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Friday November 30, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Whoo hoo.....I got an early Christmas present! I got an early Christmas present! :::doing the happy dance::: La la la la la la laaaaaaa
:::noticing the BeyondUber crowd:::
Oh! You want to know what it is? Are you sure? Maybe you just THINK you wanna know. I have to ask "A" if I can tell anyone. Be right back
:::really boring elevator christmas music:::
(to the tune of God rest ye merry gentleman)
The restroom door said gentlemen, so I just walked inside.
I wish that I could find the jerk who went and switched the signs.
But now I have a high-heeled shoe and purse up my behind.
And I can't sit with comfort or joy...comfort or joy.
No I can't down with comfort or joy.
I'm back. "A" says I can't tell you.
:::ducks and barely escapes the palm pilot whizzing for her head:::
In a whisper: shhhhh...if you promise not to tell "A", I'll tell you what she surprised me with. Ok? Promise? Let's see a show of hands.
Raven! Raise your hand! Now!! That's better.
So..."A" and I have been racing each other to the door lately. Seems we both have gifts coming for the other, and we're trying to make sure that neither one sees the boxes. Well, tonight, "A" screams out..."A delivery!!!" We both run from our offices, but "A" beats me to the door. She makes me wait until she sees that she has to sign for it, and then sends me to the other room.
Celine, you can put Raven's hand down now. Thanks.
All I hear is the nice UPS man, the door closing, then "A" grunting as she carries this box somewhere. The she tells me...It's one of your presents, and I'm going to let you open it tonight. What she really meant was that she didn't want to wrap it. :)
So she makes me close my eyes, and leads me to my present. I open my eyes, and there it is. In all it's glory. For me. All mine. All mi..(choke)
Raven and Celine: "Tell us ALREADY!"
Ok, fine! She got me a new monitor. A nice 19 inch flat monitor. The one I've been drooling over. I think I'm gonna break out in song.
Anyway, she got it because I've been spending so much time in Adobe PhotoShop making my Christmas presents. She didn't want me to go blind or cross-eyed.
Here we go.........

What's New:

  • Subtext Season 7 Ep 5: For Want of an Herb By Wonderful People posted Subtext Season 7 Home (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Some more awesome work for us to enjoy!

  • Dead Ringer By Anne Azel posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***Another treat from an awesome bard! From Anne: The Seasons Series and the stories in the Murder Mystery Series all interrelate. It is best to start at the beginning. Do what she says. If you haven't read these, run to find them. They are wonderful! I guess you can say the Singer recommends.

  • A Place Called Home part 6 By damnation posted Tigg's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story

  • Counter Transference part 1 By Phair posted Tigg's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***: OíGrady and Devyn do not seem to be finished yet. The characters have also appeared in The Consult and The Appointment. You may need to read those stories before this one to get the flow.

  • Gear Heads Doing Time By Larisa posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story

  • Whips and Chains By Larisa posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story

  • Street People By Larisa posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story

  • Emotional Paralysis By Larisa posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story

  • Lost By Larisa posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story

  • Wyrm By Windstar posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***Set in a land where dragons and elves aren't the stuff of just fairy tales and myth. Where love can happen in the un-likeliest of places.

Thursday November 29, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

It's raining again, and the weather man says that it will probably rain for the next several days. You know what that means? It means that the dogs will be inside. With us. All day. For several days. I'm frightened.
I think I'm finally over whatever bug it was that took a lease out on my body. It has been a rough few days. Thank goodness that's over.
So....who's finished with their Christmas shopping, yet?
No one?!? Well, me neither. At least I didn't have to hit any of the malls this season. I do almost all of my shopping via the internet. After working in retail for a few years, I had enough. I love pointing, clicking, charging, and picking my boxes up at the front door. It just doesn't get any better than that.
Anyway, since I'm still recovering from the ickies, I'll get on with why I called you in the first place...

What's New:

Friday November 23, 2001

Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

Happy ..Oh God Christmas is coming.. Day After Thanksgiving Food Recovery Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful day full of friends, food and good fiction :)
I myself enjoyed a long day with family and kids, Games, Movies and my sister driving me nuts taking pictures of everyone!

I was thrilled to discover that SX Meager made my Thanksgiving by releasing another book of her I left my heart in San Francisco series, Lifeline!! This is one of those series that I just can't get enough of and HIGHLY Recommend it!!

Yesterday it was perfect here in Colorado with weather in the 60s and just a lovely day. Now to top off a perfect Thanksgiving with everyone home we are having our second snow for the year .. YEA.. now is a great day to drink some coco snuggle up with some wonderful fiction and only stop for left overs!!
Life is GOOD!! .. Now go on and enjoy your fiction!!!

Friday November 23, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Did anyone get the name of that big bird that ran me over and over and over?
Whew, what a day. "A" and I did most of the cooking yesterday so we wouldn't have to rush around today. Actually, "A" did all the cooking yesterday. Seems we both have an aversion to killing the dinner guests, so I stayed out of the way and did the dishes. Sounded like a good idea to me. That means the meal was awesome, fabulous, and edible.
Since I'm so full I'm stupid, I figured I'd make this a short ramble and just get on with the good stuff. That way, I can go digest and make room for more pumpkin pie. Oooooooo...yeah!
Hope you all had a great day, and that no one ate too much. ;)

What's New:

  • A Festival Story By D posted Bards Challenge Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***This is a story that is not to be voted on in the Challenge.

  • Mississippi Blues parts 10&11 By Blue Dragon posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story

  • It's Only a Game Show part 4 By S. Eliot posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story

  • The Plaza Hotel By Mavis Applewater posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***Another installment in the Wednesday Afternoon series.

  • The Chalice parts 1-4 By Jane Fletcher posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***this is the next installment in the Lorimal's Chalice saga.

Thursday November 22, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Hello and a happy day to you all. For those of you who will read this on Thursday...Happy Thinksgiving! For those of you who will actually read this on Wednesday, Happy Pre-Thanksgiving!
What a wonderful holiday this is. A time to remember all that we are thankful for. I thought I'd take a moment and share a few of the things that I feel blessed with:
My "A"
My parents and other family
My family of canines
My Raven and Celine
My extended family of Xena and Uber fans
My life experiences
My country
There are so many things that we can take hold of this season...things that carry us through the darkest hours, and enrich the brightest days.
This Thanksgiving day, whether you are alone or surrounded by family and friends, take a quiet moment to gather those warm memories around you. Look at the snapshots of your life and smile at the road you have traveled. Then turn your face to the road ahead and commit yourself to making the best of all that life hands you...the good and the bad.
I can remember reading a book once, about the ways life molds and shapes us. I remember something cool...It's not the great successes of our lives that make us who we are. It's how we handle the little problems. It's how we face the challenges. It's how we deal with the crippling blows that makes the best in us stand up and say, "I...will...win..."

What's New:

Sunday November 18, 2001

Random Ramblings (from Celine) Hey, kids. Raven's regularly scheduled update is being brought to you by me, as Raven at present doing her best to cough up all her vital organs. In other words, she's still ill. I also made the mistake of telling her about kazaa.com, which is a place where you can download music, movies, etc. (used it for only legal purposes, of course. ;) ) So she's going to be spending the next 15 years doing that.

She did forward me a very spiffy ramblings done by the very spiffy bard, MJ, author of the great "Four Mondays" and "Snap Shot" stories, among others. You can find 'em at:

All of her stories are well worth the read. As is her ramblings...

Hi guys,

When I was asked to do this I wondered what on earth I could say that you all would at all find interesting. Then it was pointed out to me that I ramble well enough when I talk so it should be easy to find something to say interesting or not!

So let me start by introducing myself a little better. The first part of my name is 'Mia' to reveal anymore would result in a grilling by my mother! I am 25 and for those of you who may have gathered after reading my stories, I am English. When I don't have a so-called 'proper' job I work as a handy woman, decorating houses and doing general repairs. It actually isn't the ideal job for somebody like me who is considered one of the most accident-prone people around. Just last week alone I managed to slash my fingers, get a black eye and an electric shock all in one weekend. This could explain why I feel safer in front of a computer! Though I have dropped the computer keyboard on my foot 'twice'.

I first found these fiction sites quite by accident one day while scrolling through some TV listings. I read some of the brilliant stories you guys have written and decided I wanted to have a go. At the moment I am in the middle of writing a third part to Snap Shots, plus I am also co-writing two other stories one of which I can mention. Written with Cephalgia it is called 'Connecting Hearts' and we will start posting as soon as it is finished, hopefully around Christmas. It is a seasonal story that starts on both sides of the ocean and written from the points of two main characters who unite and meet under a most devastating circumstance. As for Snap Shots 3 'The Vacation' I hope to post that just as soon as it is finished. It will be a sun, sea, sand and other 's' words tale ;o) featuring mainly Tess, Nikki, and (the little clone from my own doggie) Leto.

Well I better let you guyís get on with reading. So I wish you all a wonderful day and thank everybody for reading my stories and all the wonderful amount of feedback I have received.

Okay I leave you with my final thought. 'Vincit qui si vincit' It is my motto in life and simply means 'He conquers who conquers himself' the only real barrier in life is yourself and your own fears. Once you conquer them you can accomplish anything! I like that!


What's New:

  • First Light - Part 16 By Emily Duncan posted at Doing Gender (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Time and Time Again - Part 2 By Dimples posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

    ... More updates in the next post.

Friday November 16, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Happy anniversary to me. Happy anniversary to "A". Happy anniversary to "A" and I. Happy anniversary uuuuuuussss.
Hee hee hee
Just thought I'd share.
Well, not a lot happened today. I ended up babysitting my niece again because my brother is still sick. "A" says I should talk about how I rudely woke her up at 6:00 am this morning. She says that she awoke to me poking her.
Poke, poke, poke.
Poke, poke, poke.
She wakes up and thinks that I have heard a noise in the house since I'm not saying anything. Little does she know (at least not immediately) that I am sound asleep. So she wanders the entire house, looking for intruders, only to find that all is secure. She comes back into the bedroom and wakes me up asking, what the deal was. All I say is, "Get back in bed...I'm cold."
Now, once "A" is up, she's up. So she gets a diet coke and toddles off to somewhere. Now, I have no idea what all the poking was about, nor do I remember any poking in my dreams. So why? I don't know. Maybe I was dreaming about ringing doorbells or something. Who knows with me?
Now just a note: Recently, some fan-generated artwork has been showing up for sale in different forms on the net. Fake stamps, images sold on eBay, and montages put on cd's and sold. Here's the poop...We are talking major copywrite infringement. The folks who own our heroines have been great at letting us do what we will in writing and images, but if things like this continue to happen, they will shut down sites. We don't want that to happen. If you see anything like that, let someone know. The bards and artists share these pieces of themselves for the love of a great show. Let's make sure that we keep the Xenaverse a cut above the rest. Thanks.
And we're off...

What's New:

  • The Consult By Phair posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***This story is the first a series of loosely connected tales.

  • The Phone Call By Phair posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
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  • The Appointment By Phair posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
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  • Soul Retriever By LaesŽ and crow posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***This is the sequel to Ghost Writer. There will be a third story.

  • Time and Time Again part 1 By Dimples posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story

  • Mississippi Blues parts 8&9 By Blue Dragon posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
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  • Strippin' parts 19-Conc By LB Anderson posted Athenaeum (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story

  • A New Day Dawns By Ri posted Atheneaum (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Completed Story***Ri would like to dedicate this story to those brave Emergency Service Personnel who gave up their lives to save others. She dedicates this story to you with love and gratitude.

  • Dreams part 14 By ROCshadow posted ROCshadow's Corner (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***Feedback for the author is needed.

  • Of Love and Honor part 7 By ROCshadow posted ROCshadow's Corner (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***Feedback for the author is needed.

  • Bloodlines chs 7-9 By Kodi Wolf posted Kodi Wolf's Fiction Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***As a refresher, Clark had followed Gabrielle to Australia where Gabrielle was visiting her friend Kevyn. She told him about Clark and they talked. There were vague references about Gabrielle being afraid that Clark would "blame her" if she learned the truth and we will now be learning what that truth is, along with a ton of other stuff.

Thursday November 15, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Hi. Guess what? Nothing catastrophic happened this week. No doggy disasters. No shower shenanigans. No travel traumas. Whew...now there's a change.

Unfortunately, that makes for pretty boring rambling. I guess I could make something up. Hmmm...
How's this...I went to the store to get some milk, and realized that the tall, dark-haired woman in the line ahead of me was Lucy Lawless. No? Ok.
What about...I was babysitting my niece when the door bell rang. I opened the door to find Renee O'Connor standing there. She'd had a flat tire, and wanted to borrow my phone. No, again? Hmph!
Try this...Nothing exciting happened all week. NOTHING!! You believe that?
What a sad day...I have nothing to talk about. Let me go ask "A" if she remembers anything. Be right back.
:::boring elevator music:::
:::boring elevator music skips:::
:::boring elevator music tape tears up:::
I'm back with no news. "A" doesn't remember anything happening, either.
Well, I can say this...Happy Birthday, Amber.
And this...Hey Cay T. "Hey, troops....a whole day went by without a mishap!"
Well, since there is really nothing for me to ramble on about, I'll just have to see if something happens tomorrow. Until then...

What's New:

  • X:WP Virtual Subtext Season 7 Ep#3 Choices By The Real Powers That Be posted Virtual Heaven (Beyond Uber Alt)
    While trying to deal with the aftermath of Japa and Egypt, Xena and Gabrielle find themselves defending a village from an angry god and religious zealots bent on making a sacrifice.

  • Unbroken: Installment 13 By Carrie Ryan & K. Darblyne posted Unbroken Home Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
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  • Acacia parts 4&5 By Scribe posted WordScapes (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***Acacia is a violently psychotic, man hating, stuck in the sixties go-go girl, who also happens to be a werecat/vampire. It follows the Akuji sisters' efforts to protect a young woman who, as a child, may have witnessed her parent's murder, and is now being stalked by the killer.

  • Littermates parts 1-6 By Scribe posted WordScapes (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story***Kitten, a special child, sees her beloved father die in a mysterious and terrifying manner. Her mother, an ambitious woman, remarries, and Kitten's life becomes a living hell. Her psyche shatters, and she becomes a multiple personality to survive. When it seems that she has escaped, her very nature brings about a horrific incident that both frees her imprisons her, physically and emotionally. How she once again finds freedom through the intervention of a creature of the night paves the way for a planned series of books.

  • White Nights parts 16&17 By Minerva posted Tigg's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    continuing story

Monday November 12, 2001

Random Ramblings (by Celine)

So, I was sitting here, minding my own business, wondering if NBC will *ever* stop showing those darned Jennifer Lopez concert commercials, when I realized it's my turn to post the update. I'm quite observant that way.

I'm sure you've all been waiting to find out if I'm now a murderer. I'm afraid the answer is no. I didn't kill the demon dentist from Hell, though I was sorely tempted. In fact, he was overly solicitous towards me, and had the very cool dental assistant take out my stitches, so I barely had to see the demon dentist at all. Now I'm stitch-free and lovin' it.

In cold news, I still have one. I hope to be able to breath again one day. Our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven has a cold, too... she was coughing her poor head off when I was chatting with her on the phone yesterday. In fact, she just emailed me... she went to the doc, who told her she has bronchitis, and put her on some meds. Send get well wishes to ravensnevermore@home.com. :)

In M&M news, I was at the grocery store the other day, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a new M&M candy dispenser. It has the red and green M&Ms dancing in front of a jukebox. It's adorable. And waaaaaaay too much money for something like that ($17). So I decided not to get it. I made it out all the way of the store and into the parking lot before I caved in and went back in and bought it. I now have a $17 piece of plastic just sitting there, ready to dispense M&Ms. I'm a bad, bad person. I need help. But that's hardly news.

I watched the X-Files last night, as did many of you, I'm sure. I was an X-Files virgin, but by golly, Lucy Lawless was worth watching. I won't give any spoilers, but she did a right good job. And she was looking great, I might add. Is anyone going to write an uber using this character? Please? Surely there's an uber-Gabrielle lurking around somewhere?? :)

What's New at Beyond Uber:

  • Echoes From the Mist By Advocate posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Sequel to the fantastic "Cobb Island." *****Celine Recommends*****

  • Destiny By Mavis Applewater posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A short Halloween Tale from the Wednesday Afternoon Series, a shop girl meets a beautiful stranger on Halloween Night. (note from Celine - I have to start reading my horoscope, or start working in a shop... either one.) *****Celine Recommends*****

  • Our Reunion - Chapter 51 by Jenah posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

Sunday November 11, 2001

Raven's Ravings (from Raven of course)

Well tonight we have a wonderful guest rambler .. she specializes in wonderfully mystic tales and has also been published.

I am speaking of K. Simpson Please stop by and visit her site and check out her great tales :) I highly recommend her stories!!!!

The Devil's Workshop (www.the-devils-workshop.com/index.html)


  • Several Devils
  • The Average of Deviance
  • The Very Devil
  • Now Playing on the Jukebox in Hell
  • That Voodoo That You Do
  • Several More Devils (in progress)
  • She Said, She Said (short story)
  • Several Devils, Justice House (www.justicehouse.com/store_sd.html)
  • The Average of Deviance, Jane Doe Press (www.janedoepress.com/average.html)
  • At First Blush, Jane Doe Press (anthology; www.janedoepress.com/atblush.html)
E-MAIL Email K Simpson

They Got 72 Virgins in Paradise, and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

by K. Simpson


For reasons passing understanding, Beyond Uber asked me to rant about something this week. What's on my mind right now is politics, but I'll give you a break and complain about the 72 virgins instead.

You may have to be a news junkie like me to have found this story at all. If you missed it, I'll paraphrase: AP claims that Islamic fanatics recruit suicide bombers by promising them (a) financial security for their families and (b) the exclusive use of 72 black-eyed virgins in the afterlife.

What struck me particularly was the odd number. It wasn't the first time I'd run across this sort of thing. A few years ago, Oral Roberts said he saw Jesus and also said Jesus is 900 feet tallóa remarkable statement, if you ask me. What I want to know is:

  • What do dead terrorists need virgins for, anyway?
  • What did Oral Roberts use for a yardstick?
  • How does a person get so deranged in the first place?
I have my own problems with Christian fundamentalists and won't dwell on the 900-foot Jesus here. But I'm still pondering the black-eyed virgins. I have lots more questions. Who certifies them on the Other Side? Do they have to give it up for just any suicide bomber? Is this where more black-eyed virgins come from?

And do gender and species necessarily matter?

One way to cope with Sept. 11, you see, is to daydream about the hijackers' reward. The way I like to picture it, they're all frolicking in a pasture in the sky with 72 billy goats apiece. Presumably, the goats are no longer virgins.

You may have your own ideas. But as James Taylor said, you can believe it if it helps you to sleep. (Just make sure you don't count sheep, in case I'm wrong about the goats.)

Now on with the fiction!!!

  • The Summer Between by Dee Posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    This is a story of an college student working for the summer as a waitress in a small resort coastal town. There she meets new friends and makes the acquaintance of a famous although reclusive artist. The events that transpire are those of personal growth and discovery. It is however primarily a romance between two people, and the fateful circumstances that pulled them together.

  • Darkfin: Duquesa Bay - Year Two Chapter 6 Contact By Lizzy TJ Posted on Darkfin(Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Justice Deferred Chapters 6 - 8 By Alex. P Posted on What's Ya Poison (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Storm Surge 1-20 by KatLyn Posted on Bards Corner(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Raven Recommends

Saturday November 10, 2001

Raven's Ravings (from Raven of course)

Well sorry about the delay in posting.. :) Now that my back is working my head decided that it needed to test my imune system and give me a big old head cold.
Well at least something is in my head ;) Enjoy and will post more tonight!

Now On with some great fiction....

  • A Call to Arms By Laststarlite Posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Our Reunion By Jenah Posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)

Friday November 9, 2001

Consider this (from Singer)

Hello, and welcome to disaster central. I want to thank Celine for filling in for me last night. "A" and I were busy working on the shower. The guys came and replaced my shower after I sort of broke it. Now allow me to explain. You see, my shower is a cool glassed in, funky shaped thing that I love. But, it is an older unit, and things tend to wear out. I was trying to shut the door to take a shower when the handle came off in my hand...sending me careening into the wall. Then, of course, everything had to fall and "A" came running in to see what all the noise was about. I think she thought I fell. Which I obviously did. I had hit my head and my back, and was fairly sore for a day or so.
Anyway, the unit we ordered finally came in, and Wes (the shower guy)came to remove the old one. After he was done, we had to clean everything to be ready for the new one. Including re-attaching about 8 tiles that had come loose over the years. It was my first tiling experience, and I can honestly say that I would rather not do that again. Yesterday, Wes and his buddy came and installed the new unit. It's too cool! Now, we still had to grout a few places, but that would have to wait until the horrendous smell of the silicon sealant eased up.
This morning, we were able to re-grout the base and it was pretty easy. So now all I have to do is wait until the stuff dries, touch up a few places, then I can use my new shower. Woo hoo!

In announcement news: The new X:WP Virtual Subtext Season Seven has begun. Well...it began last week, but I wanted to make sure that you all knew about it. If you were disappointed in the way TPTB treated our heroines, the way they ended the series, or that they ended it in the first place, you need to "tune in" to the new Virtual Subtext Season. You won't be disappointed. Raven and I have practically drooled over it. Now I ask you a favor. Let these talented folks know that you appreciate what they are doing. These episodes take a lot of time, effort, and heart to do. Make sure they know we think they're doing an awesome job.

  • X:WP Virtual Subtext Season 7

    Now...on with the update!!!

    What's New:

    Thursday November 8, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    I'm filling in for Singer, because she... well, she had an unfortunately shower accident. Don't worry, she's fine. But I can't say the same for her shower. So she and "A" spent the day fixing it. I'll sure she'll give you all the sordid details in tomorrow's post. She swears it was in innocent accident. I'm absolutely sure she's telling the truth.


    And now we ramble on...

    Remind me, next time, to write my ramblings *before* I take a pill to help me sleep. I made it about halfway through this here update the other night before I had to go to bed. I'm not very bright sometimes. ;) I was going to send this out yesterday, but Raven beat me to it. So it all worked out that I'm filling in for Singer.

    Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes... you guys, as always, rock big time. The mouth is better, the cold is still hanging on, and I haven't actually killed the demon dentist from Hell yet. But I go on Friday to get the stitches out, so I'm not making any promises.

    In other news, I've developed a potentially unhealthy obsession with M&M toys and candy dispensers. I bought a $20 shower radio the other day I didn't need because it's in the shape of the yellow peanut M&M, complete with a snorkel, face mask, and flippers. It's adorable. And I was at a convenience store a few days back, and they had these little Mini-M&M dispensers with little toys on the top... M&Ms playing sports, they were. So I came home with seven of 'em. If you were to ever see my bedroom, you'd think I was going for a chic M&M look, because there are various M&M dudes sitting all over the place. I had to force myself to not buy the M&M phone they had on display with the radio, but it was a close call.

    I'm not obsessed, just really, really focused.

    What's New:

    Wednesday November 7, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    Good Evening Everyone!
    Normally Tuesday is our day off for postings but I just heard about a new story that I am quite impressed with and happened to get ahold of the author tonight and she was willing to ramble sooo.. I decided to announce a bit of fiction including our guest ramblers as well as a few new stories that I highly recommend you all take a look at.

    The story is Storm Surge and she just posted parts 1-20!! This is listed on Lynka's site The Amazon Trails

    Alex Montgomery - A ten-year veteran of the FBI. She lost everything of meaning in her life, in the blink of an eye. She has now returned to where it all began, to heal, to rebuild, and to find the man responsible for the hell in which she now lives. Will Alex ever find the peace she once knew? Will she ever find a love like she once had?
    Conner Harris - An undercover cop with the Jacksonville Police Department. Her home is the streets, and her life is her job. She is a loner by choice who finds her fun in chasing drug dealers, and her relief in one-night stands. Life is just as Conner wants it until one fateful morning when she is it by a storm surge, and finds life never to be the same again.

    Raven Recommends!! Our guest rambler this evening is a new author in the fan fiction world and has just posted her first story (Storm Surge) I am happy to say that I am truly enjoying her storyso far and although not completed ..due to the size of this story you should begin reading now and help me encourage her to complete this asap ;).. so without further ado.. give a big Beyond Uber Welcome to KatLyn!!!..

    Hello All,

    Wow, was I ever surprised to open my email and find that Raven had invited me to ramble tonight. You know I havenít rambled since sometime last year when I met that cute girl at the bar. Tall, dark, sexy as all heck! She bought me a drink, we danced a little, then we went out to the car, climbed in the back seat andÖhuhÖwhat? Oh, not that kind of rambling?

    Okay, Iíll start over here. My cat, well actually Iím her human, set me straight on the rambling thing. Soooo, let me look back at this email. I can talk about life, my thoughts, or fiction. Okay, here I go. Iíll take them in order.


    Well, letís see. Iím single. I work, I come home, I talk to my cat, and I write about my fantasies. Actually, now that I think about it...I have no life. Alrighty then, now that Iím depressed, Iíll move on.


    Darn, these are hard questions. Am I being graded on this quiz? My thoughts are mainly a jumbled up menagerie of sex, evil, sex, lust, sex, food, and sex. You would think at the ripe old age of 42, the Geritol would have diluted my hormones. No, no, my friends, not while Iím still breathing.

    Ewwwwwwwww, my cat just brought me a present. A chewed up lizard, how sweet . Now thereís a thought. Why do cats like to chew up innocent little creatures and drop them at your feet? Does she really think Iím going to pick that thing up? And to Ahem, Okay where was I? Yes thoughts. I donít have any more thoughts. At least not any thought I could share, publicly. Email me and maybe Iíll share a few privately <Grin>


    Okay. This oneís easy. Thatís stuff that is made up, right? Just kidding. Really, the first fan fiction story I read was ĎThe Phases of Fireí by Sharon Bowers. After that I was hooked, and spent days, night weekends surfing the web for more fiction to feed my habit. I found Radclyffe, B.L. Miller, Advocate, Carole Georgio, and many, many more. The stories consumed me. The powerful emotions delicately weaved into the stories were terribly addictive, and it gave my warped little mind something to ponder.

    I had always wanted to write my thoughts down on paper, but never thought I had the patience or courage to do it. One Sunday afternoon I was walking my cat, and (Yes, she walks on a leashÖitís the only way I am allowed out of the house, except to work so I can buy her food.) the image of two women popped into my head. I began to wonder if I had it in me to write a story about these two independent souls. I sat down at the computer later that afternoon, and now almost ten weeks later, I am almost finished with what has turned out to be a novel length story. I guess it's true what all my friends say 'Once you get started Kat, you just wonít shut up, will ya?'

    I would have finished it sooner, but I had to have a little surgery. Since I have no family in the area, I hog tied a friend to go with me, and gave her a copy of the book to read while I was being savagely cut upon by scalpel welding surgeons. After the wonderful, mind altering, legal drugs wore off, she yelled at me for giving her an unfinished book. Of course, I didnít tell her I had written it, and asked her opinion of the story. Her reply was ďHmm, well I guess with a lot of work it could have some potential.Ē To say the least I was discouraged, and decided to give up on the whole idea. Every time I booted up my computer, there it was staring at me. I decided that since I couldnít work for three weeks I would give it one more try and posted it on one of the E-groups to see what happened. Low and behold I got a very nice email from a woman telling me how much she liked the story so far, and was looking forward to more. Well, the afterburners kicked in and Iíve been writing nightly since then. I guess the morale of this rambling is, Donít listen to you friends.

    I hope you enjoy Storm Surge. The characters, Alex and Conner were conceived in my dirty little mind, but have evolved into being strong, independent women. I cannot thank everyone enough for the support, encouragement, and suggestions that have been made during this adventure. It is you who have given me the courage to continue writing, and allowed me to explore this path along the journey Icall life. I Thank You.

    URL: www.KatLynFic.com
    Email: KatLy@KatLynFic.com
    EGroup: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KatLynFic?yguid=84130386

    Now on with more fiction.. tonight all are Recommended Readings.. so fill up your palm pilots ;)

    • Storm Surge 1-20 By KatLyn Posted on Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Highly Recommends

    • Cougar's Ransom by Larisa Posted on Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)
      After losing her partner/lover in a fire fight during a screwed up sting operation. Detective Jacolby drowns her sorrow with alcohol, she's transferred to a new unit. Where she is met with mixed emotions from the other officers. Her first assignment puts her on the streets of Washington, DC busting prostitutes and johns. But what really irks her is the fact that she now has a new partner and must pose as her pimp.
      Raven Highly Recommends

    • Heatwave By Midgit Posted on Midgit's Small Corner of the Xenaverse(Beyond Uber Alt)
      It's not often you get a blistering heatwave in England. So Dani Collins decided to make the most of it, and heads for the coast with her two friends. What she finds in those brief few days could change her life forever.
      Raven Highly Recommends

    Monday November 5, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    Hello, friends. I'm writing to you from my death bed. Okay, not really. I have a cold. And my &@$*@ impacted wisdom tooth was taken out on Friday by a demon doctor from Hell. But other than that, I'm peachy. Actually, this has provided me the perfect opportunity to read. And I'm reading uber, of course. I'm going through Missy Good's stuff again at the moment. What can I say... I love mush.

    (Warning! The next paragraph is not for the squeamish. If you are squeamish, please proceed directly to the paragraph after the one below. If you aren't squeamish, read on, you sick little puppy, you!)

    So, anyway, Dr. Demon (not his real name, but it should be) was a right nice man (ha!) who talked to me like I'm 2-years-old (I'm not, I swear), and seemed to think it rather odd I'd need to take breaks just because he was pushing on my jaw hard enough to make it come off its hinges, while he was making lovely cracking noises with his lovely dental instruments (he was breaking my tooth into pieces, because it was lodged underneath the one next to it, and had to be broken for it to come out). Then he told me it would all be made easier if I'd agree to use the nitrous oxide gas, but gosh darn it, the last time I had that I had a bad reaction to it, and I told him that before the whole shebang started. So after the third time he suggested it and I said no, he said I needed to "get a grip" so he could finish. I finally looked at him and said I should have waited for another dentist to do the procedure. He didn't mention the gas again. Funny, that.

    In less painful news, did I mention I now have a spiffy windshield for my Purple Plaything? It's very nifty. It was made by a company called "Just Bug Off" so it says "Bug Off!" at the bottom, in big bold letters. Gotta like that. And since I live in Oregon, where it rains more often than I use the words "nifty" and "spiffy," the windshield has come in right handy.

    In Tango the Wonder Kitty news, he's developed yet another talent. We have a hutch thingie with glass doors on it, and he sits up on top, reaches down over the edge, and opens the doors by pushing on them so the catch releases. He's even climbed in at least once, as evidenced by his little kitty foot prints. If I ever catch him doing that, I'll... well, I'll get out the video camera. A little digital video of that would be rather cool, don't ya think?

    What's New:

    Sunday November 4, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    Today we have the author that even Advocate promoted yesterday on her rantings.. yep she is a relatively new author to many of us but her stories have gotten raved reviews from many readers and her newest offerings I truly just finished.. wonderful and hilarious!!

      Raven Highly Recommends.. this is Funny, Romantic, Sexy, Drama and Sci Fi all rolled into one.. And This Author keeps you begging for more!!!

      This story is a one of the best I have read.. This exciting tale of Covert spies and the relationship is a MUST READ!
      Keep in mind this is the authors first offering.. and with Icehole I can only ask you to help beg for MORE!!!
      Raven Highly Recommends

    I give you Kiera Dellacroix..

    Hmmm, a dilemma. Should I shamelessly promote my stories or should I just ramble on like an idiot about whatever crosses my mind?

    Iím not very good at self-promotion, even my resume reads like an obituary. Perhaps Iím too modest, I mean I bought this thong last summer and, even though I have an ass that you would want to eat Anchovy-Ashtray flavoured ice cream off of, I couldnít bring myself to wear it out in public.

    Speaking of asses, as we all know, Halloween is passing us by and I shall miss it. Itís only once a year that I get the opportunity to paint a Jack ĎO Lantern on my ass and moon the kids that are stupid enough to think theyíre gonna get candy from my house. Iíve often thought of having children of my own, if only for the purpose of having someone to torment 24 hours a day.

    Fortunately, Christmas is approaching and regrettably, it isnít what it used to be. Maybe, I never matured but the magic went out of Christmas when my favourite toy was recalled just because of three stupid dead kids. For years, I played with that toy but after three irresponsible children managed to kill themselves with it, they completely ruined the fun for everyone else. That damn Consumer Product Safety Commission! Christmas just hasnít been the same since.

    Okay, enough of my deranged blathering. I hope the coming months see everyone healthy and safe. And please, remember to support our Military and our President. Itís gonna be a long road.


    Kiera kx Email Kiera)

    Now on with some more fiction!!!

    Saturday November 3, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    Good Day!

    Sorry about the late postings but my back has been acting up and have been staying off the pc.

    Enjoy a little Music Videos before you settle down to some great fiction:)

    • Terri Hill Music Videos I truly enjoy music videos and this new site has some great video offerings!
      Raven Recommends ENJOY!!

    ... Today I have gathered tons of great fiction and I am delighted to have two wonderful guest ramblers for this weekend.

    I am happy to announce our guest rambler for today .. she has had several books published and has teamed with other great writers for some wonderful tales! A EXCELLENT writer with a flair for humor and romance in all her tales I give you .....

    Advocate! Some of her wonderful tales are

    • Advocate Briefs On Midgit's Small Corner of the Xenaverse
      Listing All Advocates Stories and Books !!
      Published stories include:
      Story of Me
      Madam President

      And soon to be released Road to Glory!!

    Stories On The Net

    • Madam President By Advocate (Blayne Cooper) and T. Novan
      Raven Highly Recommends

    • Castaway By Advocate & XWPFanatic (
      Raven Highly Recommends Love Survivor you will Adore Castaways!!!

    • Cobb Island By Advocate
      A Ghostly and Romantic Read Raven Highly Recommends!!

    • Echos from the Mist By Advocate posted on The Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Highly Recommends

    Also announcing the sequel to her great story Cobb Island she has just completed Echoes From the Mist
    Raven Highly Recommends!!

    Now I give the one the only Advocate!! Now words from Advocate...

    I've been invited by the great folks at Beyond Uber to offer my thought in my very own rant. How did they know this is something I've actually done in real life and am highly qualified for?

    Anyway, I suppose I could rant about having a nasty cold and not being able to take my monsters (okay, they're children MOST of the time) out trick-or-treating for Halloween. Their dad got the honor, the lucky dog!

    Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. How can Christmas (when it's so cold in Minnesota your eyelashes can stick together and freeze with your eyes shut - true story) and Thanksgiving (with it buckets of gravy that contain giblets, WHICH ARE REALLY GUTS!) compete with spooks, parties, ghost stories, spirits and all things delightfully creepy? They can't. So there.

    But at least I wasn't bored. I spent my evening zoned out on cold medicine that I'm pretty sure contains more than trace amounts of marijuana and reading fan fiction from the Royal Academy Halloween page.

    What a talent pool! Have you guys read ICE HOLE yet? God, I laughed so hard I got sick. Sicker. I was having so much fun I took more cold medicine to keep the buzz going. And to breathe.

    My much anticipated sequel to 'Cobb Island' called 'Echoes From the Mist' is among the stories posted on the Halloween page. It might not have been much anticipated by everyone but after a months and months my husband finally read Cobb over the summer and he'd been bugging the hell out of me ever since. If he'd only have threatened to withhold sex I would have caved in immediately. Thank god, men aren't as devious as women. But I digress..

    Writing 'Echoes..' gave me a chance to revisit two sets of characters I enjoyed playing with a year and a half ago. And it answers the mysteries that still remained after 'Cobb Island'. I also did two things especially in response to what my readers told me. I got the most mail about the characters set in the story line in the 1690s. This story spends fully half it's length revisiting them. The love scenes are also a tad steamier, but still tasteful. Or so my beta readers promise .

    Okay, enough ranting. My kids are asleep. Time to raid their Halloween candy and then blame it on whichever one of the kids is bugging me most that day. Enjoy Echoes! And if y'all are nice, I'll come back someday and answer my most asked question... why is a straight chick writing alt. fiction? But for now you'll just have to let your imagination run wild. Heh.

    Advocate( Email Advocate)

    Now on with more great fiction.....

    • Ghost Writer by Crow and LaesŽ Posted on Amazon Trails(Beyond Uber Alt)

    • Into Each Life By Ri Posted on The Athenaeum's Scroll Archives. (Beyond Uber Alt)

    • Lost Heart By Patsbard's Posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Welcome back to the tales of the lightening fantastic!
    Scenes from yesterday's episode of Camping Catastrophes:
    Nightmare #1...a tent pole snapped in two.
    Nightmare #2...We're bored.
    I get up to peer out the window and see one of the most fantastic lightening displays that I have ever seen.
    Kam finishes and we start down the path following "A". Then I hear it. Then I see it...
    And now, the conclusion of Camping Catastrophes!

    Now, I have seen and survived a tornado, but being outside is a whole different ballgame. I looked up to see a wall of wind, full of leaves, branches, and trash. The sound was amazing, and I took off running for the restrooms, grabbing Kam and tucking her under my arms. I yelled for "A" to run...as I flew by her. Yeah, I run pretty fast when I have to. We joked later about how funny Kam looked as I ran by...her little head just bouncing around over my shoulder. Well, we made it to the restroom and I slammed the door shut as "A" slammed the stall door shut. Yes, she was really ill. Then the hail started. So, while "A" was being ill and Kam was cleaning the floor of all the bugs, I was envisioning our tent and everything else blowing away in the tornado. Then the power went out in the restroom. Not like there was any hot water or anything, but the single, little, lightbulb was extremely comforting...while it was on. Finally. it seemed to die down, and we ventured out to see what was happening. As we walked back to the sight, the rain was almost non-existent, and I was wondering what we'd find at our site. Lo and behold...it was all still there. I was amazed!
    So we get back inside, decide that it wasn't a tornado, and settle in to get some sleep. Then the deluge began. I think we just looked at each other and sighed. I zipped up the little windows and was sure that I saw an ark go by. It was a rough evening. With all the lightening and thunder, I stayed awake for a while just thinking that we should've stayed home. Morning arrived and we packed up to head for home.
    You would think that the story would end there. Well, the hits just keep on coming. It seems that I75, from Tennessee to Kentucky, is just one big wind tunnel. It was a real challenge to stay in one lane at a time. We both were almost run off the road by a**holes, and we're never so glad to see our exit. We were home. Alive. In one piece. Well, that's the end of my tale. On to bigger and better things.
    ANNOUNCEMENT #1: The link I posted last night for the Academy's Halloween page is a temporary mirror site. It will be removed early next week, so here's the permanent link:

  • Academy's Halloween Page
    ANNOUNCEMENT #2: The Bard's Challenge is back for the third, and final time this year. This challenge will have two writing categories, and one new category...Graphics. Any and all are invited to participate, so have fun. Here's the link for the official BC#3 site:
  • Bards's Challenge #3

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