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What's New - January, 2001

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Tuesday January 30, 2001

Random Ramblings (By Celine): I want to thank our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven for doing the update last night. She'll be helping out again tomorrow night, as I'll be having a fun filled day at the doctor and will be wiped after I return. We'll probably be alternating update days, at least until I get my health junk figured out.

I'm not going to the dentist this time... nope, this time I traverse up, up, and away to Portland to visit a (say it with me now) neuro-otologist. Yes, friends, this guy is two, two, two specialists in one! If anyone is curious as to why I'm going to a doctor with more knowledge and degrees than the entire western half of the United States, you can read all about it at a place where they have that sort of information...

The Vestibular Disorders Association:

I have what's affectionately known as an inner ear disorder. Okay, I have three different types of inner ear disorders. They have adorable names:

  • Endolymphatic Hydrops (bilateral, had shunts surgically placed in both ears)
  • Perilymph Fistula (in my left ear, caused by a birth defect, has been surgically repaired)
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (I look like I'm drunk part of the time :) )

Say those three times fast and you win... um, nothing. But you'll give your mouth quite the workout. So, it all boils down to I feel like I'm hung over all the time, without the benefit of actually getting drunk first. BTW, my hearing is fine, in case you're wondering.

On to happier things...

I spent the weekend helping my mother take down a dead waterbed and put up a new one. Tango the Wonder Kitten thinks the new bed is just the best thing in the whole world. He spent a good deal of time pouncing on the bed like it was some sort of giant water balloon. My mother, on the other hand, found this less than amusing, as he kept waking her up. The doberman, Coco, doesn't understand what happened, and she refuses to get up on the bed. So she's been sleeping with me. And she's biiiiiig. My bed isn't. I get squished. I hope she gets over her confusion very soon. I need my beauty (hehe) sleep, after all.

Hey, look! I did an actual update this time!

What's New:

  • Strength of the Heart - Part 1 By Carrie Carr posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    The latest story of the wonderful duo, Amanda and Lexington. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

  • Rightful Claims - Part 3 By Carrie's AJ posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story. *****Celine Recommends*****

  • Cold - Part 12 By Migit posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

  • Starting Over By Kelly Aten posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber)
    A very short 6 page uber fanfic about a budding friendship between a lonely woman named Julie and a cabby named Cat.

  • Moving On By Kelly Aten posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    The 23 page sequel where the friendship between Julie and Cat turns into a budding romance. This one is alternative fiction (very mild), all warnings are in the disclaimers.

  • The End of Our Beginning By Kelly Aten posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A very short 4 page Uber first time fanfic. Two women meet in a laundromat and feel a connection.

  • Love Thy Neighbor By Kelly Aten posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A medium length 52 page uber fanfic about a woman who moves into her new apartment and falls for her neighbor. A little mild sex, violence, swearing and romance but other than the fact that it's alternative fiction, nothing we haven't seen on TV. All warnings are in the disclaimers. *****Celine Recommends*****

Tuesday January 30, 2001

Raven's Ravings (By Raven): Well to dispell all the rumors and to prove I am not just a figment of Celine's wild imagination I am here to say HI!

Yes, I do exist although I am usually hiding behind the scenes pulling site info and causing Celine many hours of greif. As the Gods intended ..of course. Ask Celine sometime how by just a simple email she was drawned into this wonderful world of Beyond Uber :)

Please join me in buggin Celine and wishing her well.. or as I usually put it.. Get back to work!

Seriously Celine is offline for a bit tending to herself and catching up on some much deserved rest.

In other news I was content to spend the day celebrating the Superbowl.. Gooooo Raven's!!! Although a die hard Bronco Fan I must admit that this Superbowl was quite enjoyable and had my full attention for some mystic reason:)

As I am not the wordsmith our Celine is I will now move on with the update:

  • *****Wolfie Site Updated**** Too Many stories for tonight! Go Forth and Discover!!

  • Terror >From The Net Chapter 2 Amazon Trails By lynka(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Rachel and Cory are trying to get settled into their new life when a friend of Cory's calls for help. She is being terrorized by a stalker from out of the net. Can Cory and Rachel track down the madman before he reaches his target?***Raven Recommends***

  • That Healing Touch Series, Up in the Air Part 10 by K. Darblyne Amazon Nation (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Considerable Appeal Part 2 By KM Academy of the Bards ON (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Sequel to Undeniable. Continuing story. ***Raven and Celine Recommend***

  • Deep Cover Part 4 by C. Paradee on on C. Paradee's Alternative Fiction (Beyond Uber Alt)
    ***Raven and Celine Recommend***

  • Falling Part 2 by Grit on the Merpup Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Odd Couple Part 2 by Sarkel on the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Soul's Crossing Part 19 by Web Bard on the Merpup's Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story. *****Celine Recommends*****

  • Part 14 (Conclusion) of Irrefutable Evidence by C. N. Winters on MaryD's site. (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Conclusion. ***Raven and Celine Recommend***

  • Vendetta Part 5 Talaran on Talaran's Realm(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Sequel to Vendetta. Nic and Carly are happily rejoicing in their relationship when a catastrophic event occurs which could destroy everything they have together. Can they put aside their fears, guilt and insecurities in order to save what they hold most dear? Contining story. ***Raven Recommends***

  • Download part 17 By Jules Matthews and Ginny posted on Tigg's Xenaverse Fanfic(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story. ***Raven Recommends***

  • Caretaker's Daughter Part 6 By GabGold posted on Tigg's Xenaverse Fanfic (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story. ***Raven and Celine Recommend***

  • The Wrong Knife Trail Part 1-7 By Jane Fletcher posted on Tigg's Xenaverse Fanfic (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Summary pending. Continuing story.

  • Thank You by Leigh McEoghan posted on Tigg's Xenaverse Fanfic(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Summary pending.

  • Again Part 1 and 2 By Minerva posted on Mary D's(Beyond Uber Alt)
    The story of Reese and Randi who try to prove it is never to late.
    ***Raven Recommends***

  • Breathe By Minerva posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A Valentines Tale

  • Grind By Minerva posted on Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Summary pending.

  • Capture My Heart by Ali Vali posted on Bard Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A story set in Egypt about Ramses IV a female pharaoh. She falls in love with a Hebrew slave named Sarah and her son Samuel. It is the beginning of a new era in ancient Egypt and the first story about the love shared by these two women.
    A New Author who is starting a promising series.. beg for more.. ***Raven Recommends***

  • Ab Initio part 19 by Cruise posted on her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story. ***Raven Recommends***

Tuesday January 23, 2001

Random Ramblings (By Celine): I'm in an emotional mood tonight (Monday evening, as I do the updates the night before the actual posting date). I've been watching the Lifetime movie "What Makes a Family" with Brooke Shields, which deals a custody battle after a woman dies and her partner fights to get back custody of the child they raised together. Without revealing any details for those who haven't seen it yet, just let me say... I hit the TV screen once part way through (somebody made me mad so I bomped 'em on the nose), and was tempted to do it several more times. I kinda have a tendency to get interactive when I get emotionally wrapped up in something I'm watching. And, yes, I confess I talked back to the movie, too.

I'm really liking the movie. So, Pat, yes I remembered to tape it! And, if you're a really good girl, I may even send it to you. ;)

In other news, I'm all out of peanut M&M's. This is depressing, friends. Oh, sure, I have little Mini-M&M's sitting here, but it's just not the same. I could have bought more at the store today, but I figured the last thing I needed was a steady diet of candy. That resolve should last until the next time I go to the store, of course.

Oh, Answer... what part of your and Tango the Wonder Kitten's plan was it to have him fall asleep on my chest and stay there for over an hour? Just curious.

Note to Maggie about the lights on my desk -- did you know I started an email to you two days ago? I did. It's still sitting on my computer for me to finish. I apologize for that.

In fact, to anyone who has written to me and I haven't responded -- I hope that hasn't happened too often, but I sometimes get way more email than I'm able to keep up with from a variety of things I do. That, and I just forget. So, if I haven't responded to someone... I definitely apologize. It's not intentional, and I do my darnedest to not let that happen. I think I'll appoint Tango to take over my email correspondence from now on. Maybe it will keep him out of trouble.

Then again, maybe not.

Well... another short update, as I'm exhausted from fighting the urge to buy more peanut M&M's. But I will catch up. Oh, yes, I will catch up.

What's New:

Monday January 22, 2001

Random Ramblings (By Celine): Sorry there wasn't an update over the past few days. I had a tooth pulled and then had a lot of work to do... and it all kinda got in the way. But you would already know this if you belonged to the Beyond Uber update list (scroll up a bit to find the subscription form), as I have a tendency to post little notes there if I'm not going to be able to do an update. I don't always have a chance to post those same notes here, though I do try.

To everyone who's written me about my broken tooth -- I thank you for your kindness. To answer a few questions, no there's no reason to kill the dentist, I think I'm off the dentist hook for at least a little bit, and no, I really don't have a thing for dentists... one of them is really a nice looking guy, but not exactly my type, if you know what I mean. :)

Do you know what the secret to a happy life is? Chocolate, of course. But more specifically, it's peanut M&M's. At least for the moment. My chocolate moods change periodically. I am woman, after all. It's my right. So, there are peanut M&M's gracing my M&M dispenser at present.

In other news, Tango was a busy little wonder kitten last night. He knocked off a box full of papers onto the floor and then proceeded to play with the papers. He spread them all over my bedroom. Then he somehow trapped himself beneath the box and scrambled around like that for a bit. When he finally flipped the box off his back, he went back to playing with the papers. Now little Mr. Innocent is laying under my desk like he hasn't done a thing wrong. But, he tried to play with some computer parts earlier today, and climbed the door frame so high he was eye level with me when I opened the door.

Today's update is a partial one... I'm still catching up. Blame Tango. And my mother, as I spent a good deal of today helping her clean mini-blinds.

The Uber Abode is back at it's abode:

You can once again head on over to the site's regular URL:

  • http://www.angelfire.com/ab2/fanfiction/Uber.html

    Good deal on it's being back up. It's a very cool site.

    Shadowfen's Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction Index is back to updating:

  • http://www.shadowfen.com/ffindex/whatsnew.htm

    Again, good deal, as it's another great site.

    What's New at Beyond Uber:

    • Deep Cover - Part 3 By C Paradee posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. ****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • Gossamer - Episode 58: Ripped at the Soul Posted at the Gossamer site (Beyond Uber)
      Rahne O'Connor finally runs into a friendly face. Kris Hollingsworth seeks advice from a special friend. Stuart Hollingsworth sucks it up and makes the right decision. Tiffany Stevens' night starts out on a bad note.

    • Reece's Faith - Part 25 By Vertigo posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Homecoming - Part 11 By jtd posted at jtd's Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Losing It - Part 16 By Mythe posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Bluest Eyes in Texas - Part 4 By Linda Crist posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Sedona Rain - Chapters 12 and 13 By Carole Giorgio posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • It Takes a Thief By Teagen2 posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      A woman comes home to find a "thief" in her house... but just what is she there to steal? Short story. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Alix (Beyond Uber Alt)
    • Valerie (Beyond Uber Alt)
      By Dreams posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards
      Dreams' own summary of both stories: "They're both alt-uber ... in fact, they're both part of the same story, just different perspectives. They're about an underground civilization of chickens, torn between chaos and ... Alright, they're not really about chickens at all. Or a civilization ... in fact, no one goes underground at all during the tale .. It's more about ... um ... love .. and lies .. and ... well, you get the idea. No you probably don't. That's okay. I don't either, and I wrote it." Funny, she didn't mention the cows. *****Celine and Raven Recommend*****

    Thursday January 18, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): I'm afraid Tango the wonder kitten has been remiss in his emailing and posting duties. He's received some very nice email from some very nice folks, but his time has been otherwise occupied by chewing boxes, cords, and blinds, and by trying to copulate with the other cats. This also means he won't be including a thank you post in tonight's update.

    No, at present he's washing the dog and cannot be disturbed. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I will try to corral the young one tomorrow for a proper response to his new friends.

    In dental news, I survived yet another trip to the dentist... but, alas, I shall return again on Friday to have a broken tooth pulled.

    In computer news, today I got my new router thingie for my in-home network thingie and when I went to install it I realized I'm short a cable, so I have to wait until I can get one. So I have this router thingie sitting here on my desk with nothing to do. It's kinda cute, really... blue and black in color. The router, not the desk. The desk is a nice fake wood color with the occasional scratch mark.

    Temporary Site URL:

    The UberAbode is having server difficulties, so for now you can find the site at:

  • http://hometown.aol.com/rachpena/ubertemp.html

    What's New:

    • Serendipity - Part 17 By Rocky posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Cold - Part 11 By Migit posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Slow Burn By Sandakat posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Sequel to Burning Time. Complete.

    • Tropical High - Part 12 Updated By Melissa Good posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven and Celine Recommends*****

    • Perceptions By Minerva posted at Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Part 13 in the Perspective series.

    • The Awakening - Part 7 By Lena posted at Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Onna Yugao - Lady of the Evening Faces By Nene Adams posted at her Kwaidan - Supernatural Tales of the Floating World page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Third in the series. *****Raven Recommends*****

    Tuesday January 16, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): Okay, first up... gotta mention the number of list members. 226. There. See, every time I mention the growth of the list, we get a bunch of new members. Which is cool. So there ya go. 226.

    In other news, a certain someone I know -- and I'm not naming names -- has recently rediscovered she has a fireplace. Oh, she knew about it once upon a time but had it covered up. Today the memory of said fireplace came flooding back, which is good, because she was cold. She reports its working nicely.

    And, no, I'm not talking about me. I know where my fireplace is, thankyouverymuch. But my friend -- again, I'm not naming any names, because I value my life -- forgot about hers. I just thought I would share.

    In totally other news, our lovely editor Raven has sent me a list of several of the stories she recommends! This is great! Of course, now I have to actually keep track of the list. And remember to look at it when I do the updates.

    Hmmm. Maybe it isn't such a great thing, after all. But I'll do it, because it's the right thing to do, darn it.

    Now for something completely different -- nobody sent me chocolate and ROC, so nobody gets to know what Raven and I have planned for my Uber Is series. The offer does still stand, however. Heck, I'd take ROC without the chocolate. Really. I can buy my own.

    What's New:

    Monday January 15, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): I don't know about you, but I'm all excited. Our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven and I were chatting this evening, and ideas upon ideas for my little 'uber is' sequel and subsequent stories starting coming forth. Mainly from her. And they are *excellent* ideas, friends! Trust me, those of you interested in reading this stuff will not see any of this stuff coming. I know I didn't. Those of you who *aren't* interested in reading this stuff, well... I guess you just won't care about all the exciting twists and turns.

    Someday, when I actually finish the next story, you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about. Don't bother begging! I shan't reveal my secrets. Unless you can give me a lot of chocolate. And ROC. Or any combination thereof.

    In other Raven news, she would like me send her thanks to all those kind folks who sent her get well wishes. So, thanks all you kind folks... and a dog. One of them was a dog. Hi, Wilson! How goes your secret project, little guy?

    In other, other Raven news, she sent me some story summaries! She reads more uber than I do, and she has the ability to write a coherent summary, so this is good news.

    Of course, I'm going to get to those summaries tomorrow, as I have no energy tonight. Figures, doesn't it?

    In other, other, other Raven (and also me) news, we both recommend "The New Season" by Kim (KP) Pritekel (http://www.amazontrails.com/fiction/newseason.htm). It's uber, alt, short-ish, and very cool. And my friend Pat read it because it has hockey in the story. She likes hockey. *****Celine and Raven Recommend*****

    In "Major Drool Alert" and also Raven news, she, being her ever helpful self, sent me the URL for the cover of LB Anderson's "Strippin'":

  • http://www.aristotle.net/~theandersons/pictures/strippincover.jpg

    *sigh* Isn't that just a lovely cover? To Michelle, the cover's maker: You are awesome!

    In actual update news, I have much more to post, but I'm going to bed now. Look for more tomorrow.

    What's New:

    Sunday January 14, 2001 - Part 2

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): Here is the actual uber update, missing from the non-actual uber update last night. I'm going back to bed now. :)

    What's New:

    Sunday January 15, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): I don't feel well tonight, so I didn't do any uber gathering. That, and Tango the wonder kitten keeps getting up to lay on my chest, and I can't do much of anything when he does that except pet him. I'll fix the uber gathering thing tomorrow. But there's more than a bit of rambling contained below. Consider yourself warned.

    I have happy news. Okay, it's only happy for me, but I'm going to make you read about it, anyway, like I usually do. My Palm Pilot's HotSync thingie is working again! Yes, friends, I emailed Palm tech support and they wrote back with some suggestions which actually worked! So everything is all happy now.

    But, to be on the safe side, I downloaded a bunch of uber to the Palm Pilot just in case. I don't want to be caught with my uber, after all. That would be bad.

    I want to thank Dreams for her concern over my Palm Pilot fiasco. I've given the cows some extra McDonald's hamburgers on your behalf.

    In Tango the wonder kitten news... anyone want a cute but rambunctious kitty, cheap? So far today he's broken a glass thingie in the living room (ask my mother what it is), repeatedly annoyed Pesha, one of my other cats, and even Kira, one of my dogs and Tango's favorite toy, is getting a bit tired of him. I hope he grows up really soon. :)

    He's 4 months at present, and he's already discovered he wants to be doing something with another cat (if you get my drift), but he doesn't quite know what that is yet. This doesn't thrill Murphy, also one of my cats, because he's the recipient of this unwanted attention.

    Tango is adorable and is very, very sweet and cuddly, but he's full of trouble. Huh. Raven, our lovely Beyond Uber editor, calls me trouble quite a bit. Maybe it's divine justice.

    Speaking of Raven, she informed me yesterday she's coming down with a cold, so if anyone wants to send her get well wishes, her email is ravensnevermore@home.com. She can't get sick, because she's going to be my liaison come May (yeah, I know it's a few months off :) ) when the Pasadena convention is held. I can't go, so she'll be my eyes and ears. I'm trying to convince her to convince ROC she really needs to visit Oregon (translate: me) after the convention, but I doubt that plan will work.

    In Uber Is As Uber Does the sequel news... well, there isn't any news. Well, okay, I had written a little bit, but I scrapped all that because it sucked. It was so far removed from the original, it wasn't even funny. I mean that literally. I'm going to rethink my plan of attack, and see if I can't come up with something someday.

    Probably not. ;)

    Okay, so I'm actually sort writing the sequel right now. No, that's not right. I'm writing this update right now. What I meant was, just before I wrote this paragraph, I was writing part of the sequel. Yeah. I think. Maybe. Anyway, don't hold your breath.

    Saturday January 13, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): I'm happy to report the DSL connection in my house which wasn't working yesterday is once again functioning as it should. The guys from the phone co. came back out after having discovered the cable they were trying to use was bad, even though their testing units told them it was good. I now have a pretty blue cat 5 cable strung behind the couch, which is much better than the old gray thing I had before.

    In Palm Pilot news, I didn't have a chance to do any testing today to get it to work. But, I just tried it a minute ago, and it's working again. *sigh* I love technology. It's so reliable. I'm just happy it's working for the moment.

    No, wait... tried to install some uber and it isn't working again. *insert colorful curse words here*

    On a positive front, I did have some uber stored on the palm I hadn't read yet, so I'm very happily reading "Scars" by DJ Wood at the moment. That one definitely earns a Celine Recommends. It's uber, alt, a very sweet story, and is unfinished (up through part 7).

    The Swollen Buds are out, up, and standin' proud:

    Check out the latest winners of this award at:

  • http://members.spree.com/entertainment/sb_awards

    As always, the illustrious Swollen Bud committee has chosen some great works by some great authors. And there's some stuff there I'm going to have to read.

    What's New:

    • Valerie - Part 5 Conclusion (Sorta) By Dreams posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt) Conclusion, but not really. The story is to be continued in "Alix & Valerie." Which is really a good thing, but she really can't leave this story where it is. Really.

    • The Awakening - Part 7 By Lena posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Culture Clash - Chapter XXII (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Drag King: The Burning Dream - Part 30 Updated By Smitty posted at the New Library of Alexandria (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Deep Cover - Part 1 By C Paradee posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending, and a very happy thing to see posted. Continuing story.

    • ... Did We? By Rocky Macelli posted at A Room of Her Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      A stop in to get a haircut turns into quite a little adventure. Makes me want to get a tattoo. *****Celine Recommends*****

    Friday January 12, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): It's been a day from technology hell. Let's recap, shall we?

    A few days back, the cable co. came out to add another cable hookup in a bedroom. Over the weekend, I went outside and noticed the cable guy had succeeded in removing part of the wood siding on the house where he drilled the hole. So, we called the cable co., which is also (for now, until the ownership of the cable co. changes hands here shortly) the telephone co., and my internet provider.

    So, the guy from the cable co. came out today to look at the wall. He also brought a guy from the phone co., because they had installed a DSL connection incorrectly. The guy from the phone co. brought a guy from... uh, not sure which part he was from. Then the guy from the phone co. called another guy from the phone co. To make a really long day's story short, they fixed the outside wall to the house but managed to screw the DSL connection up incredibly.

    Which means they'll be back. Oh, yes, they'll be back. I've asked them not to touch anything else, because I'm fairly certain they'd break that, too.

    In other tech news, my palm pilot is behaving badly. For whatever reason, it won't hotsync (the handy feature which lets me transfer data back and forth to my computer). It starts to, then it just stops. I've tried resetting the palm (which helped initially, but not anymore), reinstalling the software, updating software, removing the hotsync cradle and hooking it back up, praying, offering sacrifices to the tech gods, etc.

    This is bad, friends. I can't put uber on my palm pilot until it's fixed. I should have stayed in bed this morning.

    Short update, as I have about as much energy has a.... umm.... well, I'm too tired to think of a comparison. But you can be sure it would have been just hilarious. Maybe.

    What's New:

    • Considerable Appeal - Part 1 By KM Moon posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Jess and Robin are back in this sequel to "Undeniable". The story picks up about one week later and follows the junior partner and the associate as they seek to strengthen their bond amid the potential conflicts of family, friends, work and their own personal demons. The question is, can they maintain their relationship without risking everything? *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • Convergence - Part 27 By Kandis Glasgow posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Losing It - Part 15 By Mythe posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    Wednesday January 10, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): My goodness. The list has grown to 214 members. I'm not even sure I can count that high. Of course, that's what computers are for. I don't have to do my own thinking.

    In uber news, I'm reading Misunderstood by MJ (http://amazontrails.com/fiction/misunderstood1.htm). It's alt, finished, and here's the description from Lynka's site: "When Charlie Taylor starts her new job at a hospital for the mentally ill, she meets a patient whom she believes does not belong there." It's an interesting concept for a story. I give it a Celine Recommends.

    I'm goin' back to the dentist in the morning (Wednesday), as whatever the dentist did the other day didn't fix me... well, fix the pain in my mouth. We all know there's no hope for me in general. My friend, Pat, offered to have her adorable little doggie named Wilson come all the way from the eastern part of Canada to attack the dentist for not fixing me up right the first time. Thank you, Pat, but I don't want little Wilson to go to all that trouble. I'm sure he wouldn't like the taste of those latex gloves the dentist wears, anyway.

    Oh, note -- I'm sure at least part of the stories listed in today's update are recommended by our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven. Her email has been down for the last few days, so I can't ask her. Okay, I could call her, but it is almost midnight her time, so I kinda doubt she'd appreciate that. I'll just bug her when she's at work tomorrow. Just kidding! Really!


    So, just imagine seeing her recommends on one or more of the stories, 'kay?

    URL Changin' News:

    XenaEyes has a new domain:

  • http://www.xenaeyes.com

    It's not fully functional yet, so keep watch of the above and the current URL (http://www.aschweb.com/xenaeyes/fan-fiction/whats-new.html) for more information

    What's New:

    • Define Destiny By JM Dragon posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending.

    • Haunting Shadows By JM Dragon posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Sequel to Define Destiny

    • Actions and Consequences By JM Dragon posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Sequel to In Pursuit of Dreams (not posted at MaryD's yet)

    • The Black Night and the Lady By JM Dragon posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending.

    • Clock Tower By JM Dragon posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • October - Episodes 29 and 30 By Day posted at Daylight Stories and Bedtime Tales (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Cold - Part 9 By Migit posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Up In the Air - Part 7 By K. Darblyne posted at Amazon Nation (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Awakening - Part 5 By Lena posted at Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    Monday January 8, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): You guys make me so proud. *sniff* The Beyond Uber email list now has 201 members. After my mention of the list being at almost 200 members, there was a bit of a surge in the number of folks subscribing. Coincidence or not, I think it's very cool.

    Welcome to all the new members... thanks for joining, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

    For those of you just joining us, I am presently plotting how I'm going to take over the world via ramblings induced comas (please read yesterday's update via the eGroups web site for more information).

    To further that plan, I would like to recruit all Beyond Uber readers and list members to be in my cabinet. And I don't mean in the traditional roles of secretary of state, etc. No, we will have new jobs to reflect the new Xena fanfic-centric world government. Just as soon as I think them up, that is.

    Also, there will be large federal grants to subsidize bards who want to quit their jobs to write fanfic full-time. I know there aren't enough hours in a day to work *and* write, so forget working all together. Just write. And read fanfic to your hearts' content.... for inspirational purposes, of course.

    You will notice I haven't had a chance to do that catching up on the stuff Raven's sent me. I apologize. I was planning on doing that today, but I was forced to go to a pizza place today and eat pizza. It was just... well, good. And before that I put away a mass amount of Christmas decorations. And I still have a mass amount to take down and put away.

    What's New:

    Sunday January 7, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): I am very proud to say we are but a few people short of having 200 members on the Beyond Uber update list! Yes, friends, you should all feel better knowing you are not alone in your questionable compulsion to read my ramblings on a daily basis. However, I must point out that while the number of members is indeed growing, this does *not* mean you are all perfectly sane individuals. It merely indicates you have something in common with nearly 200 other people on the list, and who knows how many who visit the web site. I'm afraid there is no safety in numbers.

    This also means my plan to take over the world by causing everyone to have ramblings-induced comas is coming along nicely. See, once everyone is under my ramblings spell, I can easily move in to the White House in Washington, D.C., and change our government and the governments of all the other countries around to my liking. A few of the changes I will make:

    Uber would be required reading in schools. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor's birthdays would be international holidays. Xena the TV show would continue well into its 20th season, and would be available all over the world for free on any number of channels. And you can bet your bippy any and all subtext would be maintext, maintext, maintext. Oh, and Melissa Good would write all the scripts.

    Uber writers would be recognized as the great authors they are, and some would be in the running for Pulitzer Prizes. ISPs and web hosts wouldn't be able to shut down sites which host or link to any Xena fanfic of any type. And, um, I would allow genetic engineering only the basis that scientists could make Dar and Kerry from Melissa Good's stories real. And Harper and Kelsey from Exposure. And... well, you get the idea.

    Bard URL Change:

    Red Hope's House of Writing has moved to a new URL:

  • http://redhope.tripod.com

    Yes, friends, you know the drill. Update any and all bookmarks, favorites, t-shirt logos, underpants labels, smoke signals, hieroglyphics, and subtitles to reflect the new address.

    Upcoming Site URL change:

    XenaEyes will be moving to a new host by the end of the month. To be kept up-to-date on the latest changes to the site, join the announcement list at mailto:Collective_Xena_Fiction-subscribe@egroups.com . You can also find out more by visiting the current URL of XenaEyes:

  • http://www.aschweb.com/xenaeyes/fan-fiction/whats-new.html

    Story Name Correction:

    A story by Katherine Smyth was incorrectly identified as All Things Come, but that's just wrong, wrong, wrong. It's actually called Sugar and Spices, and the title of the first chapter is All Things Come. The URL is:

  • http://merwolf.com/academy/ks_atc.html

    What's New:

    Saturday January 6, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): Woe is me. Yes, friends, I went to the dentist today to have the floating roots taken out of my mouth. The dentist poked, prodded, chiselled (yes, I mean that, with a mallet and everything), and did all he could to cause me as much pain as possible. When as was said and done, the dentist informed me he couldn't find anything wrong, and he wasn't sure it was causing me the pain I've been experiencing. So, we'll have to wait and see. If you hear tell of someone in Oregon cutting off her own jaw within the next few days, that will be me. Tell all your friends.

    In uber news, I've started reading Finding My Way by Mavis Applewater (http://merwolf.com/academy/mavis_findingmyway1.html), it's alt, unfinished (four out of five parts have been posted so far), and is a great story. I'm currently in part 2 and am really enjoying it. A summary... taken from the Merpup Academy of Bards: "When Stephanie begins her new career teaching history at a small New England University her well planned future takes an unexpected detour, when she meets Allison." This story already has a Raven Recommends, so I see that recommends and raise it a Celine Recommends.

    Bard URL Change:

    BairdBard has a new URL:

  • http://members.nbci.com/bairdbard.1

    Her old one went the way of the wind, so be sure to update all bookmarks, favorites, mental notes, post-it notes (of all colors), astrological charts, wood carvings, tattoos, labels, alphabet soup letters, engraved invitations, lawn art, and so on.

    About the site, from the bard herself: "No uber updates (damned politics kept my attention too much!!!), but there *is* a new X & G short story that you might find worthy reading!"

    What's New:

    • The Caretaker's Daughter - Part 3 By GabGold posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. If you aren't reading this story, you should be. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • And They All Come Falling Down - Part 2 By Eveh posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Road Trip - Part 5 By Phair1 posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • When We Were Together By CarmenKid posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Two women find each other. Nice story.

    • Alix By Dreams posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Alix' best friend and object of her affections, Jessica, gets married, so when Valerie enters her life, it means a lot of changes for Alix. Great story, but be warned -- it has a sequel (called "Valerie") which directly follows "Alix," and that sequel is still unfinished. But Dreams *will* finish the sequel because I still have her cows. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Losing It - Part 14 By Mythe posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • All Things Come - Part 1 By Katherine Smyth posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Take one Australian Cook who's just a little confused and lost. Add one city restaurant and some interesting incidents, combine thoroughly. Beat in the adventures with a trouble-magnet waitress and bake for six parts. Decorate liberally with a good sense of humor and serve to a waiting public.

    Friday January 5, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine): This weekend. That is when I'll get all caught up with the stuff our lovely Beyond Uber editor, Raven, as been sending me. So, if you're a bard wondering when on earth I'm going to get to listing the stuff you sent her, never fear. She dutifully sends me everything. I'm just way behind. That's the way my life goes.

    In site news, I've started helping out Heartbrkn and Barry who maintain the main Ultimate What's New page (http://www.xenafanfiction.com/whatsnew.htm), since they've been having trouble uploading. You can now find their what's new stuff at the regular URL instead of the temporary one they'd been using.

    Thanks to everyone who sent get well wishes... I really appreciate it! I get to go to the dentist tomorrow to try to get all fixed up (there are roots left in my mouth from a wisdom tooth which was extracted a few years ago, and they're apparently causing all the problems), so, after they get through drilling a big hole in my mouth to get the roots out, I should be back to my good ol' rambling self. This may or may not be a good thing. :)

    What's New:

    • Crystal's Heart - Part 21 Conclusion By B L Miller posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Conclusion. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Shield of Justice By Radclyffe posted at A Room of Her Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      A serial rapist terrorizes a city. The detective sworn to stop him must fight her own personal demons, aided by a woman torn between loyalty and love. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Safe Harbor By Radclyffe posted at A Room of Her Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Provincetown has a new Deputy Sheriff -- and when the newly sworn peace officer meets the town's doctor, she discovers what she never realized she was missing. Complete. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Special By Nina Bergles posted at A Room of Her Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Short story. Complete.

    • Love's Cruel Hand By Tamster posted at A Room of Her Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Short story. Complete.

    • Judicial Love - Part 3 By Warriorjudge posted at Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Hunt - Part 2 By Teagen2 posted at Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Losing It - Part 13 By Mythe posted at Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Fire and Ice - Part 12 By Alison Phipps posted at Doing Gender (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • A Change of Heart - Part 6 By Kawai posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Welcome Home By Mia posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      A short story of two people finding each other. Very nice.

    • Once Upon an Uber: A Fractured Fairy Tale By TaraKerry posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      In this fractured fairy tale, Snow White gets help from her Fairy Godmother as she battles nasty trolls and an evil huntress in her search for the sleeping beauty taken away by Prince Charming.

    • Soul Crossing - Part 15 By Web Bard posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. Beth and Reese begin their life together by taking a boat to the Greek Islands. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Holding the Hands of Love - Part 1 By Amber Loe posted at Midnight Island (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Continuing story.

    Wednesday January 3, 2001

    Random Ramblings (By Celine):

    I died.

    Okay, I didn't really die, but I felt like dying yesterday, which is why there wasn't an update. I didn't sleep the night before last, and felt like cra... um, I didn't feel well yesterday. I still don't, but, darn it, there has been some really good stuff posted in the last few days, and I need to inform people. It's my duty and honor. I'm chock full of pain pills and am rarin' to go.

    This is a partial update, since our lovely Beyond Uber editor Raven keeps sending me more and more stuff I need to post and I'm behind. It's all her fault. I can say that because she's not here to defend herself. :)

    Even though the update is a partial one, it's still pretty long, and has all kinds of really good stuff. So, have fun reading. I know I will.

    By the way, I neglected to tell you of Tango the wonder kitten's latest activities. The other day, my mother was using the bathroom facilities and had just stood up to flush... and Tango, bless his mentally challenged little heart, decided that would be a good time to jump up on the toilet. Needless to say, he fell right in. He came out rather drenched. Cleaning him up was quite the task after that. :)

    In uber news, I read "Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts" by Shadowriter (http://merwolf.com/academy/shadowriter_christmas.html) and loved it. It's a first time story, alt, short, finished, and is absolutely adorable. I'm terrible at writing summaries... um, it's about two young women who met once and rediscover each other again in an unexpected place. Really, the story is *much* better than that description. *****Celine Recommends*****

    URL Changes, Etc. News:

    The Ex-Guards list has officially changed their name to the Bards' Village, and the list has a new URL:

  • http://www.art-with-attitude.com/village/Bards_Village.html

    Also, Total Xena will be closing in a month, so go there and download some wonderful stuff, such as wallpapers, WinAmp skins, ICQ skins, and more:

  • http://warda.hispeed.com/x_new.htm

    What's New:

    • Gossamer - Episode 55: True Colors Posted at the Gossamer site (Beyond Uber)
      The town handyman has a rude awakening. Abigayle Nguyen learns her plan was a success. And Constance Hollingsworth has a sad reunion. Also, go to the site to enter a contest to become a character in the story and have your portrait done by an artist.

    • Valerie - Part 4 By Dreams posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story (Whoo hoo! Another update!). *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • A Matter of Trust By Radclyffe posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Another great story by a great author. Corporate espionage brings two women of very different worlds together as an enigmatic internet security consultant joins forces with a sophisticated, high-powered business woman in a battle to save her career. Their professional relationship soon threatens to create even greater personal challenges as their association awakens unexpected needs, and desires. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Crystal's Heart - Part 20 By B L Miller posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • When We Were Together By CarmenKid posted at the Merpup Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      New Year's Eve, a honeymoon suite, and two women... a first time story.

    • The Bluest Eyes In Texas - Part 3 By Linda Crist posted at MaryD's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven Recommends*****

    • Soul Crossing - Part 14 By Web Bard posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. Beth and Reese celebrate their vows at the cliffs near Potidaea. *****Celine Recommends*****

    • Darker Hearts - Chapters 1 and 2 By Enoon Erewhon posted at XenaEyes (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Summary pending. Continuing story.

    • Adventures In the Dust Trade - Part 5 By WolfDragon posted at Amazon Nation (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Up In the Air - Part 6 By K. Darblyne posted at Amazon Nation (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Caretaker's Daughter - Part 2 By GabGold posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story. *****Raven and Celine Recommend*****

    • Up the River - Part 10 By Sam Ruskin posted at Tigg's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Destined By Gods - Parts 6 and 7 Conclusion By Inyx posted at Inyx's Fan Fiction (Beyond Uber Alt)

    • Homecoming - Part 10 By jtd posted at jtd's Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    The Beyond Uber What's New from December has been archived