents were Catholic so don't even ask...

    Dinner time was always an experience, too. If you didn't eat fast enough, you didn't eat in my house. We had lots of mouths at the same table and boy if the phrase "you snooze you lose" didn't come from my house, then I don't know where it came from.

    Brothers... I only have two of them, but man, they could be mean. Why did they find it necessary to bean you with couch pillows every time you walked in front of the TV? I was hit so many times that I started to freak out when they weren't even around. I would walk down the street and every once in awhile I'd go into my defensive stance just in case they were watching!

    Sisters... I have five of them. That was something else. Although I only really had three of them living with me at a time, they grew into my best friends. They are the greatest people in the whole world. Just don't piss them off. I had an ex once... yes children it's story time again... please gather round... my ex was such a nightmare that my sister (who I can't name to protect her um... innocence... yeah that's it) wanted to kidnap me away from her and told one of my other sisters that if she could get away with it, she'd have killed her in cold blood. Now if you took one look at my sister (You know, the innocent one) you'd NEVER expect to hear something like that in your wildest dreams. That tells you two things... One.. I used to have horrible taste in women, but more importantly, it told me that I could always count on my sisters for anything. They are my protectors and I love them dearly. Needless to say after hearing this story, my partner is scared to death of her. Well, not so much anymore... the Prozac is helping.

    Well, I guess I should stop for now. Raven, darlin, you had no idea what you were getting yourself into when you asked me to say a few words now did ya? Mwa hahaha... I hope you've enjoyed my little stories boys and girls and hopefully if you liked them, Raven will ask me back. :)

    On a serious note, I wanted to thank you guys for all of your incredible support of my writing over the past few years. It has meant so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Take care! Di :)

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    • First Look By BCBard4U posted Site(Beyond Uber Alt)
      When Police Lieutenant Joyce meets Christina, the Granddaughter of a robbery victim it seems like love at first sight.

    • Legacy By BC Bard posted Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)
      This is a story about the passing on of the legacy and history of unconditional love. The main character is the granddaughter of Police Commissioner Joyce and her soulmate Christina Armani, that we met in "First Look" and "Hindsight". It is a story of love that spans all boundaries.

    • Obsession By DarkenedKarma posted Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)

    Thursday September 6, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    Oooooooooh... have I a treat for you. Carrie's AJ, author of the brilliantly insane story, "Fresh From The Road Kill Cafe", has graciously graced (say that three times fast) us with her very own ramblings. How cool is that? Very, my friend.

    While AJ's stories are at present offline pending revisions, you can find her partner and kick ass bard Carrie Carr's web site at:

    ... a site AJ designed. It's very spiffy. It has horns of some sort (bull horns? I just don't know). Now, without further ado (insert drum roll here), here are AJ's ramblings. Please, hold your applause until the completion of the show. Oh, and you can contact AJ and tell her how very much she rocks at: jantrumbo@home.com.

    AJ's Ramblings: or I easily get Carrie'd away.

    For some insane reason, Celine, our Queen of the Uber Ramble has invited me to do a bit of my own rambling. This is my moment! My opportunity to reveal all those thoughts that have been lurking around my brain without being expressed before. "Gee," those of you who have met me will ask, "are there any of those left?"

    Okay, the most pressing thing on my mind right now is Dinty Moore dinner entrees. Here I sit, having their roast beef and mashed potatoes, 98% fat free. But I ask you, is it really possible to come up with a good roast beef and mashed potatoes entree that is 98% fat free? What is it that we're looking for in our mashed potatoes, anyway? The butter, the fat laden gravy. Sure my tummy that no longer has a gall bladder is happy that I chose it for lunch. But what of my taste buds that have come to expect a bit more of my meals? I choked it down, I feel healthier for it, but you can betcher life that I'll be hunting up the snack machine in about an hour. I hope they haven't run out of Snickers!

    Did I mention that James Doohan kissed the back of my hand at Dragon Con last Friday? I bought a picture for him to autograph and told him that I've always admired his work. He signed the photo and after blowing the ink dry, he took my hand and kissed the back of it. I told him, "You know, don't you, that you've just made my whole convention for me? It'll be a long time until this hand gets washed." Here I sit, a week later, wondering if that was a rash decision. Did you know that if you don't wash your hand for a week after it gets kissed by a celebrity that it will develop a rash? Maybe I shouldn't let celebrities do that. It usually takes a lot longer for me to get that rash.

    Dragon Con was wonderful. The list of celebrities that I met and visited with is too long to relate here. All I can say is Claire Stansfield and Alexandra Tydings were as warm and cute as ever. The Babylon 5 actors that I talked to were very nice, and the guy who played Chewbacca the Wookie in Star Wars is really tall (7' 4") and he and his wife are lots of fun to talk to. Oh, and James Doohan kissed the back of my hand...*sigh* I nearly told him, "I can't wait to show this autograph to my wife!" But then, he's around 80 years old. And he was looking frail. And we've already lost DeForest Kelly.

    Speaking of DeForest Kelly, another convention goer and I came up with a way to have him appear at the Sci-Fi conventions like Dragon Con. Dry Ice. Pack him in dry ice and announce that we have a 3D DeForest Kelly standee. When he starts decomposing too much, sell relics. "Get your DeForest Kelly nose right here! Only $75.00! He's going fast!"

    The very best part of the convention was having the time and opportunities to do some quality visiting with dear friends that we've come to know in our online community over the past few years. Carrie and I have adopted Mary "D". She's positively adorable, sweet, generous, and all the other nice adjectives that you could very easily use to describe her.

    Now that I've done the requisite amount of rambling for this piece, I'm going to turn this back over to Celine so that she can tell you whose stories have come out to play today.

    Carrie's AJ

    What's New:

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      Sequel to Obsession. Complete.

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      Summary pending. Continuing story.

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      Continuing story.

    Wednesday September 5, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Hello all! I'm updating today because I will be out of town for a while, and didn't want to miss out on my chance to ramble this and next week.
    Well, not much going on except that I've been sneezing a lot, and filling all the holes that Kiwi seems to insist on digging. I have to wonder why he is so intent on escaping. Could it be that we love on him too much? Or that we give them too many treats? Maybe it's because he's looking for a girl. I don't know. All I know is that we may end up with a yard full of concrete stones instead of grass. *achooo* 'Scuse me. Maybe the salt air will help on the allergy front. I sure hope so.
    Just to clear a few things up, I have 6 dogs and no cats. It's not that I don't like cats...I love them really. I had 9 at one time, but "A" is highly allergic, so we stick to the canine variety of entertainment. And they can be highly entertaining. Take Gabrielle for example. No, not Xena's sidekick. Although...I'd be happy to take...nevermind. I'll leave her for Celine. Anyway, Gab is a spaz. She really is. She'll jump on the covered couch downstairs and spin around in circles until she's dizzy. Then she flops down and stares at you. Just....stares. She also does this little thing with her head. It bobs. Yes, bobs. Almost like the little dog toys you see in peoples' cars that looks like it's nodding at you. We have often wondered if her head is truly attached. We have also considered renaming Xena. We figured pogo would be a good name seeing how she just jumps all the time. Straight up and down. All the time. One of the funniest things she does is when we bring them in to eat. I open the door while "A" waits in the feeding area. They all run to her, and when I come into the area, Xena comes running for me. I wait until the last second, when she's leaping, and then move out of the way. She goes SAILING by. It's a hoot to watch. Of course there was the one time when I forgot that I was in front of the wall, and she went careening into it. I felt kinda bad, but watching her shake her head was hilarious.
    Our back yard is full of trails. Little paths that the dogs have made. The odd thing is that when they walk around the yard, they only use the paths. We sat there and watched Kiwi look around for a path before he would come up towards the house. I guess they don't want to get lost.
    Anyway, on to the new stuff...

    What's New:

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      continuing story

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      Completed story...maybe :)

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      Completed story...maybe :)

    Tuesday September 4, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    Hope everyone had a very spiffy Labor Day weekend! I know I did...

    I had fun filled weekend of helping to take down a dead waterbed mattress, putting in a new waterbed mattress, filling said waterbed mattress, draining said waterbed mattress because it was leaking, filling it again because my brother thought he'd found the problem, draining and taking out the new waterbed mattress because it's defective, replacing that with yet another new waterbed mattress, and filling the new waterbed mattress. Boy, that's just... well, annoying. It's not my bed, fortunately... it's my mother's. Silly lady, she didn't like sleeping with the bed leaking up and over the sides of the bed frame and onto the floor, so a new one was definitely in order. If this latest one leaks, though, I think she'll just have to learn to swim while sleeping. Or sleep while swimming. Whichever.

    In "... like I need a hole in my head" news, I did the state fair thing again on Friday, and had my ears pierced three times while I was there. Yep, one in each ear. Okay, two in one ear and one in the other... because, after all, we all know I'm a little lopsided.

    In computer news, my little laptop appears to be in working order after a tech replaced the motherboard. And the replacement battery is supposed to come today. Let us all cross our fingers, toes, eyes, wires, messages, etc., in hopes that this battery will actually work for more than 10 minutes. Stranger things have happened, after all.

    In doggie news, I want to say hi to Scout and Pilot, Phair1's dogs. See, I went through a whole update without mentioning a certain small orange wonder kitty, just like I promised! Oh, wait... I sorta mentioned him, didn't I? But not by name. Does that count?

    What's New:

    • The Phone Call By Phair1 posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber)
      Follow up to The Consult. Complete.

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      A friendly game of cards presents an interesting jackpot. A PWP (plot, what plot?) story. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

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      Maggie encounters a very friendly sales girl while out shopping. (note from Celine: why can't this happen to me? ;) ). A PWP story. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Danica's Dilemma By Mavis Applewater posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      College roommates get to know one another better. A PWP story. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

    Monday September 3, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    Dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, everything in between dogs. I mention this because bard and Beyond Uber reader Phair1 (you can find her stories at Tigg's site - http://tiggsxenapage.com/XenaVerse/Xenaverse.html) felt perhaps our ramblings, ravings, and considerings might tend to favor animals of the feline variety. while I do frequently talk about Tango the Wonder Kitty, I feel it is my duty to say this: "Bah!" I say "Bah!" mainly because that isn't a word I use in everyday conversation, and I felt this situation gave me reason to use it. It won't happen again.

    Anyway, while it is true our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven has two kitties and no doggies, I can safely say both Singer and I more than make up for that. With Singer's six dogs and my three, the furry little and not so little critters are well represented.

    My three are a fluffy chow named Tai, a large red doberman named Coco, and a little runt cocker spaniel named Kira. Their roles in the household are as follows (pay close attention, there will be a quiz later):

    Coco's big bad boss lady. She's chief spokesdog for the trio, and keeps her humans informed as to when it's time to eat (always), when she or one of the other animals needs out or in from the backyard, and when it's time to go to bed. She does this via a complicated series of moans (which she started because she knows she's not supposed to bark). We ask her questions, she responds either in an affirmative manner (she even nods), or in the negative (she gets quiet and looks at us like we're insane). She's very, very smart and very, very neurotic... but that's another story.

    Kira is the little... well, she's definitely a female dog. She is chief treat herder so she can guard them after the other dogs have finished theirs. She's my buddy and is usually very sweet, when she's not squealing like a pig when she's excited about something. She's also chief sidekick to Tango the Wonder Kitty, but I'm not sure she's exactly thrilled about that. She was drafted into the job.

    Tai is chief of getting in the way. He's a big fluffy dog who lays on the floor. A lot. As we move through the house our most frequent phrase to say is, "Move, Tai!" And, of course, he doesn't. He's not very bright. I don't know why we bother. We aren't very bright either. He's a big sweetheart teddy bear who wouldn't hurt a fly.

    So there ya go. My doggies. Of course, the kitties still rule the roost, but the dogs play major supporting roles.

    What's New:

    • Just Business As Unusual By Blue Dragon posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      From the Academy: "This is the story of a lovely lady who was busy with...er sorry wrong story this is the tale of how the past can change the life of ....maybe I should add heroic symphonic music before saying that. ok, how's this...this is the story of how a routine business trip became anything but business as usual for one woman and how that weekend changed her life."

    • Darkfin - Year Two - Chapter 1 By Lizzy TJ posted at the Darkfin site (Beyond Uber)
      Continuing story.

    Sunday September 2, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Just little ole me ;))

    Once again our Guest Rambler...

    Kimberly Pritekel (Her emailKimberly Pritekel )
    Author of The New Season, The Long Road Home, Old Wounds New Beginnings and her latest story.. First.
    ***Raven Highly Recommends All of the Above!!)

  • Kim Pritekel Stories Found Here!

    Don't you wish you could go back to the days of simple things, simple interests, and simple entertainment? The days when you could be like my psychotic cat, Sebastian?
    Last night I got home from work, and therefore the front door was finally opened.
    This, folks, is quite a highlight of my cats day. He lives for the time when I get home and he can sit on his little butt, and stare up into the darkness beyond the great and powerful screen door.
    Well, right now we've got nasty little critters called moths flying around, driving little psychotic cats across the country mad because they can't catch them! Especially through the screen of a screen door. Though, I must give Sebastian credit; he tried, and he tried hard. I have the small rip in my screen to prove it. So, I had to use the niftly little squirt gun I had that Alexa had given me, to shoot his attempts down where they started.

    Ohhhhh, believe me when I tell you he was not happy with me. Gee. Wonder why.

    Anyone want a really cute cat? Come on now, folks; he's beautiful, and well behaved, and not much trouble. Okay, so I lie. He's not so well behaved. But, alas. I just love him to pieces anyway.

    So, that's it for me tonight. Enjoy the fan fic, my friends, and hey, how about a nice round of applause for our ladies Raven, Celine, and Singer for their wonderful work at Beyond Uber, eh? Come on, now. Let me hear you, (straining ear). Ah. There ya go.
    Have a good night, all. Take care.

    • Spin The Bottle By C.E. Gray posted on Ahttp://merwolf.com/academy/fanfic/j/janetl_journey9.html">The Journey Part 9 By Janet Lynne's posted Site(Beyond Uber Alt)

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    • First Look By BCBard4U posted Site(Beyond Uber Alt)
      When Police Lieutenant Joyce meets Christina, the Granddaughter of a robbery victim it seems like love at first sight.

    • Legacy By BC Bard posted Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)
      This is a story about the passing on of the legacy and history of unconditional love. The main character is the granddaughter of Police Commissioner Joyce and her soulmate Christina Armani, that we met in "First Look" and "Hindsight". It is a story of love that spans all boundaries.

    • Obsession By DarkenedKarma posted Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)

    • A New Goal In Life Parts 1-3 By Ri posted Lynka's Site(Beyond Uber Alt)
      She went to the hocky game to please her brother and instead of finding a dreadful violent game she found her angel on ice.

    • All I Ever Need By K.P. West posted on her new site(Beyond Uber Alt)
      ***Raven Recommends this is one of my all time favorite tales!!

    • Mordida Part 10 By Bel-wah posted on The Bard's Corner(Beyond Uber Alt)
      ***Raven Highly Recommends

    Saturday September 1, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Just little ole me ;))

    Well folks I can let you in on part of my plan for world domination.. we here at Beyond Uber are getting ORGANIZED!!!

    This could be one of the signs for the apocalypse .. who knows..
    First posting schedule:
    Raven - Friday and Saturday Nights
    Celine - Sunday and Monday Nights
    Singer - Wednesday and Thursday Nights
    Tuesday will be a no post night for Beyond Uber .. think of it as our day of rest ;)

    Secondly we are have decided that you all have heard tooo much of our ramblings and would like to share something special with all of you ..
    That is we will be having many Wonderful Authors as GUEST RAMBLERS!!
    And To begin this wonderful chance for you all to hear from your favorite authors.. I am happy to have a fellow Coloradoan join us today and Sat with her thoughts... Without further ado.... I give your our Guest Rambler for Friday and Saturday..

    Kimberly Pritekel (Her emailKimberly Pritekel )
    Author of The New Season, The Long Road Home, Old Wounds New Beginnings and her latest story.. First.
    ***Raven Highly Recommends All of the Above!!)

  • Kim Pritekel Stories Found Here!

    Hello all. I've been asked to ramble to you all, and so I take up this gauntlet with a happy smile, and a little wave. Well, my name is Kim, but you may know me as KP, and I've written a story or two in my day. I'm sure one of you have read at least one. : )

    What can I ramble about? I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself. I run a library in a men's correctional facility. That can be interesting. Lemme tell ya. Most of my writing has been done behind "bars". Just a bit of inside info for you.

    I have a psychotic cat named Sebastian, Sand Man, Doo Doo Head, whatever. He answers to whatever I call him. I love my cat so much. Can't you tell? The love of my life is a frequent flier of beyond uber. Alexa, I love you, and hello. : )

    I've been writing since I was 9 years old, and don't intend to stop anytime soon. Well. Here's a preliminary ramble for you. Enjoy all this wonderful fan fiction, and please do let the bards know what you think. Hey, feedback does a bard good. Take care.

    • Deep Cover The Conclusion By C Paradee posted on her site(Beyond Uber Alt)
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