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What's New - December, 2001

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A Beyond Uber Quickie - 12/31/01 Addendum

(By Celine)

You people are *way* too cool. The adage ask and ye shall receive came true in spades, my friends. About a zillion of you wrote within literally minutes to tell me the names of the stories.

I love you guys. *sniff*

The stories are...

Story #1 is:

Story #2 is:
    Straight Through The Heart by Bracer:
    http://www.mindspring.com/~bracer99/straight01.htm This one is also unfinished and, alas, hasn't seen an update since October, 2000. If anyone knows anything about the status of the story or the bard, please let me know. I'm sure folks would love to know if this story is going to be completed.
A big 3. to everyone who helped me out with this... I sincerely appreciate it. And I guess I don't need to worry if people read my ramblings, either, eh? ;)

Monday December 31, 2001

Random Ramblings (by Celine)

Wow. It's almost 2002. "Another year over..." I think (no, really... I *do* think, sometimes) it's been a great year for uber. Many uber and original fiction books published by many fine authors, and many more fine ones published on the web. I want to thank all the bards and all the readers for making the uber community such a great place to be. As you already know, you guys rock.

In kitty news, I am happy to report, Tango the Wonder Kitty is warming up to still-to-be-named new kitty (again, I'm lovin' the suggestions you guys are sending, I just can't decide on one). And Tango is apparently over being ticked off at me for bringing home a new cat. He's back to being himself, and is presently sitting on my monitor, wondering why I'm not petting him. The new kitty has adjusted *just* *fine* to life here. He's afraid of no dog, no cat, and no human. In fact, I think he's become our official greeter when people come over to the house. The other cats tend to leave the room when folks come over, but new kitty takes it upon himself to get into as many laps as possible.

It's a tough job, but some kitty has to do it.

In computer news, my laptop had to make its not-so-merry way to the manufacturer on Friday to get fixed. It was getting pretty but not exactly welcome vertical lines on the screen. And I thought my printer/scanner/copier/coffee machine/washer/dryer/kitchen sink was broken, because it kept saying there was a paper jam when there was no paper in it.

So I opened up the back and fortunately found the problem... there were two CD-ROMs stuck in it. Apparently the paper feed had picked up some CDs I had stupidly left laying in the paper tray and sucked 'em up inside. I took them out and it works fine again. I shouldn't be surprised, really. After all, I set things (translate: everything) wherever there's a fraction of an inch of space. Nothing is safe from me. But I think I might be better about not setting things in my paper tray from now on.

But, then again, you never know.

Photos!! I have photos!!

Wanna see pictures of the new kitty? Of Tango? Of my many santas? Of course you do!

  • The kitties:
    Featuring: the new kitty laying on the treadmill! Yes, friends, the cat gets more use of it than I do. Also featuring: Tango, sitting on the piano!

  • The santas:
    Featuring: Well, santas. And you'll also see Tango, Murphy, and my gay santas! Yep, I have five little plastic santas in a rainbow of colors, and I have affectionately dubbed them my gay santas. I discovered them in some of my grandmother's old stuff not too long ago.
Uber ID Help Alert:

A couple of folks have asked Raven and I to ID two stories, and quite frankly, I'm stumped. Do these sound familiar? If so, please email me (with the URL, if you have it) and I'll forward the info to the people. Thank ya much!

    Story #1:

    "The Gab character was an assassin, trying to get out (by the point it paused at...) while the uber-Xena was an undercover FBI operative with a psychology background, who was put in as her apprentice. can you tell me where and what this one is called please? it was pretty good by the point i left it at, and i'd really like to be able to find it again."

    Story #2:

    "It's set in the late 1800-early 1900. The UG character is a thrill writer and the story starts out with her getting shot in the chest, testing out a new bullet proof vest. Her editor gives her an assignment to find and ex-ranger UX who disappeared 2 years prior."

Xippy Awards!

MaryD has posted some new Xippy's! Check 'em out at:

Happy New Year, everyone... and, please, please, please, don't drink and drive. Be safe, be well, and be smart. We want every single one of you around to read and/or write more uber in the coming year.

What's New:

  • Unbroken - Installment 20 - Christmas Presents, Past, and Futures By Carrie Ryan and K. Darblyne posted at Anti-Zero (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Sea Moon By Mark Annetts posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    This is a sci-fi uber set sometime in the not too distant future on Jupiter's moon, Europa. It's a comedy/adventure/drama sort of thing, involving murder most foul, strange dreams, a feisty soldier gal whose name isn't really Dutch, and a tall engineer who likes to solve problems and offer her invaluable assistance.

  • Justice Deferred - Parts 19 through 22 By Alex P posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • All That Jazz - Part 1 By Blue Dragon posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    The first part of the sequel to Mississippi Blues. Continuing story.

  • Wall of Silence - Part 2 By GabGold posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • First Light - Epilogue By Emily Duncan posted at Doing Gender (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Beneath the Brambles - Part 25 By Lady Savay posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Darkfin - Year 2 - Vignette 8 By Lizzy TJ posted at the Darkfin site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

Saturday 29, 2001

Raven's Ravings(by Raven .. who else)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Thank you to those who were kind and sent comments and cards to us here at Beyond Uber..We Loved them All!!

Now I know I have been a bad rambler as of late so I thought I would actually ... um .. ramble ;)
So todays ramble will also be a request for comments and advice

.. Well I must tell you all what I did today,..no I did not clean house or go to a movie or even shop..no no I went for a consult on my eyes... you see I am looking to get Lasik done. Yep my secret is out I am as blind as a bat without my contact (actually I think bats are as blind as I am) I have a wonderful correction with my contacts of -550 and -650. Ah the joy of walking into walls. Yes, on occasion I have actually petted my shirt and not my cat (hell they were both black how was I to know). But seriously I have worn corrected lens or contact since I was in 3rd grade and have no concept of what it would be like not to worry about solutions or when to take my lenses out. My day begins and ends when I put my contacts in and take them out. I don't even use glasses as a back up as they give me headaches so I have to make a conscious decision each night that I am done doing everything and am going to sleep before I take out my contacts. ahh.. tis been my life for .. well .. a long long time :)

So I go to get my eyes checked and ....no excuse as my eyes are good candidates to get the work done ...and the Doc has done 4 other people's eyes in my office over the past year .. all happy and healthy and he even gave us a discount of $300 to get them done.. and my medical cafeteria plan will pay and deduct pre tax through this year.. um.. so .. I have run out of excuses... other then it is scary..

Soooo I ask all you wonderful Uber fans out there to give me your thoughts, stories and advice on if this is a wise choice.. I know I know I am asking for trouble but I best ask anyway :).

I have an appointment to get this done on January 17th.. so time is important .. please email me at my addy Ravensnevermore@attbi.com and share your thoughts!

Whew... that was easy.. now I will sit at my computer and wait.. ... .. oh um well I guess I could give you all some fiction to make you happy as well.. ok ok I know truly it is not all about me.. (ha!) but the fiction we all love to read and let me tell you I searched High and Low and have some real winners for you this evening!! But first don't forget to email me.. what can I say .. you guys light up my life.. or I have no life .. I forget which..

Well On With The Fiction!!!!!

  • Montana's Journey by Amelia Sedley Posted on Academy of Bards(Beyond Uber Alt)
    Montana Journey by Amelia Sedley It's 1910, and Jesse Tyson is working a man's job in western Montana for the newly created Forest Service. Jesse isn't happy when she's ordered to guide a woman writer from the East to Lost Soldier Butte. Reluctantly she travels to meet Annie Thomas and their horseback journey across Montana begins. They're not long on the trail before they recognize their growing attraction for each other. Together they face trigger happy cowboys, a murderous trapper and a huge forest fire.

  • BF4EVR By Miri Posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    At a small college in Oregon, two not so ordinary young women - Harlan and Briana - from very different backgrounds meet and become quick friends. Then, things get complex... (unfinished)-
    A promising new story.. enjoy Raven Recommends

  • All It Took Was You By Ali Vali Posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    A wonderful Sequel and Raven Highly Recommends

  • Second Half By Nicki Posted on Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Set at college, Kyra is a girl who's starting to get her life back after a dark period. Even though she had told herself she'd never play soccer again, meeting Danni, the captain of the school's team, changes that and it isn't long before she realizes the blonde quickly works her way into her heart. Trying to win the title with the team and wrestling with her growing feelings is big struggle, complicated by past actions and a fear to let someone in once again.

  • Hesed By Mayt Posted on Bard Corner (Beyond Uber Alt)

  • Sea Moon by Mark Annetts Posted on Bards Corner (Beyond Uber Alt)

Thursday December 27, 2001

Random Ramblings (by Celine)

Hey, peeps. I'm filling in for Singer, as she had some personal stuff to take care of. I would have sent out this update last night, but I'm afraid I'm suffering from post-Holiday lethargy, so I fell asleep early. That, and I have a certain little black and white kitty who keeps wanting attention. All the time.

The little guy, who still doesn't have a definite name (though the suggestions you guys have sent have been great... we're still thinking about it), has adjusted quite nicely to life here. We're still working on defining boundaries... such as, no, it's not a good idea to walk on the stove. He really likes to do that. And he keeps trying to eat people food. And he walks on my laptop. Of course, so does Tango, so I can't complain too much about it.

Overall, the kitty is the sweetest little guy, who seems to purr 24 hours a day. He is making friends with the other animals, though Tango is still not too sure about him. It's getting better.

As it stands now, we have four cats... the kitten at my brother's is still there. We may still take it if my brother can't find him a home. I'll keep ya po's][ted. Um... that preceding word is 'posted' but the little kitty decided it should be spelled differently, so he did some typing. He's very talented, you know.

In Purple Plaything news, it's fixed!!! My scooter is working again!!! My brother fixed it on Christmas Day, cause he's just the sweetest brother a gal could ask for. So I went post-Christmas shopping a little yesterday (not much)... ended up buying an animated Big Bird and an animated Elmo, both of whom are wearing santa hats. They were five bucks each, so I couldn't pass them up. I can count them as animated santas, which I collected, since they're wearing santa hats, don'tcha know.

What's New:

Tuesday December 25, 2001

Random Ramblings (by Celine)

Ho, ho, ho, friends! No... I'm *not* calling you all "ho's" (well, probably not), I'm just in the holly, jolly spirit of Christmas.

Last night I spent Christmas Eve at my brother's, where I received a bit more than I was expecting. See, um, well... we kind of acquired another cat. A black and white one. My brother lives on a farm, and some dumb cluck brought the cat out there and dumped him (whoever did this should be strung up by their toenails). The little guy, who is at present laying on my chest purring his little heart out, is very obviously a house cat and is really friendly and my brother couldn't keep him and... well.

We now have another cat. I brought him home and all the cats and dogs gathered round, and that didn't phase this cat *at* *all*. He's made himself at home. He's been laying around, purring loudly, and occasionally hissing at the random furry creatures who pass his way. The other cats are skeptical (Tango is a bit pissed off at me right now), and the dogs are very curious... the cocker spaniel has already given the cat a bath or two.

Last night, I spent a full-filled time being nudged awake repeatedly by the new kitty so he could get some attention. This happened a lot. In fact, I'm writing this at 4:30am (in the morning! I don't do mornings! I avoid them like the plague!) because of this. It's a good thing he's cute.

Speaking of cute, I took pictures and post the URLs in the next update.

All of this has brought forth a dilemma. My other brother was going to bring out a kitten from the litter his cat had not too long ago. So now we don't know what to do. We already have three cats. This makes four. The other kitten would make five. Throw in three dogs, and that is quite a bunch.

Oh, goodness.

Wanna lay odds on how many cats we end up with this time tomorrow? Of course, at this rate, I'll soon be living in a nice padded room and wearing a straight jacket.


You guys did such an awesome job thinking up names when I got Tango the Wonder Kitty, so I'm asking again. Both cats are boys, so I need boy names for at lease one of 'em. I appreciate any and all suggestions.


To all of you, in whatever spirit you celebrate or don't celebrate, I wish all of you well, and that you have a great, fabulous, uber-filled, spiffy, and of course nifty, 2002.

What's New:

  • Twas the Night Before Christmas By Melissa Good posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Missy calls it a "a short little Xmas Eve bit about four of my favorite characters." I call it adorable, fantastic... and did I say adorable? *****Celine Recommends*****

  • Wall of Silence - Part 1 By GabGold posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    It was supposed to be an average bust. Minimal backup. Minimal trouble. But everyone has their limit and Foster Everett has just reached hers. (note from Celine - unfinished? That means I have to wait before I can read it. Ack! The torture! The torture!)

  • Twelve Days - Part 2 By Colleen posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • The One By Alex Tryst posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Two friends reunite after several years apart to find that they are both searching for that special someone. Setting out on a cross country road trip, the friends soon realize that love sometimes is in the most unlikely place, but will either of them take a chance?

  • Persistence By Alex Tryst posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Two women trying to find their place in the world while longing for love, and one blonde's determination not to give up on the love she has for her hero.

  • Time and Time Again - Part 7 By Dimples posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • The Awakening - Part 9 By Lena posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Linger - Parts 7 and 8 (full and partial rewrites) By Minerva posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • Caution: Under Construction - Part 11 By Vertigo posted at the Merwolf Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

  • All It Took Was You - Parts 1 and 2 By Ali Vali posted at What's Ya Poison? (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Sequel to "'How do you Mend a Broken Heart". Continuing story.

  • Darkfin - Year 2 - Chapter 8 By Lizzy TJ posted at the Darkfin site (Beyond Uber)
    Continuing story.

  • The Homecoming - Book 2 - Part 22 By jtd posted at jtd's Own (Beyond Uber Alt)
    Continuing story.

Sunday December 23, 2001

Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

Well first of all I wanted to let you all know that I have a new email as many of you have missed my new addy... it's Ravensnevermore@attbi.com.

Authors and Fan Fiction addicts please feel free to let us know of new postings or new sites that house this wonderful fiction!
We do our best to post all uber fiction that we are aware of so if you have a new story coming up please let us know and if you will allow us a sneak peak we will be able to add a summary and review to your posting!

I hope that you all are prepared for the holidays! I myself am having my first stressed out Christmas! Why you may ask.. well work has been crazy and somehow I have fallen into a time vortex that has moved the clock 50 times faster the norm. Hm don't believe me ok ..ok so I just got caught up in the middle earth leap year and lost two months of planing.. still not buying it ... ok fine I admit it I took for granted that I had more time and just plain blew it!! It has been a crazy year and I kept thinking oh I have plenty of time... NOT!!! Ok so here I sit wrapping presents and making gifts and hoping that time will through a joyous miracle extend itself!!

I will even publicly appoligize to my pals Singer and Celine as I still have to get their packages to the post office..

But in the true spirit of the holiday season.. I wish to extend to all of you wonderful Beyond Uber readers, authors, fans and nut balls my sincerest wishes for a safe and happy holiday!!

Remember to take the time to look around you and at those who share your holiday and in that moment smile and let them know you love them..... even if they forgot to send you their presents on time :)

Enjoy .. Raven

OH and Singers little Hounds of Christmas can be found here

  • Singers Christmas Pups they are tooo cute!!

    • Twelve Days By Colleen posted on Athenaeum Scroll(Beyond Uber Alt)
      Raven Highest Recommendation

    • Wall of Silence By Gabrielle Goldsby posted on Gabís Kokopelli Cafe(Beyond Uber Alt)
      This story gets a very high recommendation from me I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I have!

      It was supposed to be an average bust. Minimal backup. Minimal trouble.
      But everyone has their limit and Foster Everett has just reached hers. In a blinding rage she made the first mistake that she couldn't talk her way out of. A cover-up ensues, and Fosters guilt is left to fester. Ultimately, the death of a close friend proves to be her undoing and Foster begins numbing herself at a neighborhood bar. There she meets 26-year-old Riley Medeiros, the one person strong enough to see Fosterís painful secrets and not turn away. And when Foster is forced to run, it's Riley who offers her sanctuary. A small cabin on the California coast becomes Fosterís safe haven, and it is there that she begins to get to know the extraordinary woman that is Riley Medeiros. But, like all secrets, Fosterís will come back to haunt her. And like even the most carefully built walls, the ones surrounding Foster will eventually crumble and she will find that not all secrets are what they seem.
      Raven Highly Recommends!!!

    • A Major Connection Formerly entitled Bar Girls, J.K. has revised and added to the story and this version will be published soon by RAP books (Beyond Uber Alt)
      What happens when fools fall in love? Follow the adventures of college students, Keagan and Rudy, as they do exactly that. Don't be fooled by the subject matter, though. The road to bliss is plagued by obstacles, not the least of which is Keagan, herself. Actually, she's the only obstacle.
      Raven Recommends!

    Friday December 21, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    "A" and I decided it was to be a movie night tonight. So we rented Jurassic Park 3, Planet of the Apes, Ghost of Mars, and The Princess Diaries. So far, we've watched Ghost of Mars and Jurassic Park 3. Ghost was a real let down. Bad acting, bad music, bad special effects, and too much pointless gore. Blekkkkk...Pass on it if you like to rent flicks. Jurassic was cool. A little campy in the beginning, but soooo much better than the fiasco that was Jurassic Park 2. I appreciated them adding scenes that should have been in the first movie...cool. I recommend it to any poor soul (like me) who didn't get to see it on the big screen. As for the other two...who knows?
    In puppy news...we had nails trimmed today. Oooooo...
    Sydney, Xena, and Kiwi were taken and used to teach me how to trim their nails. At $10.00 a pop, it gets mighty expensive with 7 dogs, and I really want to keep my skin.
    In anything news...my little icky bug is still here. A little quieter than yesterday, but still trying to keep me busy. I'm living on allegra and ibuprofen, but the cooler weather may actually be my saving grace. It seems I breath better in the cold. Now, I don't intend to camp out on in the dog house or anything that drastic, but maybe a brisk walk in the brisk night air will keep me happy.
    In other news...Mary D is posting several of Carrie Carr's stories on her site. Although most of these stories have been around for a bit, I wanted to let you guys know. Check out her What's New page to see what's going up. What's New at Mary D's
    On with the update...

    What's New:

    Thursday December 20, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Well, the bug has finally visited me...and decided to stay a while. I think it's mostly allergies, but I feel horrible. I alternate between sneezing, not being able to breath at all, and feeling like my head is twice the size it's supposed to be. It's times like these that we really understand breathing is much more than a simple luxury.
    It's raining here again, and the temperature is dropping steadily. Makes me wish for summer already. Or at least spring. The dogs are having a field day being inside so much. They can't seem to understand that mud is not the carpet color of our choice. I really don't mind cold weather, I would just like to see a different form of precipitation. You know... something like snow instead of rain. Yeah, snow. I'd make a snowman and a snowdog and a snowangel, well... you get the picture.
    The Christmas shopping is done and all that's left is to wrap a few things...and keep "A" from unwrapping them too soon. She loooves presents. Um...so do I. So maybe it's really me that needs to be kept away from the wrapped bundles under the tree. But since no one really knows for sure, I'll just say that it's "A". Deal? Oh, alright!
    I hope to do a special update on Christmas Eve, but if for some reason I don't get the chance...Merry Christmas to you all.

    What's New:

    • Destiny's Bridge By Carrie Carr posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story

    • Faith's Crossing By Carrie Carr posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Sequel to Destiny's Crossing

    • Terrors of the High Seas parts 3-5 By Melissa Good posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story***Yes, yes, yes. Another postcard from Dar and Kerry!!

    • Beneath the Brambles part 24 By Lady Savay posted LJ Maas' site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • I've Seen the Light and It's Dark By J Falconer posted LJ Maas' site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Jackie takes up residence in her new house, only to find that it's haunted by a less than pleasant ghost by the name of Creed.

    • Survivor By J Falconer posted LJ Maas' site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***Carlisle Crowley, otherwise known as Crow, likes the neighbourhood she recently moved into. It was "nice and quiet during the day, just the way a vampire likes it." That is until Bronwyn Hunter enters her life.

    • Provenance part 4 By Cruise posted Cruise's site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Seeing You Again for the First Time part 16 By Colleen posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    Tuesday December 18, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    Ooooh... happy days are here again. I just received in the mail, by way of the authors in two countries, my very own autographed copies of "True Colors" and, as an added surprise bonus, "Staying In The Game"!!!

    ** doing a happy dance **

    So, many, many, many, many, many thanks go to Nanne Dunne (aka Pruferblue) and Karen King (aka Karen Sutrees)... you guys definitely rock. I'm definitely a happy camper. And I definitely know what I'm reading later. Trouble is... which one do I read first?? Decisions, decisions.

    Heh. Very spiffy. Oh, links to both stories...

    In Tango the Wonder Kitten news, he did something amazing today. He actually listened! Twice! Yes, friends, it's true. He was about to jump up on something he shouldn't be on, and when his name was called, he actually stopped and sat down. And then later he was about to play with something he shouldn't and I told him to stop, and he did! It was... well, it was a momentous time in the life of Tango. I'm not quite sure how it happened. But I'll take what I can get. ;)

    I want to say hi to Roxann. I also want to say the word nifty. Nifty, nifty, nifty, nifty, nifty. Are you giggling? I hope so. :) And don't forget, spiffy's coming next!

    What's New:

    Monday December 17, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    Oh, friends. I have sad news. My beloved scooter, the Purple Plaything, has died. My brother opened it up and discovered the centrifugal clutch had literally burned up. All that's left is dust and some melted metal parts. Don't have a clue what caused it.

    The scooter is down for at least another week while we await the parts. $125 just for that. And then my brother has to find time to fix it. I'm so sad. If I didn't have uber, I wouldn't know what to do.

    So, of course, my Palm decided to break. It still works... the part which broke off is the little piece on the back which moves out of the way when it's put on the HotSync thing. I can now put it on my non-cradle HotSync thing (which is what I think broke it in the first place) but not the cradle one. I'm not sure why.

    In happier news, I finished the annual family holiday newsletter to send out with the Christmas cards. Of course, the cards might not make it in time, but the letter's finished. That's the important thing. And it's filled with complete and utter silliness. It's tradition, after all.

    Hey, you know what I just realized? I never archived the November updates. I should do that. Like, right now.

    ... ... ... [archiving in progress] ... ... ... [files edited] ... ... ... [connecting to FTP server] ... ... ... [still waiting on FTP server] ... ... ... [FTP server finally decided to connect, so I better hurry before it changes its mind] ... ... ... [files uploaded] ... ... ... [archiving completed] ... ... ...

    Whew. Glad that's over. It's tough work, you know. Okay, so not really. But let's pretend it is, 'kay?

    In 'Oh! I Know Where Mavis Is!' News:

    Super-duper non-evil bard, Mavis Applewater, now has her own site! Yep, it's called Finding Mavis, and can be found at:

    The site features all of Mavis' stuff, including her Wednesday Afternoon PWP series. And I've just discovered there are a few of those I haven't read. For shame, for shame. I must rectify that immediately.

    What's New:

    Saturday December 15, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven Of Course)

    Goooood Evening!!
    Well folks.. I have a guest rambler this evening that I think you will enjoy! This author was one I have had my eye on as the story Mississippi Blues began, the story is a wonderful offering and I awaited the completion to offer the opportunity to ramble and beg for a sequal :)

    Yep the story is as I mentioned Mississippi Blues and the author is Blue Dragon!!
    Add this story to your list of must reads!

    Mississippi Blues - An alternative Łber story starring two ordinary women who meet in a small college town in South Mississippi. A chance meeting at a concert turns life upside down for the two, but they realize the ride is worth it.

    Posted on the BlueDragon's Lair at Blue Dragon's Lair DUH! :)

    I introduce to you all.... The Blue Dragon.. remember to beg her for more :)

    You know, when Raven wrote to me last week asking for a sequel and a ramble, or really requesting one and chanting for the other (or is that the other way around?) {Grin} I was kinda flattered. Then as I started to think about it, I got kinda nervous. I find myself amusing, but I wondered whether or not anyone else would thru email. So, I decided to give it a go, pass along two very important tips for a good life, and ramble on about what writing a sequel is about. All this in a page {Grin} Yeah, it's a challenge, but I love a good challenge.

    First off, we're going with the two tips for living. The first and most important is never, and I mean NEVER go to Wal-mart right after work, especially during the Christmas season. No matter how much the dog whines because she's out of milk bones and how much you really needs new socks, DO NOT GO. It will save your sanity if you wait until, oh 3am, I promise. {Grin} The second is that if you always expect to fail, never go parachuting. There you have it, words to live by {Grin}

    Hmmm..what next? Oh yeah, the infamous sequel. This was planned right before i finished the first story. Why? Because one character, and I won't say who (Laurel) would not be quiet and let me move on. Not that I'm complaining. I love writing. I've wanted to be a writer/novelist/whatever since I was 7. That's a 21 year long goal. The other goal was to actually finish Mississippi Blues before my 28th birthday. I'm happy to say I made it with two days to spare {Big Grin}.

    Anyway, a short paragraph about challenges and sequels. These can be fun and exasperating all at the same time. You know the characters, the readers (hopefully) know the characters, and you've already told a good portion of their lives. The challenge is to keep it interesting, and to keep it fun. so far I'm doing that, I think. Well, I'm having fun with it anyway. I'm tearing down walls and making space in this book. Being a omnipresent being to your own characters really is entertaining {Grin}. The catch is to keep it all in character. That's a big catch. It's not easy, but sometime around Christmas Eve, the first parts of All That Jazz will be posted and ya'll can see for yourselves whether or not I'm doing my job {Grin}.

    Guess I've rambled on enough. Take it easy, and I'll see ya'll on the flip side. Keep reading, writing and feeding. Bards do get hungry from time to time {Grin}

    The Blue Dragon

    ************** Take a Look!!

    • For The Love of A Women By S. Anne Gardner posted Gemini(Beyond Uber Alt)
      S. Anne Gardner has started this new story and would like feedback as to your thoughts and if she should continue this tempting tale.
      I for one would like you all to please encourage her and tease her for tantalizing us with this tale!

    Friday December 14, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    The party is over. :::long, heavy sigh::: It went great, but it was a lot of work. "A" did all the cooking, I did all the tasting and cleaning. Of course, after all the tasting I felt like a lead balloon. It sure was good though.
    I have a job interview tomorrow. I hope this is a good thing. This is the first time I have ever had to interview for a job, and I am a bit nervous. All my other jobs just kind of fell in my lap, so this is a new experience for me. Kind vibes sent my way will be much appreciated. :)
    Since "A" and I are mostly dead, this will be another short ramble. Things are starting to blur, and who knows what I might type, right Raven? (evil laugh)

    What's New:

    Thursday December 13, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Well, I did a really stupid thing today. I actually went to a mall. In December. It was one of the scariest things I've seen in a long time. And while I made it home alive, I can't honestly say that I survived.
    "A" and I are having a party tomorrow evening, so we've been very busy getting things ready. "A" has been cooking, I've been cleaning, and the dogs have been convincing all of our neighbors that they would be happier if they moved. I can't say as I blame them.
    Anyway, on with the update...Sorry so short, tonight.

    What's New:

    • What Child is This By Brigid Doyle posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***It is best to read "Halfway to My Heart" before this piece. Consider this a bit of a follow up, but not quite a sequel. I know it is a bit early for the season, but for all those who have written and asked for something more from these charactersÖ

    • Personal Assistant part 36-38 By Kat posted ForevaXena (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Storm Surge parts 22-24 By KatLyn posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Caution: Under Construction parts 9&10 By Vertigo posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    Monday December 10, 2001

    Random Ramblings (from Celine)

    Tango the Wonder Kitty Damage Report: One lamp, broken. He's knocked over the lamp before, tipped the shade sideways many, many times. But the other day, he finally broke it in several pieces. *sigh* It was bound to happen, but there was no place else for the lamp to reside. My mother's going to try to fix it. The lamp, not Tango. He's already been fixed. Right now he's playing with a pencil. No, wait... he's stalking one of the dogs now. No, no, sorry. He's now chasing one of the other cats. He's a very... um, active... cat. Always into something. Always.

    In my nephew's surgery news, he made it through just fine. Thanks to all who were thinking of him. He's presently staying with us while he recovers... it will be a week tomorrow. It was great at first, because he could barely talk. Now... well, now he's talking non-stop. I love the kid like he's my own, but boy can he talk. I may ramble when I write, but this kid rambles like you wouldn't believe when he talks.

    Actually, I don't talk all that much. Just ask Raven. When we talk on the phone, she is hard pressed to get more than one or two word responses out of me. But she's a good sport, and talks to me anyway.

    Fiction Site Closing:

    The Xena Eyes Fan Fiction Collective, run by bard Lawlsfan (K. Damon), is closing on Jan. 5. Be sure to visit the site before then to save any fiction you want to save. This is a great site, and I'm sorry to see it go.

    What's New:
    • Another Lonely Day By Harper posted at From The Realm Of The Shadow (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Long-buried hurts resurface...

    • Compensation - Part 9 By S. Anne Gardner posted at Gemini (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Make a Wish By Anais posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber)
      Jess, an animal control officer, and her best friend, Andi, find themselves on a rather unusual assignment. All is not what it seems when the women attend a 'mass' at a local church. On Halloween, no less. They soon discover, however, that this is not your usual garden variety church service. Jess and Andi make a hasty escape only to realize that they've lost Andi's treasured locket, an heirloom, and , must return to the scene of the....of the what? I won't reveal that:} You must discover this for yourself.

    • Linger - Parts 6 through 8 By Minerva posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • Foot Fetish By Minerva posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      A woman indulges in a little fantasy while shopping.

    • Grind By Minerva posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      A day in the life of an exotic dancer, Willow takes an interesting turn when she meets a woman, Randi, she can't handle.

    • Scandalous By Minerva posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      (Follow up to Grind) Randi goes after what she wants and needs. She returns to The Grind.

    • Em's Song By Laststarlite posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      What songs do you remember that were a balm to your soul when you lost the most important thing to you?

    • Time And Time Again By Dimples posted at the Merwolf Academy (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    • The Road Back Home - Part 25 By Lynne Norris posted at her site (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Continuing story.

    Sunday December 9, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    ohhh more fiction!!!!

    Saturday December 8, 2001

    Raven's Ravings (from Raven)

    I'm BAAAAACCCCKKKKK!! I have lived through unbelieveable conditions...imagine.. NO INTERNET... NO eMail.. No NEW FICTION!!!! EEEKKKKKKK!! Too horrible to imagine but I survived all 106 hour 47 minutes and 31 seconds of it ( Not that I was counting)!
    I tell you it was truly a trial of human endurance .. but I thank my trusty Palm Pilot as it luckly had many hours of fiction preloaded.
    I Highly Recommend that as a survival precaution remember to always keep your palm pilot or hard drive loaded with wonderous fiction in case of emergency have a friend listed to send you fiction via snail mail!

    • Icehole By Kiera Dellacroix posted on Bard Academy(Beyond Uber Alt)

    Friday December 7, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    You know how dirt turns into mud when it gets wet?
    And how at this time of year the leaves cover all that mud up?
    And what a mess it would be if someone decided to have all those leaves raked up?
    And how much worse it would be if it decided to rain right after said leaves were gone?
    Well, now WE know, and it's not a pretty sight. I personally think that the yard is more swamp than anything right now. (sigh) The dogs enjoyed spending all day inside, though. It gave them unlimited access to our sanity...well what's left of it anyway.
    It's gonna be a short one tonight, because the dogs are being very demanding this evening, and I wouldn't dream of leaving "A" to handle all that by herself. :) Well, I wouldn't! So off to the uber we go...

    What's New:

    • Picture Perfect By Singer posted Singer's Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      My newest piece***This was actually completed a while back, but I entered an altered version of it in the Bard's Challenge, and couldn't post it here before now. I hope you like it. Don't be surprised if you all get a Christmas card from Dar, Kerry, and Chino this year. :)

    • An Artist's Haven By DevenK
      Whoo hoo! Deven has renovated the site and it looks awesome. I love the scrolly thing for the updates! Check it out. Some areas are still under construction, but go and peruse.

    • Coming Home By Lois Cloarec Hart posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story

    • Mississippi Blues parts 20-22 conc By Blue Dragon posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Heaven on Earth parts 1-8 By Julia Ford posted ForevaXena (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Behind the Black Cloud parts 1-6 By Ri posted Athenaeum (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Video: Because You Loved Me posted XenaFan's Video Page (Beyond Uber Alt)

    Thursday December 6, 2001

    Consider this (from Singer)

    Guess what?!? I have a guest rambler who doesn't live with me! Well actually, Raven got her, but with her mail being down, I get the honor of posting her ramble. Are you ready? Are you sure? Ok.
    Our guest this evening is none other than the great and powerful video creator...Terri Hill. She has masterminded some great ones. I mean listen to some of these titles:
    You Set Me Free
    A Love Before Time
    I Believe In You
    :::shiver::: Makes you just want to believe doesn't it?
    Anyway, without further adieu, I give you Terri Hill...

    Hey Guys!
    I love music and I love Xena & Gabrielle. There is nothing that cheers me up any more than seeing our two heroines in any format. I became involved in making music videos after I downloaded a few from the Xenaverse.
    I love to experiment on the computer and I saw them and I thought I can do that. Thus my adventure of making videos began. And I love it!! I hear a song and I think "That is Xena & Gab". I have about 900 clips captured from all the episodes and I listen to the song several times, deciding which clips I want to use with the song.
    For instance, the song "I Believe In You" I wanted to use clips that showed events in Xena & Gab's lives that they had to believe in each other to survive. And clips that showed that their love for each other was stronger than anything, even strong enough to conquer death. The love they had for each other was an unselfish love, one that they were willing to die for. So stay tuned!!
    Terri Hill

    Thank you Terri. For all the hard work and passion you've put into your work, and for "chatting" with us this evening.
    UberCrowd, you can see the fruits of Terri's labor on her own website of videos.

  • XenaFan's Video Page
    Let her know we want her to keep them coming! Terri Hill
    In BIG announcement news, Raven has a new email addy. She wanted me to share it with you, so here it is...Raven
    Email her just to tell her you missed her.
    The lights dim and soothing music begins to play. It's time. Time for...

    What's New:

    • Virtual Subtext Season 7 Ep: 6 War's Children By The Powers That Should've Been posted Subtext Season 7 Home (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Another great episode

    • Strangle the Heart part 3 By Pallas posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • I've Seen the Devil's Eyes part 4 By Sinful posted Mary D's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Time and Time Again part 4 By Dimples posted Heartbrkn's Place (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • A Few Turns More parts 1-7 By Ellianora posted ForevaXena (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story***Sequel to Turn of the Wheel.

    • Drifter parts 1-8 By Amber Anderson posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Hallowed Crossing part 3 By Hunter Ash posted Lynka's (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Sex Education By Greek Warrior posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***A short story written in response to a PWP challenge. Alison is a doctor on a space station orbiting earth where sex is a forgotten thing of the past, until Piper comes along.

    • Raven and Sparrow By Littlespit posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story

    • The Gift By Littlespit posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story

    • Isabelle By Dee posted Academy of Bards (Beyond Uber Alt)
      Completed Story***This is a hurt/comfort story about two remarkable women, whose lives inspired the author to retell what has been learned about them for a broader audience.It does deal with a difficult issue, breast cancer, but also of a transcending love.

    • Unbroken Installment 15: Out of the Mouths of Babes By Carrie Ryan & K. Darblyne posted Antizero Home Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    • Unbroken Installment 16: Planning for the Future By Carrie Ryan & K. Darblyne posted Antizero Home Page (Beyond Uber Alt)
      continuing story

    Monday December 3, 2001

    Random Ramblings (by Celine)

    I'll have you all know you're in the virtual presence of a very strong woman. Yes, friends, today I was at a store which had an M&M dispenser I don't have... and I *didn't* buy it! Really! I was tempted. It was even on sale for 8 or 9 bucks. But I'm strong. I am invincible. I am woman...

    Uh. So, anyway, I came home without it. Of course, I do have to go back to that store in a couple of days, so my weakness may yet overcome me. I'll keep you posted.

    In other weakness news, yesterday I once again did my yearly task of unpacking and setting up my animated santa (and related beings) collection. I have sax playing santas, fiber optic santas, dancing santas, disco santas, hip hop santas, laughing santas, nutcracker santas... and so on and so on and so on. I also have snowmen, reindeer, mice, etc. I've also recently begun adding little figurine santas and non-animated santas.

    The whole unpacking process would have gone faster had it not been for the "help" from Tango the Wonder Kitten and his partner-in-crime, Murphy of Many Claws. They we everywhere I wanted to be, as I went back and forth between the garage and the living room, carrying my cargo of santas. At one point, I accidentally stepped on Tango. Don't worry, he's unharmed... though he did make a rather interesting noise, which is what alerted me to my misstep. Boy, that cat has a mean glare.

    Now I'm in the process of writing this year's family Christmas letter. It's not your typical newsletter, where folks brag about how wonderful everyone is and are absolutely better than you and don't you forget it. Our letter is more... well, it's written by me, if that's any indication. Here is the first paragraph of last year's...

    It's been another fun filled year for the family. And yours truly (Kelley, also known by my middle name Celine because I like to confuse people), has again taken up the task of telling you all about whatís been going on. I promise to keep it as fictional as possible.

    After relating all about my various family members, it also tells of the arrival of Tango:

    I'm still obsessed with new technology, and have printed this newsletter on my new whiz-bang color printer/copier/scanner/laundry folder/trash compactor/sewing machine. I recently had the misfortune of going into a pet supply store where I was confronted by several incredible cute kittens in need of homes. So we now have an orange tom named Tango who thinks one of our dogs, Kira (a cocker spaniel), is mommy. Tango spends a good deal of time lying curled up against Kira. They make a cute couple.

    The above is still true, you know. Aren't you excited to be reading last year's letter? Don't worry, I'm stopping now.

    Oh, hey... if you have a few positive thoughts to spare, my 11-year-old nephew is having surgery on Monday morning... he's gonna have his tonsils and adenoids taken out, and tubes put in his ears. He's going to be fine, but he won't be a happy camper for a bit, and having a little virtual nudge in the healthy direction from you folks would be great. Cause you guys are great.

    Bards' Email Update Notification Alert:

    Carrie Carr and her partner AJ have new email addresses! Yes, friends, they were @home but now they're @attbi!

    Carrie's - cbzeer@attbi.com
    AJ's - jantrumbo@attbi.com

    Interesting domain name, that is. So, is it just the corporation itself which is bi, or are all its employees bi? Or, maybe it's just the ones who work for the internet provider section? Do you have to be bi to be customers? Employees?

    Anyway, Carrie' and AJ's web sites will be up... probably by the weekend. I'll let you know when this occurs. And Carrie hinted at a new story...

    In Raven news, her email is still down, so be sure to send story updates to either Singer or me, if you have story updates to send.

    What's New:

    The Beyond Uber What's New from November has been archived