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Wednesday February 28, 2001

Random Ramblings (by Celine): Oh, I had fun today. I spent some time zipping around the neighborhood on my new scooter thingie. I didn't go very far, as I need to get the license, insurance, etc., stuff worked out, but the bit of riding I did was fun.

And I didn't even crash. Or hit anything. Or fall on my tush. It was a good day.

In very happy uber news, the conclusion of "Conspiracy of Swords" by Shadowriter has been posted. If you haven't been reading that story, get to it now that it's finished. It's great, with all kinds of things going on at once. A big murder conspiracy, figuring out who the bad guys and good guys are, and of course, the developing relationship between the two main characters.

It's also been announced the story will be published by Jane Doe Press (the same folks who will be publishing "Madam President" by T Novan and Advocate, another fantastic story), under the name R.S. Corliss. Congrats, Shadowriter!

What's New:

Tuesday February 27, 2001

Raven's Ravings (by Me):

Well apparently I did not do a good enough job of tying up Celine.. she's out and rambling at will again ;)

From Celine: The "Just the ramblings, Ma'am." Beyond Uber Update - 02/26/01 http://www.xenafanfiction.com/beyond/beyond.htm

Random Ramblings:

Since I have been woefully remiss in my ramblings duties, I thought I'd throw out some ramblings to keep the masses happy. Yes, friends, that is how truly selfless I am, willing to go that extra mile.

I'm sure you're all in awe. Or not. Such is life.

My brother was married on Saturday, so that filled up that day. It was a lovely ceremony, filled with love, laughter, and the occasional falling unity candle. And the minister started to do the vows twice. And he did part of ceremony in the wrong order. But, no one died, the happy couple was... well, happy, and all of the family got along for the day.

My present for my brother and his new wife will be to make a digital video of the wedding and reception, set to the music they chose to be played at the wedding, "I Finally Found Someone" by Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand. I suppose now would be a good time to actually learn how to do that, eh? I bought a video capture card yesterday, so I suppose that's a start.

I actually bought a firewire card to go with my digital video camera. It was fun trying to find one, because several of the stores I went to not only didn't have them in stock, they had never heard of them in the first place. But I did eventually find one, and it's all installed and ready for me to use it and screw things up. Should be fun.

In other news, I found out I'll be taking care of my little nephew's guinea pig (code name: Shadow) while he and his family are off gallivanting along the west coast (they manage an amusement company) this spring and summer. I'm sure my puppies and kitties will find the little fellow quite fascinating. A little furry plaything. Yep. Good thing the little guy (the guinea pig, not my nephew) has a cage he lives in to escape the animals' "friendliness" once in a while. They won't hurt him, they'll just try to play with him until he croaks. Maybe I should start a betting pool to see how long Shadow lasts.

I'm kidding! My mother and I will take excellent care of him. He'll want for nothing... little carrots, romaine lettuce, caviar, imported cigars, a satellite dish... whatever he wants, he'll get.

Well, I'm finished rambling for the time being, as I'm not running on full steam at the moment (I heard you snicker! You're wondering if I *ever* run on full steam, aren't you? Aren't you?? Yeah, so am I). Have a very happy Monday (you're laughing again, I just know it!).

And, of course, many thanks to our lovely Beyond Uber editor, Raven, for her tireless dedication to getting out updates in my absence. I should send her some chocolate.

Yes!! Please.. Chocolate would be great and for you all well you just get more fiction :) Enjoy!!

  • That Voodoo That You Do, Part 2 by K. Simpson (ROCFanKat) posted on The Devil's Workshop (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Home for the Holidays part 4 By DS Bauden posted on her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Petal of the Rose Chapter 4 By LJ Maas Posted on her site (Beyond Uber Alt/Gen)
    ***Raven Recommends a Conqueror Continued From Journey's End

  • Almost There #30 By FlyBigD posted on Mary D's(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing series ****Raven Recommends

  • Selfless Love By Bo Merg posted on Bard Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A story of the pain of unrequited love.I must say I read this story this morning and I found it extremely touching. Excellent writing!

    Monday February 26, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (by Me):

    Well it has been a slow weekend but luckly we had some big reads on Saturday.. so I have gathered the latest and hope you all can take time out to enjoy these wonderful stories.

    Also PLEASE Feed the bards if not for these wonderful authors sharing their talents..for free I might add we would all have less joy in our lives! It only take a minute and trust me is more then appreciated :)

    For those interested I was delighted to find that my color Palm iiic does translate html quite nicely including adding background colors and coloring fonts. Sorry but this is a small thrill for me.... I know I know .. get a life.. ahhhhh one day :) maybe :) Enjoy!!!

  • Beneath The Brambles Part 17 & 18 By Lady Savay posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends Continuing Story

  • The Homecoming Part 13 By JTD Posted on JTD site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story

  • Deep Cover Part 8 By C Pardee posted on C Paradee's Alternative Fiction (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story ***Raven Recommends

  • Duality Part 9 and Conclusion By Emily Mills (Beyond Uber Alt/Gen)
    Continuing Story ***Raven Recommends

    Saturday February 24, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (by Me):
    Happy Weekend!! And what could make the weekend even better?? Well I will tell you some exceptional fiction being posted!! Yes! Several of my favorites are listed below so run do not walk to your nearest site. We even have a treat with Book 7 of Found My Heart in San Francisco. I will be your Uber Editor for the weekend as our loveable Celine is doing the Family thing this weekend. So do me a favor and hassle her with email to try and let her know that she is not really allowed a life. .. EG :)

  • Book 7 in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series - Getaway by SX Meagher Posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Jamie, Ryan, Catherine and Caitlin spend a few days at Disneyland. Mother and daughter discover their true feelings towards one another.
    ******Raven Highly Recommends*****

  • One of Those Things by Mavis Applewater on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    An unexpected business trip and a chance encounter turns Olivia's world upside down.
    *****Raven Recommends

  • Alix and Valerie Part 2 By Dreams post on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Realization by Idryth post on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    The continuing story arc of two women thrown together due to an act of violence. More mystery and danger await them as they try to come to grips with their changing relationship.

  • The Binding Tie by Maderlin Bidmead posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    What do you get the woman who has everything? A life of her own. She has the money, the cars and the beautiful family and she doesn't want any of it. Living her life to her husbands whim and her fathers suffocating life. Can the threats of an assassin set her free?

  • Considerable Appeal Part 3 By KM posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story ****Raven Recommends :)

  • The Road Back Home by Lynne Norris posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story

  • Conspiracy of Swords Part 39 and 40 by Shadowriter posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story ***Celine Recommends

    Thursday February 22, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (by Me):
    Well Finally an Update!! Sorry about that folks. Celine was under the weather so send her umbrellas and I had a suprise late night project or early morning project yesterday/today that ended about 4:00am this morning and I am just actually feeling human again. Now to catch you all up I have tons of fiction listed here.. so go forth and enjoy!!!

  • Reticulating Lives by Lexibard posted on Bard Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Bombshell #26 By FlyBigD Posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Lessons #27 By FlyBigD Posted on Mary D's(Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Choices and Chances #28 By FlyBigD Posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Cookies #29 By FlyBigD Posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Dreams by ROCshadow posted on Minerva's Place (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Culture Clash ConclusionBy B Malaurie posted on her page Conclusion (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Broken Homes By Lois Cloarec Hart Posted on Lois Lair (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Mordida Part 5 By Bel-Wah posted on Mary D's(Beyond Uber Alt)

  • The Bluest Eyes in Texas part 6 by Linda Crist is now posted to ForevaXena's(Uber/Alt)
    Continuing story ***Recommend Read***

  • Fool Againby Karenk on the Academy of Bards (Uber/Alt)
    The companion story to Everytime. This is as much Angeline's story as Everytime was Lane's. Angeline was made a fool, not just by Lane but by others after her. But she cannot forget what Lane is to her, so can she forgive instead?

  • Eyes of the Pastby Taleweaver on the Academy of Bards (Uber/Alt)
    Summary Pending

  • Conspiracy of Swords, parts 37 and 38by Shadowriter on the Academy of Bards (Uber/Alt)
    Continuing Story

  • A Petal of the Rose, part 3by LJ Maas on the Academy of Bards
    Continuing Conqueror Story

  • The Wrong Trail Knife Parts 14 - 16 by Jane Fletcher on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)
    Continuing Story

  • The Wrong Trial Knife, parts 17-19by Jane Fletcher on the Academy of Bards (Uber/Alt)
    Continuing Story

  • Reticulating Lives by Lexibard on Academy of Bards (ALT/UBER)
    A naive accounting clerk finds friendship, passion and love after a brief night out in New York's "fast lane".

  • Strangers When We Meet Part 4 BY Ri on Lynka's site(alt/uber)
    Continuing story

  • Breathe by archaeobard on Archaeobard's Den of Antiquity (alt/uber)
    A dark story about a woman who undergoes psychological terror at the hands of her lover.

  • Knowing Me, Knowing You Part 4 by Jaden now posted on Tiggs XenaVerse (Alt/uber)
    Final story of the new beginnings series

  • Just a Story by Callisto Wolf on Lynka's site (Alt/Uber)
    A flash fiction about a Noble finding a young blond, whom washed up on the shore. And the Noble's inner struggle of accepting this young slave into her life.

  • The Petal of the Rose-Part 3 by LJ Maas on her site [Alt]
    Gabrielle and Xena throw a welcome banquet for Solan, and Gabrielle discovers first-hand what kind of person Solan has grown up to be.

  • The Odd Couple Part 3 by Sarkel on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)
    Continuing story

  • The Road Back Home Part 2 by Lynne Norris on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)
    Continuing story
  • Triangle by Zoe on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)

  • Taught by Love Part 19 by Zoe on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)
    Continuing story

  • Conspiracy of Swords Parts 35 and 36 by Shadowriter on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)
    Continuing story

  • The Guardian Part 8 by Jules Kurre on Academy of Bards (alt/uber)
    Sequel to 'Bar Girls'. Continuing Story
  • Losing It! Part 18 by J. Obra on Mythe's Lair (alt/uber)
    Continuing story
  • An Unexpected Pleasure Trip Part 2 by Ri on Lynka's site (alt/uber)
    Continuing story

  • The Awakening Part 7 by Lena on Lynka's site (alt/uber)
    Continuing story

  • The Long Road Home Parts 1 and 2 by Kim Pritekel on Lynka's site (alt/uber)

  • Irrefutable Evidence Part 14 by CN Winters on Lynka's site (alt/uber)
    A wonderful conclusion to this beautiful story.
    ***Raven Recommends

  • Deep Cover-Part 7 by C Paradee on her site [Alt, Uber]
    As Shelby and Kris continue their search, we get another glimpse into Kris’ past.

  • Thru The Eyes Of Egan by Nyxie on ForevaXena's site (Alt/Uber)
    A short story about a best friend's viewpoint into relationships.

  • Judicial Love Part 5 by Warriorjudge on Lynka's site(ALT)
    Continuing Story

  • The Road Trip Part 3 by Phair on XenaEyes Collective(alt/uber)
    Conclusion of story

  • Let this MomentLinger Part 12 by Tanya Blakely on XenaEyesCollective(alt/uber)
    Continuing story.

  • Sedona Rain part 14 by Carole Giorgio on Carole Giorgio's Myth~Reality(ALT/UBER)
    Our gals return home, via a weekend with the moms, and get ready to go back to work.

    Saturday February 17, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (by Me): Here Ye! Here Ye! Special Update!!!!!!! Raven's Highest Recommendation!!!!***
    We have a treat folks and for those of you who sleep like I do... ok who don't sleep like I do.. you are in for an early treat .. so special I could not wait for Celine to get up and post!!! T Novan and Advocate have done it once again and treated us to a treasure.. Run do not walk to Academy of Bards for their latest offering:

  • Madame President By T Novan and Advocate posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    It's the year 2020, and the future is here at last. America has its first woman president, Devlyn Marlowe. President Marlowe, a compelling woman of heart, mind and spirit wants her term in office chronicled, and she wants it done by an author whose voice has always captured her, Lauren Strayer.
    A Raven MUST READ!!!

    Friday February 16, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): Let's see how well I type this time around... got my new (uber readin') glasses today, and I'm still adjusting. I haven't fallen on my face yet, but the day isn't over.

    *Thanks* to *everyone* who sent me Valentine's cards... Rhonda, Světla, Pat, Raven, Deb, Nik, Natalie, and those of you who didn't put your names or email addresses on the cards. They were all very adorable cards. :)

    Got my Castaway book today (thank you, Pat!!!!!)!!!! For those of you who don't have the published version of that fantastic spoof of "Survivor" by Fanatic and advocate, you really should get it. Really. I'm serious. It's great. It has an extra chapter you can't find online. And that's great. So to get it, because it's great. You can find it at http://www.amazon.com. Also, Castaway's web site is at http://www.stas.net/twincreation/castaway/index.html.

    When I finish it, I'm going to put it right next to my squirrel book, The Story of Me, by advocate. That one is great, too, so go buy it when you buy Castaway.

    Went for my all day testing today, and the news wasn't as bad as I'd feared. For those just joining us, I had about a zillion tests done today on my inner ears. They showed I'm not that much worse (yes, this is a good thing), but I do have to go back for vestibular therapy and... *sigh* I have to lose weight. Not that losing weight is a bad thing, of course. It's just something I've struggled with all my life, and now I *really* have to do it. At least now I have strong motivation.

    Had a little funny while waiting in the aptly named waiting room at the doc's office. I had my Palm out and was reading when this lady sitting next to me and pulled out her Handspring Visor and we compared handhelds. Mine was cheaper! :) We discovered we have some of the same games, and we each wrote down the names of ones we both want to go find. Then she showed me her cell phone because she'd just put a new face plate on it.

    It's an interesting age we live in. Technology -- it brings people together so they can share their toys.

    Short update tonight, as I'm more tired than... uh... more tired than... well, I'm really tired.

    What's New:

    Thursday February 15, 2001

    Raven's Ravings
    Well I hope you all had a nice holiday :) Now back to real life or the best part of real life ... More Uber!! No I have not locked up your favorite rambler.. no she is not ill ;) (well always mentally that is a given) we are just working on some site project and I will be helping out with the updates for a bit so you will learn to apprecite an expert rambler like Celine. Alas you have to make do with my boring exchange of random thoughts.. .. ..

    OK enough of that back to UBER!!

    Oh and I also would like to announce that yes my palm pilot and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day reading and completing book 3 of I Found My Heart In San Francisco...only 3 more books and I will be waiting as the rest of you are for more of this fun and delightfully written story. And I am now officially attached to my Palm Pilot with my handy belt clip.. I have reached my dream of geekdom :) Now I only need a 1 gig processing pc .. ah.. to Dream.. Back to your scheduled update.

    Wednesday February 14, 2001

    Raven's Ravings
    Happy Valentines Day to All ;) Well, its that time again for little heart shaped candies with cute little sayings that thank God we don't see all year round. But seriously.. time to stop and celebrate the love. I love my cats but they don't seem to appeciate the cards I give them... all I hear is more tuna. What's a girl to do well I tell you what you should do.. read some of these wonderful stories listed below. And everyone else well send some fun note to abuse Celine.. at celinec@wvi.com. Please feel free to send her gift chocolate (one of her favorites) to keep her busy today. :) Enjoy!
    • The New Season; Joie's story By Kp (Kim Pritekel) posted on Dreams site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Companion to "The New Season," this time told from Joie's point-of-view. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Knowing Me, Knowing You Parts 4 By Jaden posted on Academy of the Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story

    • Alix & Valerie By Dreams Part 2 posted by Mignight Island (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing.. Raven Recommends

    • Culture Clash Part 24 By B Malaurie posted on Malaurie's page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story Raven Recommends

    • Up in the Air part 14 Conclusion By K. Darblyne posted on Amazon Nation (Beyond Uber Alt)

    • Journeys: China by Anna Azel Posted On Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending.

    • Angel Gabriel Part 5 by Gabby Kat on Taiko's Scrolls (Alt)
      Continuing Story

    • Dragon's Blood by Jera on Jera's Stories (uber)
      Two women, one dragon, lords, ladies, kings, and Queens. It's long ago and far away but some things never change like love, betrayal, vengence, and friendship.

    • Road Trip Part 1 by Phair is now posted on XenaEyes Collective(alt)
      Summary already posted.

    • Stochastic Resonance Chapter 7 by Barbara Buncle posted on XenaEyes Collective(alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Promise Me Forever by Ali Vali on MaryD's (Alt)
      Sequel to "To Capture a Heart." Ramses prepares to move her family to the cooler Summer House and await the birth of her son. Trouble finds them along the way.

    • The Dark Huntress by Katia Davis on MaryD's (Alt)
      In a time long ago, when the Tuatha de Danann ruled Erin, a threat rose from across the sea. The Sons of Mil sought vengeance for the death of Ith, and invaded, ravaging the land and creating much slaughter. Many of the de Danann fled in the wake of this terror. Yet, one woman stayed; a human. She was called Dorche Giomanach, The Dark Huntress. Together with the fae woman, Isolde, the Huntress battles against the mounting foe in a desperate attempt to bring peace once more to the land of Erin.

    Tuesday February 13, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): I'm having this... problem. It's not something I'm proud of. No, in fact, I'm quite ashamed. But I'm going to share it with you, 313 of my closest and dearest friends. So... here it is. I'm just going to say it. I'm going to own the problem in order to overcome it. No beating around the bush, no delaying the inevitable, no procrastinating hoping it will just go away.

    My problem: *deep breath* I can't think of anything to ramble about. I'm drawing a complete blank. Again. I really hate it when this happens. I know what you're thinking... "Just get on with the darned updates and shut up already." Well, I will. But I just wanted to share my pain. I think maybe the rambling well is running a bit dry.

    But I'm consoling myself by reading stories by Kim "KP" Pritekel at:

  • http://www.daydream10.btinternet.co.uk/bards.htm

    Scroll down until you see her name (funny how that works). Some are uber, some are classic X/G stories, and all are very good. So, g'wan... read 'em. They're good for your health.

    What's New:

    Monday February 12, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): Sorry there wasn't an update yesterday. I had the story updates all gathered and was about to start my ramblings when I had a bad vertigo and dizziness spell and had to go die (take a nap ;) ) for a while. That nap turned into several hours of sleeping... which is a good thing, as it made me feel a lot better.

    So I'm back and raring to go. And it's a fairly long update. Apparently everybody and their pet rabbit thought today and yesterday would be great days to post new stories and story parts. Not that I'm complaining. Noooo... we *love* stories and story parts. "Bring 'em on!" is my motto.

    Inquiring minds want to know: What is a Palm Pilot?

    I can't remember who asked me this, but somebody did, I swear. Answer: It's a handy little handheld (or PDA - personal digital assistant) device which handily stores all kinds of handy data such as addresses, memos, appointments, etc., but the best handy feature is that it can hold fan fiction. Heck, to me, it's practically the only feature I care about. It's what I bought mine for. It's what Raven bought hers for. It's what a lot of people bought theirs for. If you want to see an actual handheld device, go to:

  • http://www.computers.com

    ... and click on 'handhelds.' And Palm, the folks who made the kind of handheld both Raven and I have, is at:

  • http://www.palm.com

    There are a variety of manufacturers of the little handy things... Palm is just an example.

    In conclusion, handhelds are very spiffy. And a big plus is you can buy one and pretend it's for work or school purposes. :)

    Non-Uber Story Listing Time:

    LJ Maas' is in the process of writing the sequel to her absolutely wonderful Conqueror story, "The Journey's End." The sequel is called "The Petal of the Rose" and parts 1 and 2 of the continuing story can be found at:

  • http://www.art-with-attitude.com/artist/conqueror.html

    This is a definite *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****. The original story (also highly recommended), along with all of LJ Maas' great stuff, is at:

  • http://www.art-with-attitude.com/artist/Alt_FanFic.html

    What's New:

    • Deep Cover - Chapter 6 By C Paradee posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • Earth 2001 - Chapter 4 By Psylocke posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Strength of the Heart - Part 2 By Carrie Carr posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • Cold - Part 14 By Migit posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Promise Me Forever By Ali Vali posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Sequel to "To Capture a Heart." The story starts four months after Sarah and her son Samuel have come to live at the palace with Ramses. They are getting ready to move to the summer palace to prepare for the birth of their second child when tragedy strikes. It is the second story of the woman pharaoh and her Hebrew slave queen. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Faces of Evil - Part 6 By ShoeX posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Reflections of Passion By Chariots of Fire posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending.

    • The Homecoming - Chapter 12 By jtd posted at jtd's Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Gossamer- Episode 61: Revelations Posted on the Gossamer site (Beyond Uber)
      Tiffany Stevens makes no improvement and Mark does not take the news well. Constance Hollingsworth and Dominique Carpenter make their way back to Gossamer Falls. Molly does a favor for a friend.

    • Up In the Air - Parts 12 and 13 By K. Darblyne posted at Amazon Nation (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Remembering By LilTrain posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      The third part in her three part Uber-tale.

    • Chocolate Cream - Part 3 Conclusion By Jesse posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Conclusion to a very... sweet PWP story. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • And They All Come Falling Down - Parts 5 and 6 By Evah posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • After the Darkness - Chapters 1 through 5 By JD Jenkins (aka GabTBard) posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending.

    • The Wrong Trail Knife - Chapters 11 through 13 By Jane Fletcher posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    Saturday February 10, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): So I was looking at the TV lineup for this evening, and noticed a show called "When Chefs Attack! Hidden Video of America's Dirtiest/Scariest Restaurants." This is what I call quality programming. I haven't actually viewed the show, but I have visions of chefs wielding large knives and spatulas, attacking any invading TV cameras there to record how scary and dirty their restaurants really are.

    You know, I would watch it but "Dexter's Laboratory" (a fascinating cartoon chronicling the life of a young boy who is a genius with a really big lab and a most interesting accent, his idiotic sister and his completely clueless parents) is on, and I can't miss that. Besides, I have a feeling Dexter would have one thing to say about the chefs show -- "it is stuuuupid."

    Since people have asked, our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven has a Palm Pilot IIIc. She had a IIIxe for about a day, but decided she really needed the color version as it's easier on her eyes... though not her pocketbook (It's about $150 more than the IIIxe). Yep, Raven... she called me today and said, "Hey, do you want to know how many continuous hours you can use my Palm before you have to recharge the battery? Six." She said she did it in the name of research. Uh huh. She then went on to tell me just how happy she is with how much fan fiction her Palm can hold. She's not obsessed.

    Of course, you know what they say... if you play with your Palm too much, you'll go blind. ;)

    Note to Sandy -- say hi to little Sammi the wild child kitty on my behalf, as well as on behalf of my many animals. :)

    Thank You Volunteers:

    Thanks to all who have volunteered to help out with writing summaries, converting stories to the Palm Pilot format, etc. You guys are very cool. Raven has contacted everyone who's volunteered, because she's the organizational person. She has many skills. I want to be her when I grow up (insert your own short joke here... I know Raven will :) ).

    Calling All Uber/Original Fiction Bards:

    Hey! Are you a bard who has written uber and/or original fiction who wants their stories posted in our upcoming archive of fiction converted for the Palm Pilot?

    Of course you are. :)

    Have you ever had the burning desire to know your writings are being carried around to work, school, bus/train stations, bathrooms, cars, the beach, etc. on a cute little hand held electronic device?

    Sure you have. :)

    If so, please email Raven at ravensnevermore@home.com. And thanks to the bards who have already responded. We really appreciate it.

    What's New:

    • Linger - Part 5 By Minerva posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Stolen Moments - Part 5 By Stoley posted at Stoley's World of Words (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Baby Doll By Merry Angel posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Two women meet at a bar. One is about to marry for business, the other is just discovering who she is and what ensues is a love neither want to deny. Complete.

    • Duality - Parts 1 through 8 By Emily Mills posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      The sequel to "Rising Into Consciousness"; As Auset goes off on a job that she's pretty sure means trouble, she reflects on a time in her past that was less-than pleasant and helped send her on her current path. Reese, left in Auset's apartment alone, gets a call from her brother about some very distressing news and has to go back home to deal with it. Trouble lies ahead for both of them, but in the end, the goal is for them to come out on top of it all together. Easier said than done.... Continuing story.

    • October - Episode 31 By Day posted at Daytime Stories and Bedtime Tales (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    Friday February 9, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): Ask and ye shall receive. A couple of days ago I posted to the site, telling people they really should subscribe to the list version of Beyond Uber, as it is very spiffy. I expected... oh, maybe a few more subscriptions, as has happened in the past after such requests. Yeah. Silly me.

    In the last 48 hours, 26 incredibly intelligent and eternally sexy people have joined the list. Yes, friends, as of right now, there are 300 people subscribed. *sniff* I'm so proud.

    I want to welcome all the new members, and let each and everyone one of you know you are now minions in my plan to take over the world via ramblings-induced comas. It's a complex process, but basically it all boils down to everyone in the world being off in la-la land because of my ramblings and I'll take over first the United States government, and then the world. Since you're members of this list, you'll get preferential treatment under this new world order. Uber bards will be awarded Pulitzer Prizes on a regular basis, and uber will be required reading in schools. The show "Xena" will be lauded as great television (because it is), and Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor will be more popular and well loved than Madonna, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, 'NSync, the Backstreet Boys, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, and Tom Hanks... combined. It will be a glorious world, and all of you will be part of the revolution.

    That is, if I can convince Tango the Wonder Kitten to stop clawing my foot long enough to concentrate on the darned thing.

    In our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven news... well, I'm so proud of her, too. As she noted last night, she has stopped killing trees from all the uber she was printing out to read. This is a good thing. I understand she had so much printed out, it was taking over her home completely. But now... she and her Palm Pilot are very happy together. Soon, she and little Palmy will be joined at the hip (she's order a belt clip case). It's a match made in uber heaven.

    But I'm jealous because her Palm Pilot is cooler than mine.

    What's New:

    Thursday February 8, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (by the new owner of a palm pilot iiic ;)

    Happy Friday!!
    You all (yes, I am from Colorado) may wish to email Celine for credit in saving yet another forest as I now have a palm pilot and the printing will now cease. I am sure this will have a major effect on the planets future. But as you all know for every positive effect there is a negative.. for those in the ink producing business I am sorry to cause all the upcoming layoffs.. but at least you have a little notice. :)

    One the Uber front.. well I have been thinking.. yes I do realize how dangerous it is but I have already contributed to saving the planet. Soooo I think it is time for a little bit of change and expansion of our Beyond Uber site. What I have in mind will allow for more information as well as a slight change to indexing. As maintaining a site like this is quite a task even with the Great Celine, I am looking for:

    • Summary Writers
    • Fiction Fanatic Finders
    • And if there is anyone out there interested in helping to convert stories to palm pilot.
    Please contact me at Ravensnevermore@home.com if you are interested also please note in the email approximately how much time you feel comfortable dedicating to the site. This is actually a lot of fun and you get to meet work with a lot of great folk. Plenty of work so every little bit helps! Thanks in advance!!

    Now On With The Fiction:

  • Bard's Tales; The Anti-Pulitzer Page **New Fiction Site***
    Enjoy Emily's Stories.

  • Duality By Emily Mills Posted on her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    As Auset goes off on a job that she's pretty sure means trouble, she reflects on a time in her past that was less-than pleasant and helped send her on her current path. Reese, left in Auset's apartment alone, gets a call from her brother about some very distressing news and has to go back home to deal with it. Damage lies ahead for both of them, but in the end, the goal is for them to come out on top of it all together. Easier said than done.... *****Raven Recommends*****

  • Rising Into Consciousness By Emily Mills posted on her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Fate, destiny, whatever. A chance meeting between two very different people leads them down a very unexpected path. All sorts of mayhem ensues as one character's shady past catches up with her, and the two have to get through it all together--all the while forming a very strong friendship -- which results in some serious damage. *****Raven Recommends*****

  • Back Across the Desert BY Emily Mills posted on her site(Beyond Uber Alt)
    A woman picks up a hitchhiker, a young girl, for a jaunt across a stretch of desert between two cities. Something is amiss with the young stranger though, she notices, due to frequent and often unpleasant daydreams and an odd habit of collecting road trash. There's a troubled past behind the young girls' eyes, one that will lead her back across the desert.

  • The Road Back Home Part 1 by Lynne Norris posted on Midgits Small Corner of the Xenaverse (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Sequel to "Second Chances." Continuing story. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

  • Mordida Part 4 by Bel-wah posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing Story.

  • Bluest Eyes in Texas Part 5 by Linda Crist posted Mary D'sBeyond Uber Alt)
    Raven Highly Recommends

  • Extended Family BY Ri Posted on Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
    The long awaited sequel to her novella Family Affair *****Raven Recommends*****

  • The Life In Her Eyes, parts 8 and 9 by Debox on the Academy of Bards (Uber/Alt)
    Continuing Story.

  • Gear Heads parts 3-4 by Larisa Posted on Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing Story.

  • Losing It Part 14-15 by J. Obra posted on Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing Story.

  • Losing It Part 16-17 By Mythe psoted on Mythe's Lair (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing Story.

    Wednesday February 7, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): Time for my semi-periodic Beyond Uber list membership drive: there are now 274 members on the update list, but you can help raise that number by subscribing today! Here's what you'll receive: this update, in email format, complete with ramblings/ravings, direct links to the stories, and story descriptions. Yes, friends, you too can have this update delivered once a day to your very own mailbox, completely free! And that's not all. You also get the mailing list only silly little subheading! It's different everyday! It serves absolutely no purpose, of course, but that's not the point. I'm not sure I have a point.

    To subscribe to the annoucement only list (meaning Raven and I are the only ones who post), scroll up to the yellow box at the top of the page, or send an email to BeyondUber-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

    Our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven now has her very own Palm Pilot. This might very well be a sign of the apocalypse. ;) I would say it isn't my fault, but I think I have to take at least part of the blame. Or maybe a lot. I do talk about how wonderful I think my own Palm quite frequently, after all.

    When last I chatted with our fearless editor she was happily reading the six book long (plus one vignette) SX Meagher "I Found My Heart In San Francisco" series on her Palm (you can find them already in the Palm format at http://tabrielle.www7.50megs.com/xenadocs/meagher.htm). She may never been seen or heard from again. At least, not until she needs to download more stories.

    In my zillions of dogs and cats news, I left the house for about an hour to help the neighbor with some computer questions she had. While I returned, my mother reported the following: one dog had shut herself in my room, one cat had shut himself in the bathroom, one cat had knocked himself and the box he was in off the dining room table onto the floor, Tango the wonder kitten was again using her waterbed as a giant whoopee cushion, one of the dogs decided she should bark the whole time I was gone, they all wanted fed, several of them wanted outside and back in again repeatedly... and some other exciting animal related events also occurred, but I didn't catch them all, as my mother was too busy running and screaming off into the night. I'll miss her.

    Raven has an idea:

    Now that Raven has a Palm, she's very interested in creating a library of Palm-formatted uber stories. If you're a bard and wouldn't mind your uber/original fiction story or stories listed in said library, available via the Beyond Uber site, please email her at ravensnevermore@home.com.

    New Site URL Time:

    Migit's Small Corner of the Xenaverse has moved to a new URL:

  • http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/xg

    Be sure to update all your bookmarks, favorites, alien microchips embedded into your brain... you know, the usual.

    What's New:

    Monday February 5, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): I am so distressed. I was just mucking around the net, and happened to discover... oh, the horror.... somebody has already registered the domain for http://www.randomramblings.com . It's a site, even. Not that I was looking to register the domain, but... you know. It's just one of those things. It was apparently registered a couple of weeks before I started my own ramblings, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Too much.

    My goodness... I am *so* experiencing a rambling drought. Ramblitis, as my friend Pat calls it. I guess I'm still in shock over someone else having that domain. I need chocolate to make myself feel better, but I don't have any. Dang it.

    What's New:

    Sunday February 4, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): I didn't do much today, so I don't have much to ramble about... I am *so* sorry. It wasn't my fault. Okay, so maybe it was my fault, as I chose to not do much. Ummmmmmmm..... here's one thing:

    Our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven is presently house sitting a house with 60 lbs. (in kilograms, this translates to roughly... some other number) dogs she describes as "big." I suppose, for those who have cats and no dogs, as Raven does, 60 lbs. might seem big. But, considering I live in a house with a chow chow and a doberman, I consider 60 lbs. to be puny. The chow and doberman both weigh at least 90 lbs. each. My brother has a dog named Apollo (I don't remember what kind of dog he is, but I'm fairly certain he's part horse) who weighs at least 120 lbs., and is still growing.

    So, to me, 60 lbs. isn't all that big. It's... quaint.

    Huh. That's it. I can't think of anything else to ramble about. I'm so ashamed. I can't even think of anything to make up. I am such a failure.

    What's New:

    • To Capture a Heart By Ali Vali posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary previously posted. Complete. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Cold - Parts 1 through 4 By Migit posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • The Angel Gabriel - Part 5 By Gabby Kat posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Wrong Trail Knife - Chapters 8 through 10 By Jane Fletcher posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Crossing the River Lethe - Part 1 By LilTrain posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Part one of three ("You have a choice, cross the river and forget everything....").

    • Tina By Michelle Galea posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      It's the year 2020 a young student meets her new teacher, who at first is a cold bitch. But after a short time they become friends and maybe more.

    • Download - Chapter 18 By Jules Matthews posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Chocolate Cream 2 By Jesse posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Sequel to the inspiring short story "Chocolate Cream." Learn how Vicki gets her sweet revenge on Nate. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Maggie and Darby - Part 2 By DJ Wood posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Caretaker's Daughter - Part 6 Conclusion By GabGold posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Conclusion to a great, wonderful, creative story. If you haven't read it, do it now. You won't regret it. *****Raven and Celine Recommend******

    • Cops - Chapter 17 Conclusion By LB Anderson posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)

    Saturday February 3, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine): In other news, I went to the eye doc and will get my new glasses... in about a week. Ah, well... I don't really need to see for the next week. Actually, I have sort of temporary fixed my broken glasses by using the bows off of another pair of frames. They aren't pretty, they don't quite fit right, but at least I can see. I could go around wearing my sunglasses, but I don't want to kill myself by running into things I can't see. The tint on those things are rather dark, after all.

    Very Cool Books Being Published News:

    The following bards are gettin' published:

  • Carrie Carr -- Hope's Path
  • Ciarán Llachlan Leavitt -- Glass Houses

    And Mary A. Draganis' (MaryD) "Out of Darkness" is now available. All three are great stories, so order them, already!


    And check out MaryD's site (http://ausxip.com/new.html) for specific ordering info on her book.

    What's New:

    • Soul Crossing - Conclusion By Web Bard posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Conclusion. *****Celine Recommends*****

    Friday February 2, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (By um..me): Sorry about the delay in posting.. anyone want a computer cheap? Tons of fun for the weekend .. enjoy. I am going to hold myself up for the weekend and read books 2-6 of one of my new favorite author's
    S X Meagher and her I Found My Heart In San Francisco!
    • Mordida Part 3 by Bel-wah Posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Deep Cover Part 5 By C Pardee posted on her site(Beyond Uber Alt) *****Raven and Celine Highly Recommend*****

    • Drag King: The Burning Dream Part 31 By Smitty Posted on New Library of Alexandria (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing Story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Culture Clash Part 23 By B Malaurie Posted on Malaurie's Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing Story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Reece's Faith By Vertigo posted on Veritgo's World (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing Story

    • Losing It Part 17 By Mythe psoted on Mythe's Lair (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing Story.

    • Conspiracy of Swords Parts 27-30 By Shadowriter posted on Amazon Trails (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing Story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • The Lion and The Lamb By Jordaine (Beyond Uber Alt) *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Absolution Part 3 By S Anne Gardner Posted on Gemini Site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing Story.

    • The Long Road Home By Kimberly Pritekel (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Sean, a successful bookstore owner, has always run from her past, and now must make a painful journey back for her father's funeral. Jenny, an abused housewife for the last ten years, is trying to run from her present. Maybe, just maybe together they can find their future. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • A Light At The End Of The Tunnel By JM Dragon (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Enjoy! This tale was recommended to me but I have not had a chance to read..

    Tuesday February 1, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): Hey, gang. There wasn't an update last night, as our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven's email was down. Sorry about that. She tried. It wasn't her fault. It was her email server from heck's fault.

    In my health news, I want to thank everyone who sent get well wishes... I *really* appreciate it. Nothing in particular happened at the doctor yesterday, and so I'm supposed to go back for more tests before the doctor can tell anything. Of course, the doctor also wants a whole bunch of money before I can have said tests, and I've been having problems with the office staff over some stuff, so... eh, we'll see how it goes.

    Wanna see something pretty? My mother is a florist by trade (an *excellent* florist, and I'm not just saying that because she's my mother), and she just finished a bouquet for my brother's upcoming wedding:


    There are four photos there. The bouquet is very nifty. I just thought I'd share.

    What's New:

    The Beyond Uber What's New from January has been archived