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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Hey guys!!!!!
Alert, alert, alert! This is an addendum to tonight's post. Following are links to some very special Halloween treats from some of our favorite bards. Raven and I just got off the phone after drooling over the artists listed. These are ALL worth the read, folks! Raven told me to tell you all..."RAVEN RECOMMENDS!" You heard her, go read!

  • Soul Vessels By Linda Crist posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE ***Kennedy and Carson from The Bluest Eyes of Texas are back again in a Halloween tale***

  • Thirteen By Nene Adams posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Echoes From the Mist By Advocate posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***This is the 6 part sequel to Cobb Island! Yippeeee***

  • A Date to Remember By Barbara Davies posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Remember Me By Midgit posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***Here's more adventure for our gals from Cold***

  • In the Blink of an Eye By Carrie Carr posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • T.N.'s UnNamed Story By T. Novan posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***A special guest appearance at the end...***

  • Icehole By Kiera Dellacroix posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***From the creator of Engravings of Wraith***

  • The Princess and her Pirate By S.X. Meagher posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***A creepy installment for our friends from I Found My Heart in San Fransisco***

  • When Souls Collide By Kim Pritekel posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Fear By Kamouraskan posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Unmasked Hearts By Missy Good posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***A Dar and Kerry Tale! Need I say more?

  • Faith By Idryth posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • A Witching Memory By Carole Giorgio posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Complete HALLOWEEN TALE***Alexis and Samantha are back***

  • Candy or Chaos By C.N. Winters posted Academy's Halloween page (Beyond Uber Alt)

    These, and many more can be found at the Academy's Halloween Page!

  • Academy of Bards Halloween Page

    Wednesday, October 31, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Hellooooooo....Happy Samhain to you all. Being that it's Halloween and all, I figured that we'd start with a really creepy story. A tale of unimaginable woe. An agonized epic of horrible proportions. The story of my camping trip.
    As you all know by now, "A" and I had less than an enjoyable time in the mountains. We really should have listened when our intuitions were screaming at us to stay home, but noooooo. We had to go and experience the wonder of a camping trip gone wrong. A comedy of errors. A truly unfortunate set of misadventures. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? This tale is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. I disclaim any malady that may inflict itself upon you while reading this. If you're determined to see this through....

    The trip began somewhat normally. After the four hour drive,(Kam is an awesome traveler)we checked into the hotel for one night, and settled in. We always go a day early so that I can be at the campground at 0'dark thirty so I can have first pick of the available sites. By 8:00 am, we had F8. The best site in the place. I had been trying to get that site for years, and it was finally mine. All mine! By 8:30 am, we were setting up the tent. Nightmare #1...a tent pole snapped in two. Now, this really should not have happened. These things are built NOT to do that. So...we have a useless tent, and have to drive back into town to replace it because I can't replace the pole out there. We end up buying a new tent.
    Ok. New tent is up, the tarp is up, and we're ready for a week of relaxing in the wilderness. The peaceful wilderness. Things just go down hill from here. We seem to spill everything, and what we can't spill, we break. Now don't get me wrong, we had some good moments too. The weather was great with the temperatures in the 70's. Kam loved diving in the leaves and walking down by the river we were camped next to. She would follow us out onto the rocks and try to catch the water. She ended up wet quite often. At night, we would build a kicking fire, and sit back to enjoy the quiet. That is until Kam decided that she didn't like not being able to see in the dark. So, off to the tent we would go for the night.
    Nightmare #2...We're bored. With Kam, we were limited in what we could do. No hiking, as the park prohibits dogs on the trails. No restauraunts because we couldn't leave her in the car. No shopping...see reason above. So we stayed mostly at the site, and read. Alot.
    On Wednesday, we finally had had enough, and decided that we would go home Thursday morning. We packed up most of the camping gear before dinner, then all the cooking supplies after we were finshed eating. All the while, the wind is blowing pretty steadily and not very gently. I'm thinking a storm is coming, but all the weather forecasts for the area say sunny through Saturday. Little did we know that our last evening would be one that we would never, ever forget.
    Nightmare #3&4...It's a bit after midnight when I'm awakened by what I thought was a strobe light going off outside the tent. I get up to peer out the window and see one of the most fantastic lightening displays that I have ever seen. I watch it and listen to the thunder for a bit, then settle back down to sleep. I'm a little upset because this means we will be packing up a wet tent. No fun,there. As I continue to listen, I realize that there is no rain as of yet. The thunder is weird, and it all just seems really odd. At one point, I hear voices and decide that I will go investigate. That's me...the brave one. I stand outside for a few minutes, smoking my cigarette, then tell "A" that I'm going to go use the restroom facilities. "A" says to wait, because now she needs to go too. I didn't know yet, but "A" was feeling really ill...at both ends. So we leash up Kam, and all head to the restroom. Of course, Kam decides that she needs to relieve herself too, so I send "A" on and tell her that I'll catch up. Kam finishes and we start down the path following "A". Then I hear it. Then I see it... Nightmare #5,6&7....TO BE CONTINUED!

    What's New:

    Monday October 29, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    I have an owie. It is, literally, a pain in the neck. And jaw. The cause is an impacted wisdom tooth which is trying to come in sideways, and is pushing up against the other teeth in the same vicinity. My other teeth aren't too thrilled with this prospect, so they all decided it would be a great idea to get together and cause pain. Which is what I'm experiencing. I don't get the darned thing out until the 12th. So, in the meantime, I get to hurt.

    Now, mind you, I know there are far worse things than having a jaw and neck ache. Really. But since I'm not sleeping very well right now, I'm a bit of a grouch. Just call me Oscar. He was always my favorite character on Sesame Street, you know. Although I never did care for his living accommodations. ;)

    In other news, Tango the Wonder Kitten has been helping me put up the multitude of Halloween decorations by romping around in them and stealing bits and pieces periodically. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the assistance. Not without using several curse words, that is. But he's cute, so I guess I can put up with it. Oooh, he just chewed on a stuffed ghost thingie. Bad boy.

    In *drool* news, I just want to say Singer has absolutely out done herself on her latest artistic creation... "Dreams" is wonderful. In case you haven't checked it out yet, do it. Right now. G'wan. Oh, hey. Want the URL?

    Awesome, eh? It's very drool worthy.

    I want to throw out a big "hi!" to the lovely bard Carrie's AJ. She was kind enough to dispense very helpful medical information (she's not a doctor, but she played one for that email). Um, does this mean she'll be sending me a bill? Uh oh. She even has my address. I'm suddenly very afraid...

    What's New:

    • Fresh From the Road Kill Cafe - Chapter 5 By Carrie's AJ posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Celine 100% Recommends - it has a good beat and it's easy to dance to*****

    • Under the Gun - Part 14 Conclusion By Lori L. Lake posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Conclusion. (Yay, I get to read it now!)

    • Paradise Found By Cruise and Stoley posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Is it possible to put the ghosts of the past behind you and find the strength to believe in love again? Jordan Milano didn't believe it would happen to her anytime soon and had become quite complacent in her single life. The green-eyed blonde didn't expect her life to be changed so dramatically by the tall, blue-eyed woman she met in the tropical island town of Key West for their annual women's festival. The arrogant athletic beauty, Bly VanDewark caught a glimpse of Jordan and knew she had to meet the attractive blonde, but her pursuits were halted by her forward approach with the woman. She was accustomed to making conquests instead of relationships and Jordan's brush off forces her to take a good look at herself and her motives. This was going to be no simple conquest for an evening and Bly knew this in her heart, and it scared her. Here, amidst the passion of a tropical paradise playground it is easy to fall in love and play a game of make believe. But, what about tomorrow and the realities of the present? Will they find the way through the darkness of their own insecurities to their Paradise Found?

    • Tempting Trouble - Part 17 By Snap posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Just One of Those Things - Part 10 By Mavis Applewater posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Phoenix Rising - Part 9 By Janet Lynne posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Indiscretions By Cruise posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Secret Service Agent Rayne Donovan reluctantly accepts an assignment she knows she will regret later on, but can’t walk away from it. A life is at stake and the tall, raven-haired agent is forced to protect a popular celebrity, Lark Morgan who happens to be a former lover. The attractive blonde actress is happy to have her former lover back in her life, but Rayne isn’t pleased at all by the woman who betrayed her as well as her heart months ago. The sparks fly with these two women when they are forced to come to terms with their feelings of anger, denial, betrayal, and love for each other.

    • Ab Initio (sequel to 'Indiscretions') By Cruise posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      The truth of Lark’s previous Indiscretions is revealed and Rayne frantically tries to meet up with her before she leaves for Greece, but misses the plane. Lark arrives in Greece alone, thinking that Rayne’s answer of forgiving her is no, but little does she know that Rayne is on her way there. Lark is hurt and relieved to find out that she wasn’t unfaithful to Rayne. The pair share a loving, tearful reunion and Rayne has a surprise for Lark regarding their future together that she reveals in a very special and romantic place in Greece. Will Lark respond to that surprise positively and will these two lovers be able to fulfill their dreams, together?

    • Provenance (Prequel to 'Indiscretions') - Parts 1 and 2 By Cruise posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      An attractive Secret Service Agent encounters a blonde haired, green-eyed up and coming actress while on assignment protecting a Senator, who also happens to be the actress’ father. There’s an instant attraction between the two women, but Rayne Donovan is reluctant to go out with the persistent actress, Lark Morgan. She’s fighting feelings from her past and is not sure she wants to go down that road again. Lark sees what she wants, Rayne, and refuses to accept Rayne’s rebuttals of a date. She sees a spark of hope in the women’s piercing blue eyes and won’t give up so easily. Will Rayne put her feelings aside and take a chance on love again by agreeing to a date with the alluring beauty? Continuing story.

    Friday October 26, 2001

    Raven's Ravings(by Why Raven Of Course):

    Hey there!

    Several of you have asked me "Why Raven"... as a handle well my friends I happen to be an Edgar Allen Poe fan and I find The Raven a mysterious and mystic symbol:) I try to use my powers of the Greater Good ;) hehe.. well I happened to run across a very unique rewrite of my Namesake "The Raven and thought I would share.. I think you will find that anyone who uses a computer will relate and be amused! :) So take a look at:

    Now for some exciting News!!!

    I am thrilled to announce that Thereee Baaackkk!!!

    The Swollen Buds are announcing their latest awards!!

    Yep that's right Swollen Buds is back but not only that ...
    ;) they have moved on to the Beyond Uber Site and we are thrilled to have them as neighbors.

    So join me in saying Welcome and please stop on to their section and see the wonderful works they have awarded!

    We here are proud and honored to offer space for this wonderful committee committed to help recognize the writers of Xena and the Uber Universe! I am sure you will find that the stories awarded here a delight and I know they are on my list of must reads so run don't walk and ENJOY!!!

    Remember To Feed The Bards.. with out much nourishment they don't have the energy to write ;)

    Now on to the fiction!!

    • All That's Left By Tami's & Eveh's Posted on The Athenaeum's Scroll Archives(Beyond Uber Alt)

    Thursday October 25, 2001

    Raven's Ravings(by Why Raven Of Course):

    Tonight I would like to introduce our latest Guest Rambler... A gifted author that has brought us a varity of wonderful tales such as:

    Summer`s Circus
    A Summer Reunion
    Swollen Bud Winner - Pendragon Cove
    Break Out '99
    Beneath The Surface
    In Contention (aka The Hellcat Comes to Town)
    A Prior Engagement (aka Return of the Hellcat)
    Silver Lining (aka A Mission for the Hellcat)
    Stage to Phoenix (aka Hellcat's Honeymoon)
    Home Sweet Home (aka A Full House for the Hellcat)
    Say Goodbye To Boston
    And now the sequal to Say Goodbye To Boston....

    View To A Kiss!!!!

    All These Tales Can Be Found At


    I don't know about other bards, but for me, finishing an uber is like giving birth - months of effort followed by a big push, and finally it's out there. Or maybe it's more like cooking - hours of work to get the dinner on the table, then your guests gulp it down and say brightly "What's for tea?"

    Whatever. Now 'A View to a Kiss' has finally been posted to my website (thanks, Midgit), I am sitting here feeling drained but happy, and definitely in need of a break.

    'A View to a Kiss' is the sequel to 'Say Goodbye to Boston'. I didn't intend writing one, but a rash reference to my uber grrls heading off to Rio at the end of 'Boston' meant that emails started coming in asking for one. So, after I'd jammed my fist in my mouth and had a good scream (and also after I'd written another Hellcat story), I started thinking about what Ash and Jemma could get up to next.

    The problems weren't small. I've never been to Brazil and I don't speak Portuguese. Also, I needed a James Bond style plot that JB himself hadn't already made use of! (So Rio cable car fights with men with metal teeth were obviously out.) Anyway, I knuckled down, decided on a plot, got a guidebook on Brazil from my library, and started writing....

    Then came September 11th.

    A week later, my stunned creative muse was beginning to tentatively revive. But I was faced with huge questions: Did I still want to write my story, given it was about terrorists attacking the USA? Should I change the plot? Should I mothball it and finish it another time? Would anyone want to read it?

    Then I saw a news item about the type of videos people were renting. 'Die Hard' and other anti-terrorist thrillers were walking off the shelves. It seemed surprising at the time, but with hindsight it isn't. People wanted to see terrorists being defeated. So.

    I finished the story, 'A View to a Kiss', as originally planned. Guess what? I've already had several emails asking me for a sequel! ::jams fist in mouth and screams::

    Barbara Barbara's email):

    Don't forget to email Barbara with encouragement for this and more Ubers :)!!
    To explore all her wonderful stories visit the sites below!!! Including her latest View To A Kiss!!

    • View to a Kiss By Barbara Davis Posted Midgits Small Corner (Beyond Uber Alt)
      The Sequel to Say Goodbye to Boston. This time, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs are off to Brazil... where the nuts come from. It's Rio, con Brio, as Ash and Jemma set out to foil a new plot by the Libyan terrorists who caused them so much trouble in the Canary Islands.

    • Maleficent Beauty by Creme Brulee Posted Celestial Buffet (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Conqueror/Sleeping Beauty crossover - a Xenaverse fairy tale for Halloween.

    Tuesday October 23, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine):

    A thank you note from Calli, to all of you who signed the guestbook we set up for her:

    I would like the thank you all for your very kind words. The way I see it is that we are all a team, without the many fan sites like "beyond Uber', without the wonderful bards, without X:WP, without LL & ROC, without the many loyal fans, without the wonderful people that give us the screengrabs and the high quality scanned photos, we (all artists) wouldn't be able to do the work that we do <s>

    A big THANK YOU to everyone and especially to you Raven for doing this for me....I was very surprised, still gobsmacked and rather embarrassed by this attention and flattery - but I'm sure I will survive *big grin*

    Many thanks to all

    - Linda (Calli)

    If you haven't signed the guestbook and would like to, head on over:

    Let Calli know how talented she is... 'cause this lady has done a lot for the world of Xena-related fanfic.

    You know, a spiffy thing happened late Saturday night. No... not *that* sort of spiffy thing (I wish!), but another spiffy thing. Our hit counter on the what's new page reached 500,000! A half a million visits since May. My goodness, people. On behalf of Raven and Singer, I want to thank everyone who visits our site and reads our mailing list. You guys rock. This is an honor we'll remember for as long as we can.

    So, what do you say about hitting 1 million? ;)

    It's been a while since we've done the "Celine takes way too many photos" thing, 'cause I've been taking them, but I haven't been putting them online. But guess what... I've put some online! Wow!

    One from the weekend of my cat, Pesha. She was sprawled on her back looking adorable, so I kinda had to take a picture.

    And I put up a few photos I took at the Oregon State Fair back at the end of August ("The End of August" is also a Yanni song, don't ya know)... most of them were taken from the top of the ferris wheel. I went to a candle light vigil in honor of the terrorist attacks last month in my little home town. There was a man playing the bagpipes, several people came, and some local firefighters and police officers. And, finally, I have a about a gazillion photos of the Beach Boys I took at the fair, also. They don't have a web page for 'em yet, so there's only an index of them for now. Sorry about that. Life just keeps getting in the way. If you like the Beach Boys and have some patience to go through the index, there are several close-ups in there.

    What's New:

    • Original Sin - Chapter XI By Malaurie Barber posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • A View To a Kiss By Barbara Davies posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      The Sequel to Say Goodbye to Boston. This time, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs are off to Brazil... where the nuts come from. It's Rio, con Brio, as Ash and Jemma set out to foil a new plot by the Libyan terrorists who caused them so much trouble in the Canary Islands. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Under the Gun - Part 13 By Lori L. Lake posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Biker Babe From Hell By Pinfeather posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (uh...)
      A spooky Hallowe'en tale, written in verse.

    Sunday October 21, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    Today we have a guest rambler that I am proud to announce she is not only an author but a webmaster that has supported and encouraged bards all over the world by housing many authors works from Xena to Uber! The uber world would not be what it is today without the support and endless work of our guest.....drum roll...

    I give you the one the only ...Mary D


    A little about me - I'm 5'3, with light brown hair and brown eyes. I went to school...no that's not what you want to read ;-) Okay a little bit more about me that's relevant. I'm a webmaster and graphic designer, I'm a writer. I run several sites and the one that I'm most well known for is The Australian Xena Information Page (aka AUSXIP or AXIP). I started AUSXIP back in December 1996 after spending an hour watching Sins of the Past (which I only did because my VCR skills are crappy and my friend Xero wanted the episode because she didn't have it). You can blame Xero for getting me obsessed with Xena. It's her fault. She's happy to accept the blame.

    I watched the episode and I was hooked. I went on the net and found Tom's site (doesn't everyone?). Now of course I didn't want to reinvent the wheel - Tom was doing a fantastic site and well you have to do something that hasn't been done before. So I decided to create episode montages ;-) Thus my montages were born. For that I blame my good friend in Western Australia - it's his fault I got into graphics and he is also very happy to accept the blame.

    The site took up alot of my creative energy and my escape ;-) It's been real pleasure, a real pain and sometimes a real tear jerker doing this site. It's been instrumental in opening doors in the graphics field, talking to producers and writers, talking to actors, meeting people that have become dear dear friends. I've spent many hours in front of a monitor - I wouldn't want to count the hours I've spent...it would scare me. It's amazing to think what that night, with my crappy VCR skills, set into motion. Why did I create the site? I wanted to give something back - to be a part of a community, to meet people with the same interests. Got that and tons more.

    One of the absolute highlights of my recent trip (the whole thing was a highlight) was being at My Sister's Room in Atlanta. I was asked if I minded being a guest and I said nope don't mind - hoping they wouldn't want me to sing the National Anthem because my singing voice is elcrappo. Now you all know Lucia - she is the most amazing artist. She drew a huge artwork of me at my desk from a picture she asked me to send. She wouldn't tell me why - don't ask questions Mary, just do it. Okay. When i got to the bar it was a little surreal to see my portrait hanging up there with Claire Stansfield, Steve Sears, Alex, Katherine Fugate, Tim etc. I decided it was good to go to the back and just people watch. I saw with my buddy and absolute wonderful human being - T. Novan. This woman has courage and a talent that is phenomenal. I also met CN Winters and a ton of other people. I sat back and enjoyed the Last Chance reading which was funny and quite entertaining. It was then they introduced the guests and they called them to the stage. At this point I was quite happy snapping away (I get snap happy). I was forgotten and boy was I happy ;-) I'm happily taking snaps and then Elizabeth, the MC, decides to get her memory back and remember that I was supposed to be up there. Amensia is a good thing. The noise that greeted me was mind boggling. My ears hurt as I went up to the stage and I got stage fright. I had absolutely NO clue what to say so I said the first thing that popped into my head. "G'day" ;-) That works. (g)

    What followed was something I will never forget - it was one of the most memorable nights. I won an auction (by default I think because they felt sorry for me that I never bid on anything before so I apologize to the person I was bidding against (g)) My prize was an autographed When Fates Collide script by Claire and Katherine. That was majorly cool but also added to the sweetener was not one, but TWO kisses. One with Katherine Fugate and one with Claire Stansfield. Heh. Swordn'Quill's birthday was the next Monday so I decided to give her an early birthday present - she got the kisses ;-) She was my stunt kisser. From what I can tell from my pictures - she rather enjoyed it ;-) I had the opportunity to spend some time with Claire which was majorly fun (and some of the pics are on my site). I was on such a high from the evening that I got back to my hotel and wanted to wake my roomie but I'm quite sure she wouldn't have appreciated it. That high was still there, tinged with sadness on leaving my friends in New York to go back home.

    Now a little about writing. One thing that did stop during this period was my writing muse. She shut up shop and went fishing. My writing decided it didn't want to flow so I shelved it and concentrated on my artwork. That wasn't so bad but I missed being able to write - I've been a writer since I was 8 years old. I have a memory of my next-door neighbor asking me what I wanted to be and I said "a writer". Odd how life can give you what you want but not at the time that you choose. I fulfilled that ambition when my first novel Out of Darkness was published, followed soon after by my second novel You Must Remember This (shameless plug)

    You can purchase Out of Darkness from

    It's not Uber but it's about two women who meet during the dying days of World War 2 in Greece. As any writer knows, giving birth to characters is like creating children. Since March 2000 I have written 6 novels and now I'm writing #7. They will all be published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing. There was a funny moment on one of the panels I was on at Dragon*con. I was asked why a straight woman would write about a lesbian couple. Heh. My response? Why not. Lesbian writers have been writing straight romances for EONS. Eva and Zoe popped into my head and they wouldn't leave. Maybe it was because I had read a bazillion subtext fan fic stories that gave opened up the possibilities for me to write about two women in love. I don't know. I can't explain it - does any writer know where their muse leads them? I won't try and explain it.

    I also have a web site for my fiction -

  • Eve & Zoe Story Site
    Okay Raven I've rambled enough ;-) I want to thank Raven for giving me this opportunity.

    MaryD's e-mail

    Now on with the fiction…

    • Waking Up With The Conqueror By Candid Eyes Posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
      This is a Conqueror with a time travel twist that I must Highly recommend!! It is quite long but well worth the read!! Hope for an Uber sequal ;)

    Saturday October 20, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    Today we have another guest rambler- she has made a different type of contribution to Uber and Xena as she is a talented artist that has graciously offered her talents to the bards and fans creating Fan Fiction covers to bring the fiction we read to life... I speak of Calli... I am pleased to introduce our rambler for today...Calli!

    Hi there,

    Well I was surprise when Raven contacted me (but a nice one at that) to say a few words to you all....firstly I am not a bard, nor do I find it easy to put pen to paper that's why I stick to graphics because it's alot easier to do than this anyway here goes nothing ....

    I am a Kiwi and live in the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand called Christchurch, but I have been told that if you *blink* you might miss it It's really nice and quiet here and I kinda like it that way. I live with my cat called Sox....now Soxy is totally gorgeous and I love him to bits I work a regular day job and only work on the covers in my spare time. As for personal stuff?....well I was married for sixteen years and I am now divorced. I like to hike and the last one that I did was the 'Milford Track' here in the South Island. It was great fun and on the forth day the weather packed in and the waters became to dangerous so they sent in the helicopters to pluck us to safety.......I loved it (Big Grin) anyway enought of that......

    I started watching Xena from the word 'go' and was drawn to it immediately only realising the subtext when I finally got myself a computer and discovered fanfiction. Well I think I must have shut the door and threw away the key as I was hooked ......from there I started to learn about this little graphics programme that I had called Photoshop and I found the best way to practice and learn was to throw a few images together, so I started with family and friends and from there went onto Xena and Gabrielle (of course). I have always drawn since I was a knee high and I remember many times Mum or Dad would come and literally drag me away from my paints screaming just to eat. Even now when I'm working on a cover I find that it's a real effort for me to stop and eat, crikey, the cat eats better than me anyway I did post one of two of the montages that I did and it was Lisa (Xena fan) who made contact and asked me to do a fanfiction cover for a friend of hers and the rest is history I guess I must thank Lisa for getting me started, notonly in doing the fanfiction covers but also for urging me into having my own site so that others to see them...

    X:WP has opened many doors for many people with stories being published by RAP and other publishing companies....for me, it has been working as a graphic artist for RAP (Renaissance Alliance Publishing Inc.) I guess you never know whats around the corner.

    I am kept busy with many requests and really don't have the time anymore to just sit back a read but I will someday and I will have heaps to catch up on ...I really enjoy putting these graphics together and I try and do the best I can with the resources I have. I'm glad that so many of you like them ;o) Well I think I have probably bored you all silly, so I'm outta here.

    Take care, be safe and happy reading.

    Linda (Calli)

    To view all her works visit her site Calli's Creations

    ********NOW A SPECIAL SUPRISE FOR CALLI :)******

    Well in hearing that Calli has only received one award I decided that it was time to let her know how much her efforts have meant to Bards and Readers alike over the years.. sooooo..

    We here at Beyond Uber have set up a page for Authors and Readers to stop by and say HI and tell Calli what her works mean to you!

    Please stop by the page and join me in saying THANKS!

    • Calli Thank You Page!

      Now on with the fiction!!!

      • Waking Up With the Conqueror By Candid Eyes Posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
        Now this is Xena related but also is part uber and I am a sucker for time travel.. so..for a fun futuristic romp.. try this.

        After 2500 years searching for the last piece of the Chronos stone Aphrodite finds it in a pawn in Las Vegas, NV. She enlists the help of a lonely lesbian XWP fan Desire' Love to help her go back and correct the terrible mistake in Jappa. Desire¹ goes to bed one night and wakes up on judgement day in front of the Conqueror wearing only her Xena T-shirt and a smile. Desire' becomes the Conqueror's body slave and must find the stone, open up the heart of the Conqueror and reunite her with her soulmate Gabrielle all without getting herself killed by the temperamental ruler or without getting her heartbroken over a love that can never be hers forever.
        There is a bit of erotica in it, both lesbian and straight and a lot of comedy if you can picture the Conqueror doing the Tush Push or learning baseball and football etc. The hero of this story is an XWP fan who eventually gets it right and finds out that she has an ancient soul that is forever connected to Xena and Gabrielle.

      Friday October 19, 2001

      Consider this (from Singer)

      Hello again. I hope this update finds all of you happy in the world of Uber. Today finds us finalizing the camping trip.
      I have some less than pleasing news on Kam. We took her to the vet this morning to make sure the new meds were working on the ickys she had, and to get her first rounds of puppy shots. We were concerned that she seemed to be constantly hungry, always napping, and her little puppy poopies were frequent and quite large. The vet listened, asked lots of questions, and came to the conclusion that Kam suffers from something called idiosyncratic malabsorption syndrome. In english, this means that her body is not absorbing the food we are feeding her. It quite literally means that everything is going straight through her. That's why she's not filling out or getting the nutrients it takes to keep her active and healthy. So, the vet gave us a powder that will create the enzymes she needs to allow her to actually use the food she's eating. We mix this with her food everytime she eats, and pray for the best. Unfortunately, she's not very likely to grow out of this, so we will have to do this for the rest of her life.
      When we got Dar and she came home with parvo, "A" and I figured that it was fate that took us to the shelter that day. You see, if we hadn't adopted Dar the day we did, the folks at the humane society would have discovered the disease and put her down. They just can't afford the treatment. We've concluded that the same holds true with us adopting Kam. I doubt anyone would've noticed what we did, and Kam would have inadvertently starved to death. So....fate strikes again, and I couldn't be more pleased. :)
      What I ask for is a few good thoughts sent Kam's way. You all know as well as I do, that nothing is ever out of reach. Thank you.
      On a different note, we are still planning on the camping trip and taking Kam with us. Of course, if she starts the screaming at 5:00 am like she did this morning, they may kick us out. She reeeally had to go out. :)
      This will be the last update from me until we get back. We will be roughing it in the woods for a week, so I expect you all to take good care of Raven and Celine for me. Raven was supposed to go with us this year, but with everything that's been going on, she decided to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground. So...tease her a bit for me. (eg)
      Here we go....

      What's New:

      • Lorimal's Chalice parts 1-9 By Jane Fletcher posted Tigg's (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story***Chapter 9 concludes part 1 of the tale. "A" recommends checking this one out. Looking forward to the second book!

      • Second Half part 1 By Niki posted Tigg's (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story

      • Castle Walls part 13 By Redhawk posted Redhawk's Realm (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story***Raven recommends

      • Dreams part 13 By ROCshadow posted ROCshadow's Corner (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story***Recommended

      Thursday October 18, 2001

      Consider this (from Singer)

      Hello all! First, I want to thank all of you who emailed "A" to thank her for the ramble. She really appreciated it and so did I. I think she secretly enjoyed the whole thing.
      In Kam news...she's feeling much better, so she can fully terrorize the rest of the dogs. She tends to take those long puppy naps, followed by the spurts of puppy energy, and the other dogs just don't know what to do with her. Dakota and Gabrielle seem to enjoy playing with her, while Sydney likes to nap with her. Some of the pics we have are just beyond cute!
      We're finally getting serious about packing for the camping trip. Kam seems to be excited as well. When we told her that she would be sleeping in her cage, in a tent, in the woods, in really cold weather...she just tucked her little tail and headed for the underside of the sofa. I think that means she's ready to go. She's gonna have sooo much fun. "A" is really looking forward to having her in the tent with us. She gets this funny little look on her face whenever we talk about it. I think that means she's ready to go, too. :)
      In other news...I have a new favorite place to eat lunch. I hope that you all have a Schlotzsky's Deli nearby. I think their soups are fantastic! I also recommend the tai-chicken pizza. Whew! So if you have one, run and grab a seat! You won't regret it. And if you don't like it...You never heard it from me. :)
      In site news...I have just added a new page to the UberArtwork section. Blitzgal has some very nice pieces, and we were pleased to add her to the family. Check out the link below.
      So....on to the new stuff.

      What's New:

      • Blitzgal's artwork By Blitzgal (Beyond Uber Alt)

      • Cooking On High By Creme Brulee posted Web Wizard's Xena page (Beyond Uber Alt)
        Completed Story

      • Languedoc By Angharad Governal posted Web Wizard's Xena page (Beyond Uber Alt)
        Completed Story*** This is an oldie, but a goodie!

      • Mississippi Blues part 7 By Blue Dragon posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story

      • Assassin parts 14&15 By Kodi Wolf posted Kodi's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story

      • Stand By Me: In a Broken Dream By Nyxie posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
        Completed Story***This is a sequel to 1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind. As this deals with the aftermath of the holocaust, I urge you to read the disclaimers carefully. Singer recommends.

      • Phoenix Rising part 7 By Janet Lynne posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
        continuing story

      Tuesday October 16, 2001

      Random Ramblings (by Celine):

      So. How's life? Good? I hope so. I'd hate to think it was anything but. 'Cause, you know... I worry about those things. And with 730 of you on the list and hundreds more who visit the site all the time... let me tell you, that is a *lot* of worrying. But I do it because it is my job, as the Rambling Queen, to watch over and care for my subjects.

      And I'm modest, too. ;)

      Last week, when it was my turn to post, I suffered from an acute case of rambilitis and though I tried and tried, just couldn't come up with anything. And it didn't help I was working on a $#(@#$@ web design project which was, as you may have guessed, a bit annoying. Said project *finally* went live today (though the original deadline was last week), but it's still not finished. I'm thinking it will *never* be finished. It's the project that never ends... it goes on and on my friend...

      The whole premiss was this -- take away the frames and make it look exactly like it was only without the frames (frames are evil, friends! I know... some folks like 'em, but trust me, the site needed to ditch them). And change the brand name on the site to a new one. So, I spent a lot of time working on a site only to have it look almost exactly the way it looked when I started. Good thing I'm getting paid for it.

      In Tango the Wonder Kitty news (look, Rocky, more news about Tango!), he came to live with us almost a year ago. Yes, friends, it's been a year filled with... well, a lot of broken things, many shredded toilet paper rolls, various newspapers and magazines torn asunder, torn carpeting under my bedroom door where Tango likes to play with the other cats (him on one side, the other cats on the other), and so on... but beyond all that is a kitty who, when the mood strikes him, is a purr machine and is so lovable, you can forgive him anything. Especially when he rolls over to have his belly rubbed. He looooooves having his belly rubbed.

      One of his most recent favorite pastimes is tormenting the Doberman. If Coco, our lovely overgrown mean lookin' but soft as a marshmallow Doberman, stands by the couch, Tango gets up on the couch and puts his front leg around Coco's back like he's hugging her. It's really rather cute, but I don't think Coco sees it that way. Funny that.

      What's New:

      Monday October 15, 2001

      Raven's Raving's (from Raven)

      For a second round of rambling I once again give you Blitzgal!

      I am thrilled to announce another wonderful guest rambler.. who you say.. well this wonderful person not only writes but has gifted us with some wonderful graphics... I give you
      Blitzgal !!!!!

      Her wonderful wallpapers can be viewed at

    • Blitzgal Wallpapers

    Her wonderful new series can also be found at

  • The Windsong Legacy

    Run don't walk to check out these wonderful and Highly recommended pics and stories!!

    Now on with the ramble..

    It's me again, Blitzgal. Still writing up a storm, trying to wet my feet again with the wallpaper stuff. For some reason it's been hard going with that. It's usually that way for me...one project or another totally takes up all of my free time and I lose interest in another. Soon I'll be obsessed with walling and my one rabid fan (you know who you are!) will be screaming for me to get on with Devon and Liria, already!

    Anyway, I want to talk about Autumn. This happens to be my favorite time of year, especially if the smells are right. That sounds strange, but let me explain. Spring and Autumn are my very favorite months. Everything seems to be so rich...not frozen, as in Winter, and not completely scorched as in Summer. Fall so far up here in Wisconsin has been beautiful. We just had one last bit of warm weather (up past 70 degrees) as Summer gave us one last hurrah before Winter swallows us whole. The leaves are turning, and when it's warm enough to keep the windows open, it's so great to sit under one with a book and just listen to the sound of leaves crackling as they fly off the trees. The only time I don't like Autumn is when it's particularly damp. When the weather's wet like that you can't help but catch the smell of everything slowly dying. Not pleasant. Anyway, I know some of you must be in climates that don't change as dramatically as they do up here in the Midwest. You really don't know what you're missing. Even if we do have to shovel our cars out of eight foot snow drifts every once and awhile.

    Cheers! Andrea Windsong Legacy http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/blitzgalpapers/windsonglegacy.html

    • Strippin 17-18 LB Anderson's posted The Athenaeum's Scroll Archives. (Beyond Uber Alt)

    • Passions of the Soul By Damnation posted Tigghttp://tiggsxenapage.com/XenaVerse/Lifetrekker/Nightmare7.htm">A Midnight Summer's Nightmare part 7 By Lifetrekker posted Tigg's Site(Beyond Uber Alt)


    • Quando me'n vo By Anik (Beyond Uber Alt)
      This is a Janeway/Seven of Nine Uber which comes highly recommended!
      Opéra de Paris. The old production of Puccini's "La Bohéme" is back on stage, causing incidents long forgotten to surface again: a disappeared student, two rivaling mezzo sopranos, a diva at the start to her global career and an unresolved terrible accident in an opera house full of mysteries. And suddenly, the life of prima donna Adrienne LaGrange becomes as operatic as her roles...

    • The Torture of Time By DevenK (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Dalton's story, the conclusion to Dark Seduction. At 29-years old, Raven Dalton has had more than her share of romances, flings, one-night stands, and unfulfilled desires. As she's getting older and trying desperately to overcome the love she still holds for Kenyon Laurent, she's now faced with memories of a broken marriage, a baby, and an empty house. Salvation appears to come in a five foot two package, a woman from her college days. Will this woman's love and devotion to Raven be enough? Explore parts of Raven's journal, as well as her day-to-day trials and tribulations, and experience with her the highs and lows that are her life.

    • Part 2 of Dark Elf By Jordan Falconer posted Wordscape Fiction(Beyond Uber Alt)
      When Sunstar falls into the hands of the Dark Elves, she enters into a nightmare world of cruelty and terror. The fair elf's suffering pricks the conscience of one drow who is already growing weary of the bloodlust of her fellow Dark Elves.

    • Crossed Bows Chapter 2 By Power Chakram posted Wordscape Fiction(Beyond Uber Alt)
      An epic British historical action adventure called Crossed Bows - A Tale of Two Robins. Set in a time when men were bold and women were bolder, it's got all the swashbuckle, romance, adventure and green tights a body could ask for.

    Saturday October 13, 2001

    Raven's Raving's (from Raven)

    Her wonderful wallpapers can be viewed at

  • Blitzgal Wallpapers

    Her wonderful new series can also be found at

  • The Windsong Legacy

    Run don't walk to check out these wonderful and Highly recommended pics and stories!!

    Now on with the ramble.. I give you Blitzgal!!!!

    Okay, so I jumped at the chance to write my own ramblings when Raven offered. Now I'm wondering what to say. :) Oh, I'm Blitzgal, wallpaper creator, writer, etc. All hobbies, in life I work at a computer company...very boring and monotonous work so of course I escape through fiction and Xena.

    My two cats are pretty jealous of the attention I give to the computer through these hobbies, since it means less time for them to bask in my undivided attention. Cats are a lot like kids in that respect, I think. My babies are Maxwell Smart, a fifteen pound farm cat that my vet swears has Maine Coon in him, and Sophie, an eight pound Siamese-Himalayan mix. The two are at opposite ends of the cat spectrum...Max being the rough and tumble type, and Sophie a little dainty priss. They get along, somehow. I talk about them all the time in RL, so I guess my ramblings can be no different!

    My long term project right now is called Windsong Legacy, and Raven has been awesome about posting update notices for me. I got the idea after working with Hadley on the Xena Virtual Season. I wanted to write a continuing story of my own, and thought of a way to do that without completely copying her! :) So I've created an uber fiction taking place in the Middle Ages. Xena becomes Devon, a woman with a mysterious background. Gabrielle becomes Liria, a young woman who stands accused of witchcraft. The two inevitably meet, and the story spins out from there. I just finished up episode six, which is the end of a major story arc. When I post the next vignette, I'll be putting the first six parts together into a single story which can be read separately from the rest without causing any hassles. I know people like to get their hands on finished stories and not be left hanging.

    Okay, now that I've talked way too much about myself, here is the link to Windsong Legacy: http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/blitzgalpapers/windsonglegacy.html

    As always, enjoy the fiction shared below. There is so much talent out there I'm continually amazed. Keep writing, everybody!

    Andrea (Blitzgal)

    On with the evenings fiction~!!!!

    • Windsong Legacy Episode Seven By Blitzgal posted Windsong Legacy(Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Recommends! Devon and Liria adjourn to the Continent for some relaxation, but only get headaches when they realize their vacation spot has been enchanted by a powerful curse.

    • Lorimal's Chalice by Jane Fletcher posted Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
      This represent the first half of Part One, 'The Exile'. There are four parts in all to the story - The Exile, The Sorcerer, The Traitor, and The Chalice. The quest for the stolen chalice is just a sham - an excuse to get rid of Tevi, and save her clan further embarrassment. She finds the outside world a dangerous and confusing place, especially once her arrival triggers a chain of events she has no control over. Monsters, sorcerers, murder and a long hidden secret all await her. If this isn't enough, Tevi will have to overcome her own inner demons and figure out exactly what she wants from life.
      Raven Highly Recommends!!

    • Linger Part 7 By Minerva posted Minerva's Domain(Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Recommends

    Friday October 12, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    The time has come! The moment you've all been waiting for. I have finally acquired a guest rambler. I think that you will enjoy what she has to say, as long as you don't believe a single word of what she says about me. None of it is true. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Now, if she says something good...well, that's all true. Anyway, without further adieu...
    Heeeere's the scoop (from "A")

    Oh boy. Singer is now deceased and buried in the backyard beneath 7 piles of doggy poop. I killed her. It was simple really. After hearing what she had volunteered me for, I had no choice. Of course, now I do have to care for seven dogs, so I guess I had better go dig her up and give her mouth to mouth...hmm..BRB!!

    Actually, I'm the more reserved person in this partnership. She talks a lot and I listen a lot. It works out quite well. I even pay attention every now and then, giving my nod and grunt of affirmation or a sound of surprise or dismay. It keeps her happy! Darn, perhaps I should ramble about something other than my secrets!

    I am awed by the talent of the bards. Almost every day, I find a new writer I enjoy. I tried my hand at writing several times and had a couple of them posted. However, they were so poorly written that I don't think even Singer could get through them. Now I have to laugh when I go back to read them - they had every cliche imaginable in them! Back to the topic of these talented people, don't forget to drop them a note letting them know your thoughts on their work. I know that when I am complimented, I will always work harder. And that's what we really want from the writers, more productivity!! (Just kidding authors, we really, really appreciate the work you do for free.)

    Let's see.....about Singer. I'll share a thing or two she may not tell you herself. She has the most gorgeous voice (hence, the name Singer). She sings in a Christian trio which is so good, they could probably have gone commercial. However, the ladies only do it for their own enjoyment and their friendship. Her voice just makes me melt!

    Singer has never met a stranger. She will talk to anyone about almost anything. Many is the time when we have been shopping and she has had long conversations with the salespeople while I have been standing off to one side, tapping my foot and counting the floor or ceiling tiles! Actually, that trait has gotten us many things - like upgrades in hotel rooms or on airplanes, and information that we would not normally have gotten were she not so friendly. I love people that are so outgoing and friendly. They certainly make this world a better place.

    You may be interested to know that we met over the Internet. We are both on a private list where I am such a deep lurker that the Marianna Trench is way above me. But I came out of my shell long enough to insult the intelligence of the state I live in. She, in return, sent a polite, but scathing, note back informing me of my own ignorance. After a number of emails and IM's, I agreed to meet her to go to her friend's house and watch a couple of Xena episodes. Of course, I would not let her pick me up as I had no idea if this was some crazy person who would do me in with an ax if given the chance. So I met her in a parking lot and followed her (in my own car - always handy to have if you need feel the need to escape). We spent the next 7 hours watching reruns, me on the floor in front of her friends' queen size waterbed (the only TV is in the bedroom), and the three of them on it. I don't believe I said 10 sentences the whole time. I can't imagine why she wanted to spend more time with me! And that was the beginning of a long, courtship/friendship.....which I'll share with you another time. Or perhaps you can persuade Singer to tell you about it. It really is an interesting story, at least to me!

    Pardon me if this rambling is not as amusing as Singer, Celine or Raven. I really don't speak out much as I leave that to those three wonderful women. But, if you ever want the TRUE scoop on Raven or Singer, I can possibly provide you with it (I don't personally know Celine yet). Just let me know!!! One last thing, I do know Raven, having become friends with her at a couple of the cons and then showing her how to spend her money in Las Vegas (I do try to be helpful in ways that I can). She is a terrific lady with a great vision for Beyond Uber and a good friend. (Waving to Raven - hi!) I know that these ladies appreciate all of the feedback you all give them, so keep it up! The readers are what makes the fanfic Xenaverse, so a big THANK YOU to everyone out there.

    Well, I'd better run and make sure Singer gets all of the dirt off her. Just being a good partner! Thanks for reading and don't ever let Singer talk me into this again! Keep safe and give someone you care about a big hug today and everyday.

    What's New:

    Thursday October 11, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    pant, pant, pant. "A" and I have been cleaning windows. All 2,471 of them. Well, it certainly feels like there are that many. We're finished with the outside windows, and are about 1/3 of the way through the inside ones. I think my mother would have a cow if she saw me hanging out of the second story windows, armed with windex and a squeegie. Whew! The dogs have been enjoying it, though. I can hear the little doggie giggles while "A" is making sure I don't plunge into the poopie laden back yard. At least my fall would be broken by the squishies. Hmmm...that does not appeal to me at all.
    Kam is doing very well. Most of the other dogs are pretty cool with her, but Kiwi and Sydney are still contemplating her value as a family member. Dakota loves to play with her. It looks like the World Dog Wrestling Federation when they get going. Last night, I missed a great video shot by just a few seconds. Dakota and Kam were doing their wrestling thing, and Dakota was flat on her back with Kam on top. All of a sudden, Dakota got her back paws underneath Kam, and Kam went flying head over paws. It was hilarious. She got some great hang-time. So that's the news on the puppie front.
    You may be wondering why I haven't had any guest rambles on my nights. Well let me explain why. First, I'm lazy, and haven't gotten anyone to do it. That's bad of me, and I apologize. Secondly, I thought about having some real good friends of mine ramble...you know, Raven and Celine? But they just looked at me and said, "Singer, we already ramble." I thought...so. :) Ok, so I need to get a guest ramble. What would you guys think if I had "A" be my guest ramble? Would you like to hear her side of things? If so, let me know. I just told "A" she might be my guest, and she said she was gonna kill me. Of course, she'll wait until all the windows are done. Then she'll have to handle all 7 dogs by herself. hehehehehehehee.

    What's New:

    • Tribute To Heroes By Unsure posted CorporateClicks (Beyond Uber Alt)
      This is a beautiful tribute to our heroes.

    • Something Different By Mavis Applewater posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Another PWP installment from The Wednesday Afternoon Series.

    • Let it Rain By Mavis Applewater posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Another PWP installment from The Wednesday Afternoon Series. This is the sequel to Dashing Thru the Snow (linked on page).

    • Seeing You Again for the First Time part 12 By Colleen posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Considerable Appeal part 9 By KM posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Phoenix Rising part 5 By Janet Lynne posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Windsong Legacy: Ep 6 Precipice part 2 Finale By Blitzgal posted Windsong Legacy Home (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story

    • Best Friends By DevenK posted DevenK's Home page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Singer recommends...this has a surprise ending, but I'm not telling :)

    Sunday October 7, 2001

    Raven's Ravings(from Raven- Just me :))

    I am thrilled to announce our guest rambler today.. she has written one of my favorite series and I Highly recommend that you visit her site to read all of this great tale!!

    Announcing the very talented ..S X Meagher

    Musings and meanderings:

    Beyond Uber - what a perfect site to talk about my series, I Found My Heart In San Francisco. For those of you who have read the books, I think you'll agree that the series doesn't quite fit into the traditional uber genre. For, even though my main characters bear a striking resemblance to Renée and Lucy, their stories bear little resemblance to Xena and Gabrielle's.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed many true Uber's - stories such as Suzanne Beck's trilogy of Redemption, Sharon Bowers Lucifer Rising, and Michal Salat and Joanne Muscolo's Speed of the Beat of My Heart. But when I decided to write, I wasn't interested in writing a modern piece about Xena as she was. So, I decided to write about Xena and Gabrielle as they might have been - had they had very different family backgrounds and far less traumatic lives.

    I try in my story to find what I feel are the basic essences of the characters: their inner strength, determination, fierce loyalty and intelligence. My uber - X, Ryan, has some of Xena's physical capabilities, but she's not a demi-God, so she's relatively earthbound, and she has repercussions from being injured. Uber - G, Jamie, has Gabrielle's capacity for forgiveness, and her slightly philosophical mind. She also loves to think about her place in the universe, as Gabrielle often does. One thing they share with X & G is an undying devotion to one another, that I believe will prevail beyond this mortal coil (smile).

    The 11th story of the series, Karma, was posted yesterday, and I fully intend to write 15 more installments. I try to post every two months, and luckily, I've been able to stick to my schedule. Each installment is between 250 and 350 pages, so there are over 3,000 pages already posted. It's a big undertaking, but if you haven't read the series I wouldn't recommend starting with the last book - there are over 2-dozen recurrent characters, and all of their stories interconnect to some degree. You might be confused even if you start at the beginning (smile), but I guarantee you will be if you try to pick up with Book 11.

    IFMHISF was my first attempt at writing fiction. I'm still a long way from being polished, but I've learned a massive amount about writing from a variety of people in the Xenaverse, and that has been a very welcome gift. I hope to continue to work to improve the quality of my writing as the series progresses. I'm very grateful to the many kind souls who write to share their thoughts with me, and to the people who have joined my Yahoogroups list. It's very helpful to get feedback - even when it's critical. I'll admit that I intensely dislike receiving criticism, but it's only through criticism that I improve, so I've learned to accept it with as little grumbling as possible (smile).

    For those of you who would like to read a condensed, although still jam-packed, version of the series, Jane Doe Press will soon publish IFMHISF. I anticipate that the book will be out around the first of the year. Check out www.janedoepress.com or my website www.sxmeagher.com for further info.

    My website also has links to where each of the installments of the series can be found, along with a few photos, a list of Gaelic pronunciations, and other San Francisco minutia.

    Thanks to Raven for giving me the opportunity to shamelessly promote myself (smile). Happy reading!

    S X Meagher Her email: sx_meagher@mindspring.com

    The entire Left My Heart in San Francisco series is available in ebook, palm and html and are listed at S X Meagher site http://www.sxmeagher.com/


    S.X Meagher has gifted us once again with the next installment of I Found My Heart In San Francisco... I give you Karma!!
    Raven Highest Recommendation!!!!

    • Fresh From The Road Kill Cafe 1-4 By by Carrie's AJ posted Carrie's AJ Coming Out to Play (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Highly Recommends.. and sorry about the site mistake .. opps ;)

    • Anam Cara By Moonchild posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)

    • The Edge by thenorm on thenorm's site(Beyond Uber Alt)

    • Change of Heart By FlyBigD posted Bards Corner(Beyond Uber Alt)
      ***Raven Highly Recommends

    • Community Property By FlyBigD posted Bards Corner(Beyond Uber Alt)
      ***Raven Highly Recommends

    Saturday October 6, 2001

    Raven's Ravings(from Raven- Just me :))

    Today your in for a treat folks! Our Guest Rambler is the one and only Midgit!

    I am a big fan of her work and hope those of you that have not indulged in reading her fiction will take a look .. those of us fans that know her work can reread the great tales she has spun for our reading pleasure! Her stories are listed here but be sure to read the other authors list at her site as well!

    See the work of all the bards on Midgit's Site:

    Midgit's Small Corner of the Xenaverse

    Now with out further ado.. I give you the one and only Midgit!....

    So, what do I ramble about?

    Ok, I'm on holiday - vacation to those of you on the other side of the big pond. Didn't go anywhere much, just down to visit Mother who lives on the North Devon Coast for a few days. But most of all it means I'm not driving the big green and blue bus.Yep, I'm a bus driver, squeezing a huge 99 seater double-decker bus around the streets of Bath in Somerset, England, which are more suited to the sedan chairs and horse and carts of 1700's England. The most famous person I've ever nearly knocked down is Dame Diana Rigg. The stupidest thing I've ever done is got my ankles locked together when waiting for lights to change. I wear boots that have those hooks that you thread the laces around, you know the ones. Well, I crossed my ankles while waiting in traffic and they got stuck, the laces of one boot getting tangled with the hooks from another. Fortunately, I managed to untangle myself before I had to go too far just on tick over. Oh, and I once lost one of the lenses of my sunglasses, but wore them all afternoon without realising. Don't ask.

    Fanfiction: I have to say that Xena fanfic has changed my life in many ways. I've finally done what I always wanted, and wrote something. And other people have read it. And I've also made friends with and met some of the most amazing people. I print it out and read on the bus you know. No, not while I'm driving, but I do get time between trips when I balance a huge wad of paper on the steering wheel and read to my heart's content. A short while ago, I was reading a story, and got to the sex scene. But it was time to leave (only a 10 minute trip) so I put the story down in a little area just below the driver's window. It was a glorious day, bright sunshine, warm, and I had the window open. Yep, you guessed it, the sex blew out the window. I always wonder if anyone found that, it fluttered onto a path used by joggers. I went past it a few times that evening, but it's a fast road and I couldn't really stop the bus and go searching for it.

    Right now I'm also having problems with my internet connection and my jaw. Not sure which is bothering me more, not being able to get onto the internet, or not being able to eat. The latter is probably good for me. I do hope Xenaverse fanfiction continues for some time to come. It just gets better and better, and I can count some of the very best writers among my friends. Oh, and Advocate, of course.

    Thanks for the Ramble Time :)
    Midgit -- Her email is :


    S.X Meagher has gifted us once again with the next installment of I Found My Heart In San Francisco... I give you Karma!!
    Raven Highest Recommendation!!!!

    • Up the River By Sam Ruskin posted Acadamy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Recommends

    Friday October 5, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Good day all. I hope this update finds you healthy, wealthy, and wise.
    It has come to my attention that the fans of a certain action show about a Warrior Princess and her partner are being shammed...bamboozled...stolen from. Please allow me to inform. For awhile now, I have been buying "official" Xena stamps from a site online that claimed to sell "official" stamps from all over the world. Imagine my surprise when I went to check out the newest stamps, only to find that they were using a friend's artwork for it. As it turns out, the stamps are all fakes. The worst part of this is that this company is making money off of someone else's hard work.
    Now, this is not a rant. I just wanted you to beware. These stamps have now found their way onto the online auctions. The artist has already had eBay remove the offending auctions, and I have just informed her that Amazon and Yahoo auctions have been infiltrated by these sellers. If you see any of these Xena stamps, note the country of origin. As far as I know, the countries being used have been listed by the U.S. Postal service as fraudulent stamp issues. These are not real. They are pretty, but not real.
    Thank you for listening...we now resume our regular update in progress...
    So, since not too much has been happening in the last 24 hours, we'll just move on to what we're really here for...THE UPDATES!!!! This may be short because Singer is feeling rather ill this evening.

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    Thursday October 4, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    I'm back! It's been a hectic few days with the new puppy. We finally decided on Kam for her name. She's just so beyond adorable,and she loves to cuddle. I think that's what got me in the first place. She did very well the first few nights sleeping in her own cage in the dog room, but right now, we're trying to get her accustomed to sleeping in a cage with just us nearby. Since she's too young to stay in the kennel, she'll be going on the camping trip this year. I've been camping in the Smokies every October for the last 10 years, and this year we'll have another attendee. Here's hoping she doesn't get us kicked out.
    In more puppy news, Kam gave us a bit of a scare. She'd been sneezing and we were sure that she had a little puppy cold. When I took her to see the vet, he was concerned about distemper. This can be fatal. Needless to say, I was in a state by the time I got her back home. Unfortunately, we would have to wait to get the test results back. I figured that it would be late in the week, but the vet called me yesterday. No distemper. Thank goodness. I feel better now.
    In really cool news...Renee has had her baby. It's official - According to Creation Entertainment, Renee & Steve have a son! Note from Renee and Steve:

    Miles William Muir made his entrance into the world on September 22, 2001 weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces. He's beautiful, healthy and who took the word "sleep" out of the dictionary (G)
    -- Renee O'Connor and Steve Muir
    Anyway, It's good to be back, and I hope you enjoy the fiction for tonight.

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    Tuesday October 2, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    Quick note from me, before part two of WarriorNutcase's ramblings... I just wanted to say I'm reading "The Light Fantastic" by L.A. Tucker, and am loving it. Of course, it has angst (which affects me in strange ways... I avoid it like the plague, but when I do read a good story with angst, I'm sucked right in and feel all the ups and downs like nobody's business), and if you were around me right now, you'd see me alternating between not being able to stop reading and tossing my Palm on the floor out of frustration (so far I haven't broken it). This is a good thing. And the story is a good thing. And one of the characters has a "girls kick ass" bumper sticker! How cool is that? Very, since I happen to have one, too... but, then, you knew that. I've kind of mentioned it a zillion times. Anyway, the story, which is finished, uber, and alt, is at:

    Now on with the show... more ramblings from WarriorNutcase (thanks for doin' it, Phil! Come back any time to do it again (hint, hint...)):

    WarriorNutcase, here again...Celine was nice enough to let me come back and finish the story. Where was I? Oh yeah...when last we left my intrepid 80 lb Pitpony...he was in a life and death battle with an 8oz squirrel. It was not an even match. You just knew the boy was doomed. I knocked on the glass, the boy broke off his staring contest and looked toward me. The squirrel took this as his cue to beat a hasty retreat to the nearest tree. Did I tell you that Pitpony has excellent peripheral vision? Pitpony saw him move, turned and charged the little guy. So there they are...neck and neck or rather teeth to tail as they headed for the tree...BTW, I can only imagine the truly inspiration feeling that hot Pitbull breath on a squirrel's butt would give it to run faster. Anyway, there's that pesky digression thingie again...when suddenly...the squirrel makes a spectacular 3 foot jump for the tree...Pitpony was apparently awed by that fantastical feat. But not awed enough, he figured he could do it too. Y'know, at the beginning of this story I said Pitpony was part Chow, part Pitbull and part Palomino...which part of those, do you suppose, is conducive for climbing trees? Right...Pitpony forgot that part.

    Pitpony mentally timed his leap, his back legs flexed and in a show of raw power...he pushed off the ground...and plowed head first, smack into the tree. The squirrel continued his scamper up the trunk, only pausing a moment to hang on for dear life as the vibrations, that only an 80lb mass hitting an immovable object could possibly cause, resonated through the tree.

    Stupendo, the flying Pitpony hit the tree with such force he knocked himself on his golden hairy butt 4 feet away from the tree. Â

    What happened next?
    Was he okay?
    What did the squirrel do?
    What did I do?

    He shook his head and then stared at the tree like "who put that there?" He hit his head, he has no brain, what do you think? The squirrel and I...well...we laughed...and laughed...and laughed. Then laughed some more when some acorns, knocked loose, rained down on Pitpony's head.

    The dog was now a red chow...he was embarrassed and utterly defeated. I felt bad in a way (but not bad enough to stop laughing) even as his bottom lip started to quiver and then...<.plop.> hit the ground. He dragged his butt, having to walk slowly to avoid stepping on his lip, into the house and pouted for two days. He refuses to this day to turn his back on the tree as he walks past or go outside while the mean ol' squirrel is out there. The squirrel has taken to sitting on the sliding glass doorframe and looking into the house. He sits and waits for Pitpony to walk by...sometimes he knocks...but that's another story for a later day. Now on with the updates.

    Phyllis aka WarriorNutcase

    What's New:

    Monday October 1, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    More guest ramblings! Yes, friends, Phyllis aka WarriorNutcase, the lovely lass who puts out those very nifty notices about the Merwolf Academy bard challenges, has rambled for all of us! Where else but Beyond Uber can you get the best and brightest in Uberdom and the Xenaverse to ramble upon request?

    This is quality stuff, friends! On with the guest ramblings... and be sure to thank the lovely Phyllis at PHIL728@aol.com and watch for the bard challenges at http://www.merwolf.com/academy.

    Hi guys...WarriorNutcase here...Oh, stop groaning...this isn't one of my cheesy promos for any Bard Challenges or raffles or auctions or anything like that.

    NEENER, NEENER...Celine invited me to be today's guest rambler...though why she thought I would be a good guest rambler I will never know. I mean, if you've seen any of my spots...I don't ramble...do I? Y'know...I was just talking to myself the other day about that very thing...I said, "PHIL"...I call myself that..."you really need to become a little more extroverted...learn to speak out more."

    Anyway...I was trying to come up with something interesting to ramble about...since Celine showed all this faith in my rambling ability...and, well, since Tango, her cat, is a common topic, I thought I would give the other species some time and tell you about my boy. Ah...my special boy...let's call him Pitpony (not his real name...just in case he reads this I don't want him to get embarrassed). Why Pitpony? He is part golden Chow, part Pitbull and part Palomino. Not possible? Au contraire. He may look like a dog but he eats like a horse...and he weighs about the same as a pony too. Besides what dog actually likes snacking on raw apples and carrots. But I digress...what makes this Pitpony special is the fact he seems to function perfectly well with *NO* brain. Â

    None, nada, zip.

    Case in point...a few weeks ago, I got home from work and decided to let Pitpony out in the backyard...just like we do every morning. Off to one side of my patio is an oak tree. Beautiful tree...easily 70 or more years old...I'm not sure...I didn't check its ID. All I know is that it has been in the exact same spot, since I bought the house, for the past 15 years (what it did before that is it's business...I don't want to pry). Anywho, Pitpony went into the backyard walking past the said tree like he does every morning. When he was safely past the tree, the squirrel dwelling in the tree decided to make his morning breakfast appearance...like he does every morning. Just so you know what kind of a little varmint this is...go read Advocate's stories...I think the little critter is their cousin.

    Anyway, while the little guy sat minding his own business eating the sunflower seeds I set out for him, like I do every morning...around the corner of the house comes Pitpony. Now, Pitpony has never chased a thing in his life. Never. Throw a ball or a frisbee and you will die of old age waiting for Pitpony to fetch it. His motto..."you had it, you threw it, you go get it."

    But I guess the stars were aligned a little funky that day...because Pitpony stopped dead in his tracks...and assumed the stalking position. The squirrel dropped the seed casing...they locked steely stares...neither giving an inch...it was a show down. Pitpony stood...solid muscles tense, not a ripple...not a hair twitching...unblinkingly at the squirrel. The squirrel stared back, his lip in a mean snarl (well, maybe he had some sunflower seed caught...it was hard to tell<.shrug.>)...his tail perfect still. There I stood behind the glass door as they squared off. I could have watched for days....errrr...hours...ummmm...minutes...well, until I got bored anyway. Boredom won, so deciding to help peacefully end the standoff...I knocked on the glass door...little did I know how it would influence the events.

    OH the humanity...

    Anyway...I knocked on the door...then suddenly...Celine? What? Oh, okay...Ummm, sorry...Celine needs me to stop here and leave room for the update...I...umm...maybe you can ask Celine if she will let me come back again and finish the story...

    Phyllis aka WarriorNutcase

    What's New:

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